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✨ 5 websites to get free programming e-book!


This is five websites that provide e-book for learning programming language, framework, platform, etc for free.

The files are downloadable to PDF and licensed (mostly) under common creative, MIT and other public licenses.


📌 NGINX Library

NGINX Library offers you many free (included O'Relly) e-books that you can download on their official website.

Those books talk about cloud computing such as DevOps, DevSec, Kubernetes, Microservice, etc.

🔗 Access Link

📌 Programming Notes for Professionals

These books are not a tutorial ebook, but it's kinda note for experienced developer about tools and programming language.

Some of their books are JavaScript, Kotlin, React, etc.

🔗 Access Link

📌 Ebook Foundation

Free Programming Books is a list of over 4,000 free programming books, 2,000 free courses and many other free programming resources, maintained collaboratively as a repository on Github. With lists in 43 spoken languages, it has helped countless programmers around the world acquire and improve their programming abilities.

🔗 Access Link

📌 Free Computer Books

🔗 Access Link

This site is a directory of Hyperlinks to free ebooks, tutorials, and lecture notes, etc, all over the world. It is basically a free service to the communities with the focus on Information Technologies, Computer Science, Mathematics, etc.

Therefore, all the items (books, lecture notes, etc.) listed in this site are just Hyperlinks to other web pages all over the world (same as search results in Google). That includes, but not limited to, ebooks, lecture notes, and tutorials, etc.

📌 SoftUni Free Books

This website offers basics programming language like Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.

🔗 Access Link

And that's it. I hope it help you. Thanks for reading!

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