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Vinit Gupta
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Pigshell - Pixel Image Filter

Overview of My Submission

Pigshell is an image to Pixel filter application. It lets you convert your ordinary images to something techy - a character based Pixel filter.
Matrix revolutions was one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. And who doesn't like their pictures like this :

Pigshell is not able to do the above yet, but soon it would. These cool effects from the movie inspired me to built this, along with studying Image Processing in my current year in college.

I used canvas and some Image Processing methods to figure out a way to convert normal images to characters based on their intensity values.

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🧙‍♂️ Web2 Wizards

Link to Code

GitHub logo thevinitgupta / Pigshell

Pixel to ascii filter

Pigshell - ASCII filter for your images

This is a web application with features to convert your simple images into ASCII based images, that looks fresh out of the Matrix movies!!

Table of Contents

Why Pigshell?

Being in my 3rd year of CS Engineering, I have been introduced to image processing. It is really an interesting domain to work in.

So to get familiar with it, and what better way that building something in hackathon, I have decided to build a Web App. It is a really simple one : a pixel to ASCII filter.


  1. Uploading an image and converting it into ASCII image.
  2. Saving it in the users account.
  3. Retrieving them from any where.

Technologies Used

Tech Used for
ReactJS Frontend
Appwrite Backend
CSS Styling
Javascript Language

Additional Resources / Info

I loved participating in the Hackathon. Also, since it's my first Hackathon, I would like to thank Appwrite for this great opportunity. There is much work left in the development of Pigshell and I would continue with it.

Screenshots/demo videos!

Following is a Demo video for Pigshell :

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