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5 Awesome Linux 🐧 CLI Tools To Increase Your Productivity!

thexdev profile image M. Akbar Nugroho ・4 min read

Hello, everybody 👋

This is my first post on and i'm very excited to join the community and share my knowledge to all of you 😊. I hope this post will help you to increase your productivity.

But, before we start i realize that my English is not good. So, I'm really sorry if you have trouble to understanding my post 😔. You can give me many advice to improve my limitation.

For Whom This Post?

No matter you work as a Front-end, Back-end, DevOps or something else. The key is when you love the CLI (especially Linux environment), you are ready to rock this post!

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Here, I use Linux distribution from Indonesia called TeaLinux OS 🍵 with code name Stevia. It is one of some Linux distribution from Indonesia. It uses Xubuntu 18.04 LTS for its core and XFCE for its Dekstop Environment.

If your are interested, you can follow this link to get started or find many useful information about this OS.

If you use other Linux distribution such Arch, Linux Mint, Manjaro and Debian even Other OS you are welcome to read this post too 😉.

Ok, Let's check these out!

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If you are a programmer, usually you will write some task that you want to achieve, right?. It is up to you where you want to write the task down. Whether in your notebook or with to-do apps that installed on your device.

But, in some cases these options are very uncomfortable where you'll leave the keyboard and check the achieved task. And another option (write your task on to-do apps) it will cost your RAM and decrease your device performance (but, it doesn't affect if you have a good computer, LOL).

You even forget or don't know that your terminal can do other cool things including as a replacement for notebooks and to-do apps. And taskbook is coming to give you more benefit of terminal. You can easily create and manage you task like a pro 😦.

You can check the official github repository here to read the installation guide or find any information about that 😉.

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Recording your terminal session is the second cool things you can do. Yeah, you can record what you've typed when use the terminal! One of the benefits that you can get is you can make your recorded terminal session as a documentation of your project or doing some fun thing like this.

If you have a project on your github you can use asciinema as the installation guide or something else instead of write it as a documentation. Or you can use this and share your own to your coworkers in order to help them 😎.

To get started you can visit the official website here.

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You might occasionally check your computer's performance, how much RAM you have left or see the processor's performance. To check computer performance generally you can use a computer performance monitoring application.

But using an application like this has a lot of things less fun for example applications like this consume too much resources.

Fortunately if you use linux, you can use built-in commands such as top to do the printing of computer performance. But using this we are quite difficult because it looks still not neat. And this is the reason why htop is included in this post.

By using htop you can see your computer's performance without the hassle of opening a computer performance monitoring application and wasting your computer's resources. And this tool is very easy to use and easy to read 😎.

To get started you can easily use snapd to install this tool. Check here.


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Generally when we want to see the contents of a directory on a computer we can easily use the ls command. But if you only use the ls command, the results will be less presentable and quite difficult to read.

Therefore you can use a tool called tree. this tool will act like the ls command but is recursive which means it will read all directories and files that are inside the directory you pointed.

To install this tool you can use snapd or apt if your OS is Debian based. And you can see all the tree commands here

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If you are a Front-end developer you might be compressing your images to make your website work easier. But compressing an image will result in a reduction in the quality of the image. Improper compression will cause damage to the image that you do not want it for sure.

Luckily now you can use a tool called webp from google that can compress your image up to 60% more without losing the quality of the image. Pretty cool, huh?.

Your image will be compressed and will have a .webp extension that is natively supported by modern browsers 🥳.

To get started and install this tool you can visit official google webp documentation here

Alt Text


This is a small tool that you can use to find out the temperature in your area right away. You can simply type wehtr on your terminal and automatically show your current temperature.

To get started you can install it by snapd


Ah, finally we arrived at the end of this post. Actually there is a lot of tools we can use, but i think i just can share it for you right now. And i hope these will really help you 😇.

Sampai Jumpa 👋

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