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Welcome Thread - v92

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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

Discussion (165)

reallistagent profile image
Dial Stephanie

Hello and thanks for creating such a cool community.

I'm Stephanie.

A real estate agent down in rural Georgia. Jackson Lake actually.

I have to rocket-launch into this digital transformation and am looking to learn from the people who build the web.

I'm told that's y'all.

Anyways, Thanks for the inclusive approach. I look forward to developing with you all.

Stephanie Dial
(having a whale of a time figuring out how to connect that .dev domain to my current site too @ )

greeder59 profile image
Gordon Reeder

Hi Stephanie!
Funny that you should mention Real Estate. I was (tried to be) a Realtor about 18 years ago. But I couldn't sell my way out of a wet paper bag.
What I could do was learn HTML and CSS. I used that to put together and deploy a simple 3 pager web site. It was so awesome that the other new agents in the office wanted me to make one for them. I signed up for a reseller account with a web hosting company and started charging $200.00 for the site and 1 year of hosting (with domain name). It actually turned into a pretty good side income.

reallistagent profile image
Dial Stephanie • Edited

Thank You all for the amazing response and welcoming feeling! We have been seeking community for some time now, and think we may have just found out! I can't say how good it feels to find a place on this web of webs that makes you feel welcome and is so supportive.

You brought me and my team to tears this week with your kind words and the number of people that would check out our site was truly humbling.

We have so many ideas and integrations we hope to implement but struggle mightily with all the languages, integrations, and technologies. '' as I call him, said he's about to camp out here and really hopes to start learning.

AGAIN, Thank you all so much. This makes everything worth all the work we put in.

Oh, by the way, we finished Startup School, but a technical glitch caused us to miss the last session of the Build Sprint we were running. Regardless, I was able to go from ZERO sales since quarantine to over a $1.5 million month our first month out here in this wide world of whatever this is. Clearing almost a $25,000 month; by far the best I'd had in my near two years in-industry. And because of the unexpected success (at such a first-rate), my newfound team (writer: Kim Tolar and soon-to-be agent; - well he calls himself a wannabe, but he's been a true god-send to us all: cbrennnanpoole and my Broker: Ben Dover Jr. ) have decided to pause on further marketing and take to journey mapping/building an organic, hopefully, community-centric journey/web-site over at We welcome all feedback, contributors, insight, and criticisms.


Thank You Much,


YC SUS 2020 Certificate

aakatev profile image

Hi Stephanie! Nice to meet you.

xantosromero profile image
Santos Romero

Welcome Stephanie this great community.
You'll learn a lot here.

adriangrigore profile image
Adrian Emil Grigore

Hi Stephanie!

bishalzawarudo profile image
bish@l sen

hey stephanie nice to meet you !

aakatev profile image

Hey, I am Artem! I used to do a lot of Web Development in the past, but mostly write Infrastructure code at my current job.
I like witting about project that I work on, cause it allows me to document some of the gotchas and findings. I found it to be really helpful. is a great platform, cause it is geared towards developers... and you can use markdown for posts lol

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

carlyraejepsenstan profile image

I must not have posted here, because Sloan the mascot keeps telling me to...

Hey everyone, you can call me Connor! I live in California, where if you ignore the fires we have deserts, mountains, near-tropical forests and grasslands all in the same place. I love biking and playing the piano when I'm not writing code or a new article for this site. Pleased to meet you guys!

adriann15913490 profile image

What your favorite Carly song?

carlyraejepsenstan profile image

Haha, hard one.... Too Much is super nice, This Love Isn't Crazy was pretty good, and I haven't listened to the Emotion releases this summer.

mcastellin profile image
Manuel Castellin

Hello Devs! My name is Manuel and a friend recommended this community. I'm happy to have finally found a place where people actually care to engage, learn and grow together! Awesome!  🔥

I am a Software Engineer living in London and I love container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Nice to meet you, and see you later!

thomassaunders profile image
Thomas Saunders

Hi, I'm Thomas.

I'm a self-taught software developer from the UK. My day job is in Aviation, however, with the C19 pandemic, I've been on furlough.

I've dusted off my programming skills during the downtime, and rewritten a product that I started writing whilst I was in college, which I eventually aim to launch as a SaaS product.

I look forward to developing alongside everyone, and taking part in the excellent looking community!

morphinae93 profile image

Hi Thomas, hearing stuff like that always cheers me up as I'm trying to go professional via self study myself. Do you have any advice for someone who is still rather at the beginning of this journey?

Kind regards,

thomassaunders profile image
Thomas Saunders

Hi Sieb,

The only advice I can give really is always keep everyone you work with on side. My first development contracts have come from a former colleague who went independent before me.

As for self learning, just create products with your chosen technology which you can use to sell yourself to potential clients.

Hope that helps.


saoskia profile image
Kiandra Ginevra

Hi everyone 👋

Long time lurker here, finally decided to join up. I'm a long time self learner, but over the last few years I've been studying software development at university; currently I'm completing my Masters. I'm hoping to get into full stack development after school, but the backend kind of scares me 👻

Anyways, can't wait to get involved with this awesome community 👩‍💻

atulcodex profile image
Atul Prajapati

Hi, kiandra👋

kristjanlink profile image

Hello everyone!

My name is Kristjan. I'm here from Estonia.

Hacktoberfest brought me here.

I'm super excited to be here!

I'm currently learning automation with Python on Coursera and just happen to be at the part where they talk about Git.

I hope to learn a lot from DEV!

yamegoucyrille profile image

hello guy's, i'm cyrille. i am gld to be part of these cool community platform, i am currently a begginer in front-end web development. i luv codding aelot and i am passionate to go full stack and learn new technologies.....

ambasthaankur profile image


I'm Ankur Raj.
I want to discuss onething how to learn javascript and get more knowledge about javascript.
Because when i learnt js then understand but i didn't understand how to apply javascript in project.... If anyone can help me plzz tell me how use js in my own project......

abdullah_sajjad profile image
Abdullah Sajjad

I'm Abdullah Sajjad.
I am always passionate about learning Web Development and other cool stuff but truthfully I'm a double-minded or you can say a very confused person about where to start and where to learn kind of questions. But I always explore Google and find best solutions and that's reason I joined to get help from community.

That's a little bit about me. Thanks!

kaoriizutani profile image

Hi. My name is Kaori. I learned about through Twitter. I liked the helpful articles here and that's why I joined. I'm currently looking for my first job as a software developer after graduating from The Tech Academy bootcamp. Thanks for reading!

alexfulop profile image
Fulop Alex-Dominic

Hello there my developer friends, my name is Alex and I am a full-time Java Developer.

I joined this community so I can learn from people with the same passion that I have, my current objective is to dive into web development and start an online business, I already have an idea for a food blog (yeah I know, how original). So yeah, thanks for letting me in and I cannot wait to meet you all!

manikantabunny profile image
bunny manikanta

Hey hello guys .. wonderful to be part of this community.

benanavd profile image

I am the creator of a new DBMS called JayaDB that fully resolves the object-relational impedance mismatch problem. It is based on a remarkable paradigm shift. As it turns out "object" structures can automatically be generated for any query without requiring any ORM tools. In fact, you don't even need to define classes. You just define one "high level model". All past approaches to ORM and pure object-oriented databases were based on flawed and limiting assumptions. JayaDB is based on the remarkable insight that object structures are equivalent to "compact" response structures that represent a solution to a query. In JayaDB you focus on writing a query according to functional requirements. Then call the method query.displayStructure() which will display the object oriented structure for you. The structure can be accessed by "getter" methods just as if a class were defined.

JayaDB has several other innovations that reduce the time to code very substantially (20+ times faster). It is also a unifying database that subsumes relational, graph, and object-oriented dbs.

There is no website as of yet, but a whitepaper is available upon request at

nikhilmwarrier profile image
Nikhil M Warrier

Thank You!!!
Well, that's a conclusionary statement.
Anyway, I'm Nikhil, a jr. Geek, 14yo
Crazy web dev and funny gif animator and blogger
visit my non-dev blog:
(I''ve not yet started my dev blog yet. Coming soon...)

semanth profile image
Naga Semanth
Hello DEV friends !!

I am here to learn and connect with dev community. I am App Operations engineer fixing broken apps, enhancing, maintaining and migrating stuff. I have always wanted to write - thoughts, observations and practices as well. I hope I can break barriers within and contribute. Nice to meet y'all.

dogoyaro profile image


My name is Yamen. I am a software developer out of Abu Dhabi. I have read a ton of articles on this platform and I have found them delightful. I look forward to being part of a wholesome community of tech enthusiasts.

bramleydev profile image
Anthony Bramley

Hey guys! I do webdev mainly, but I've been exploring language dev and C# stuff (mainly Xamarin). I also compose music and play volleyball, both of which are very fun. I wrote a full post on it (, but that's all you really need to know.

andreolfda profile image

Hello dev,
I am francesco and thanks for creating such a cool and healthy community.

I am a product marketer at, a smart contract open-source programming language. I usually do code and optimize things and do a lot of data science in my spare time.

Happy to hear about other data scientist or product marketer!


z00md profile image

Multiple reasons
*Just love how fast is. Dark theme is awesome.
*Fed up of ads in every other community.
*Would like to understand others opinions for various dev practices

Lets see how it goes.

ptrklk profile image
Piotr Kielak

Hi, I'm Piotr.

I came here because I heard that this is a great community, and I was reading some articles here from time to time. I'm in the first year of being a front-end web developer.

I'm looking forward to meeting many great people here...
..and gain some valuable knowledge, too. ;)

deborahbeams profile image

Hello everyone! New here.

I'm Deborah.

I'm a senior writer at
Really glad to find this community, it feels like the start of a new journey actually :)

I look forward to learning new about developing!


adrian_hb profile image
Adrian Havenga-Bennett • Edited

Hello, everyone!

My name is Adrian and I'm an ex-Londoner, ex-small-town-South African now living in Pembroke, Wales. I started my programming journey back in 2016 with game development (C++ and UE4). That didn't really work out. But I found web development in early 2018 and got hooked.

I enrolled in a full stack (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Python, Flask, Django, MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Heroku) Bootcamp in February 2019 and finished in August 2020 (my projects can be found on my Github page: and am awaiting my graduation diploma.

I am continuing to learn through Udemy courses and would really like to get some real-world experience under my belt as I am job hunting (career change from 7+ years schedule management and logistics), so I figured contributing to open source (#hacktoberfest brought me here!) would be a great learning experience - if I could ever find actual beginner-friendly issues, with clear documentation, to work on. If anyone has any insights, I'm all ears!

I am currently extending my JS knowledge by learning about Node.

Looking forward to chatting with you all!

Happy coding!

yaythomas profile image
yaythomas • Edited

print('hello world')

Let's keep Sloan the Mascot happy. . . 

Long time lurker, just signed up Loving the friendly community vibe! 🥳

I'm Thomas 👋. Been coding for aaaaages - but I've rediscovered that I actually quite enjoy coding thanks to Python in recent years!

Currently I'm mostly doing open-source software.

What's mostly occupying my time currently is a free & open-source project that lets you automate your tasks without writing any of the boilerplate & repetitive code you typically have to do for error handling, retries, conditional statements (if. . . then. . . else) and managing and formatting configuration files.

So if you want to automate your sequential task workflows, this might help!

You can find that on GitHub here:
And the home page for all the documentation is here:

efeuruk profile image
Ersoy Efe Uruk

Hello to everyone who is part of this community. I am Efe, Software Engineer/Frontend Developer. I was always using here to "look for solutions", stackoverflow style :) After a while I wanted to join here as well to be more involved and maybe help other people to solve their problems, who knows. My interests are mostly web and mobile development.

muskantripathi profile image
Muskan Tripathi

Hey !!!
I'm Muskan Tripathi.
Today I got a mail from the Hacktoberfest Team regarding registration I made, where I got to know about this super cool community. I m very excited to be a part of this community. I hope to explore and learn a lot from DEV and establish friendly connections over here.

israman30 profile image
Israel Manzo

Hello World.., very happy to become part of a developer community
I am former business manager that jumped in technology a few years ago. I worked as Full-stack developer in NYC, now living on the Washington DC area.
I give back what had learn. { English && Spanish };

eworld profile image
Emmanuel Os • Edited

Hi I'm Emmanuel am a front end developer. I love the energy I get from here and the community is great, it took awhile before I joined because I was studying the community and I found out it was great place and the right place for me to come, learn and teach others too. ☺️

majorbaguette profile image
Alexandre Dagnicourt

Ola !

I'm Alexandre/Alex/Dany -- pick one!
I come from France and yes I have that strong french accent and the ability to be bad at english.

Currently I'm learning web development (React/Node) @ Wild Code School.
I discovered thanks to a tech watch activity and fell in love with the concept, so HERE I AM §

I'd love to go freelance as soon I'm free from my current contract and develop the activity my wife and I launched few months ago :

That's it, I like to describe myself as a digital constructor, dev techs being my 2020 Lego bricks

Thanks all and don't forget your towel.

mrjoops profile image
Alexandre Lahure

Hi all!

I'm Alexandre. I learn/code/teach/talk about web development and architecture for about 25 years.

DuckDuckGo 🦆 brought me here. I was looking for articles to discuss event sourcing, read a few interesting ones here, so I stayed a little while.
Then I read about, liked what I saw, and now I'm in !