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WEEK 1 : The Beginning

Today is July 1 2022 and I am 19 right now. Why I mentioned my age? Because in next 6 months I am going to enter in my 20's. This actually scares me because I have read a lot what people shares about their experience of 20's. Like, What you should do in your 20's? What you should not do in your 20's? Habits you should build in your 20's? and etc. etc... and I have no such habits so far.

I just started reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and I am very luck that I started with this book. I want to be a reader, it's not because that I personally liked it in the beginning (around in my 6th standard). But I have seen many example of successful people in different professions who have reading habit and this is one of the reason that helped them to be what they are now.

After reading half the book, I literally build one habit i.e. brushing in the night (obviously not only in the night 🀣, morning as well). So, now I have something to share and which I am proud of too.


Here you can see, I am not consistent at everything, but this color full graph really motivates me. (I am tracking my habit on google sheets right now, but I am planning to move it Notion.)

Why I am creating a new series?

Reason 1: After knowing the power of consistency, I want to build two more habits, and want to track and share it with you guys. The two new habits are Reading and Writing. I will explain in future why I choose only these two. But to quickly get and idea.. read this πŸ‘‡.


Reason 2: I am not good at consistency. I want to try everything that fulfills my intellectually desire but now I think my minds is behaving like a monkey 🐡. It switches to another interesting thing very quickly. Also I did write one article (MakeMeFamous🀩.md) thinking that I will continue it consistently, but I failed (again I will explain this to you in future that I failed ?)

What this series will contain ?

I usually came across many creative and insightful things that I want to share and store. So this series will contains the best of the content that I consume over the internet, for example:

  • What I read this week?
  • Best 3 tweets?
  • Of course my weekly habits status..

and etc.

And I will share all these things weekly. Hoping that this will help me to build my Reading and Writing habits.

Since this is my first release, I know this may seem that it is on not well organized as I am just randomly putting what is coming in mind and not think too much about writing format. So apologies in advance.

What's for this week?

⭐ Best Three Tweets ?




⚑ What I am reading this week ?

Atomic Habit by James Clear. Right now I am at THE 4TH LAW: Make it Satisfying

🎯 My target for this Month


Question of the Week ❓

Participate in the poll, it will hardly take 6 sec.. Click here πŸ‘‡

Thanks a lot for reading so far.. πŸ€—

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himanshupal0001 profile image

I suggest you should learn about investments. After 2-3 years you will be start earning. So you should get the knowledge about investing not just money but time, emotions , ambitions, senses and whatever you like. But yes start with money like short term investments, long term investments, retirement investments, diff ways in investments, tax exempt investments (basically financial literacy).

thevedicdeveloper profile image
Vedic Developer

I really admire your words @himanshupal0001, Thanks a lot for your kind advice πŸ˜‡.

So If I have to think about it... πŸ€” where should I start then ? To know more about financial literacy, what are the good sources that you want me to suggest?

himanshupal0001 profile image

I suggest you go with some books like ['Rich Dad Poor Dad, 'The psycology of money'] also checkout yt channel 'warikoo'.