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.NET in Calgary, CA

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I've been planning on moving to Canada my hole life and last year I've decided that Calgary was the city that most attracted me.

I've been looking at LinkedIn for jobs in Calgary and it seems that full-stack development is trending right now, I could find only a few jobs for back-end development and in most of these jobs they didn't specify .NET and C# as the only framework/language but one in a bunch of languages like Java, Ruby, etc...

I'm a full-stack developer who came from the back-end, that means I'm more confident in my back-end skills but still practicing front-end development (it's okay for me to develop front-end but I'd still need some documentation with me).

I appreciate if anyone from Calgary could point me the way or give me tips/guidance.

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Good luck.

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Matt Eland

You might want to also put a listing in on the topic. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near Calgary and have nobody to refer you to.