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Thiago Massari Guedes
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Command line tools to boost your productivity

If you are a software developer or devops, you probably use the terminal quite a lot - or use GUI versions of many tools.
Something I found myself is that keyboard oriented applications are generally faster and improve production, specially and mainly when you have a terminal open.

This is the list of the current tools I am using in terminal and are improving big time my life and productivity.

List of tools

  • Tilix - Awesome terminal emulator written in D for Linux
  • Bat - cat with syntax highlight
  • Glow - Best markdown reader/renderer for terminal I found
  • GitUI - TUI for git with adding, committing, diffing, etc. My most used tool currently
  • exa - ls on steroids. My second most used tool. I even aliased ls to exa (alias ls=exa)

More on the list

This list will be updated as I find new tools or better tools.

Comments with suggestions are more than welcome!

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