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What if I tell you "Sparrow"?

403 Forbidden
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When I read Sparrow I think about:
Pirate dog

Pirate dog

Or even 😁:
Pirate dog

But I'm pretty sure that his author sees this:
(because it is actually what means "sparrow")

Alternatively, I think about the well known contemporary pirate:
Jack Sparrow

But to be honest, my favorite stays the pirate dog !

What exactly is Sparrow ?

Sparrow is an automation framework. And to be more specific, it is "agentless" and comes with a hub with hundreds of ready to use tasks.

Tasks can be written in various programming languages because of the flexibility of Sparrow.

If we talk about scenario file (the "recipe", think playbook/Jenkinsfile/workflow), Sparrow accepts an handy DSL but has aswell real programming capabilities (= you can mix code).

Overall, think "ansible" but without yaml (bye bye loop and with_<lookup>).

What next ?

Today, the Sparrow ecosystem is mature enough (Sparrow and Sparrowhub) but is still in active development, including Sparky, a lightweight CI server/UI built on top of it that is in early development.

If you want to support, you can join the effort with code or simply just drop a star or a comment on one of projects linked previously.

Discussion (2)

dominix profile image

sparrowhub has gone. were can I see all the scripts that's already in ?

thibaultduponchelle profile image
Tib Author

I think you can browse them here amongst other things (e.g. openssl install plugin)

Maybe would come back (since domain is not expired...)