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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey, folks. I'm Ty. I'm a Software Engineer and Musician interested in building software for the common person and bringing people together. I recently started a podcast about Software Engineering and I am looking for guests that are passionate about any part of the software ecosystem. Let me know if you want to chat!

P.S. You can find a link to my podcast in my Bio.


Hello! I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro IT company. I have over 11 years of experience in Java enterprise and mobile app development. Here I write articles in my blog, covering topics such as tech trends, smart contracts, programming tips, and innovative software solutions for business.

I will be glad if you check it out and you say what topics you enjoy and what topics you’d like to see. Good luck with your career!)

P.S. Like your podcast)


Hey Ty! I am a Full Stack Student at Bethel School of Technology! If you ever need someone who knows what it's like to come from a Junior Developer's perspective hit me up. I just started writing articles at: medium.com/@blake.wood.bst and my github is github.com/blakewood84 Please let me know if you come across any places where you can find others who are interested in collaborating with students on small to medium sized projects! I'll check out your podcast!


I'll check out your content for sure! Thanks for the welcome.


Hey, Hello Sergey,
These are interesting articles you have got us there, will surely check it out


Hi Ty! Always nice to see people engaged in music and software development. Starting listen to your podcast and enjoying it.


Thank you! I should have joined dev.to sooner, haha. Getting my podcast in the hands of Devs has proved challenging through other platforms.


Heyo! Welcome to DEV. :-)

What type of music do ya play?


Hey! Thanks for the welcome. I'm primarily into jazz, funk, metal, and everything in between. Mostly I just improvise and jam, taking part in what I like to think of as music tribalism. Here's the most recent thing I'm proud of: soundcloud.com/tytr_dev/wholemada

Nice! I like your tunes a lot.

You a Vulfpeck fan?

Gotta say the end of R&B Synth jam thing scared the crap out of me! 😅

LOL i forgot about that. Sorry haha. LOVE vulfpeck. Top 5 all time at least right now haha.



I'm Borja, Software Engineer @ Twitter.
I'm passionate about helping people level up in software engineering, I've started a blog about that.
I'd really like to talk about how to go from beginner tutorials to a more "intermediate" stage in a developer's career. I think there's a lot of good intro tutorials out there, but there are a lot of skills that you can only get at the job or with a good mentor, and I want to change that,

My bio is up to date :)


Hello Ty! I'm also a Software Engineer and musician, what a coincidence... yours was the first post I saw in the app!


Hey Ty! What's your instrument of choice? I've been playing drums for most of my life and I just started learning programming. Major career switch! Lol


I'm a bit of a polyglot these days! The guitar was and always will be my first love. I picked up the bass a few years ago and have gotten really into it. I play synth/keyboard as well, and I just picked up an 8-course lute and a handpan tuned to the A Akebono pentatonic scale. Both are super cool!

Currently, the lute has my full attention.

Congrats on learning programming. It's wonderful and I thoroughly believe anyone can do it and be successful. The first episode of my podcast is me and an old boss of mine talking about the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering. Treating software engineering as an art rather than a science. It might be at least somewhat insightful if you're interested!

P.S. Drums are wicked hard! If you can deal with setting up a drum kit and actually playing the damn thing, programming should be a piece of cake.

Tight! I'll check it out.

The lute...that's amazing, I don't think I've ever seen one lol! My drums unfortunately are packed away in my closet for the time being. Drums and neighbors don't mix very well.


It’s curious but a lot of musicians I know or friends who like metal are also developers, sysops, devops... Haha. Welcome!


Hello! Love your mission. And your podcast looks cool too. Bookmarked it to check it out


Hey! Welcome to Dev. I will surely checkout your podcast.


Hey Ty - I'm an SRE turned developer advocate and I'd be happy to come on the podcast. Hit me up!


Wow, Software engineer and musician, that is a nice and promising mix, sure to be interested in your podcast


Great to have your broadcast


Hello! My name is Lillian and I understand that this is a comment, not a post. ;)

I began working as an untrained legal assistant in 2013. It was interesting, challenging, inspiring, and I kept doing it until last November 30th, when I was laid off. That's when I realized I didn't enjoy what I was doing and thought that I would rather learn to code. I started taking udemy courses right away (I've signed up for probably too many but I'll always have something to do!), and I even joined a COVID-19 hackathon this past spring. That project taught me I have ALOT to learn and a LONG way to go, so I joined #100DaysOfCode a few days ago. My log is here: github.com/LillianWight/100-days-o...
I heard about CodeNewbies from The StackOverflow podcast and I think it's going to be right up my alley. I need encouragement, guidance, and chocolate.


Haha! Great ending to your intro. We have plenty of encouragement and guidance to give here... all outta chocolate though, we ran out just yesterday, such a bummer.

In all seriousness though, really hope you dig it here. 😀 You may find this beginner's guide to DEV helpful if you're not super familiar with the site:

If you have any questions about the site, don't hesitate to ask!


The Beginner's Guide is excellent! Probably the most welcoming guide I've ever seen. Thanks, Ali and Michael!


Welcome Lillian! I know we can provide the encouragement and guidance. As for chocolate 🍫, while I love it too, you’ll have to settle with a virtual taste.


Don't worry, Katie. You can tell me: Michael (above) ate it all, didn't he? :P

Yes, I have actually seen him and he looks like he could do that! 😊


Hey everyone, my name is Maxwell I am a Software Engineer. I am passionate about building cutting-edge software solutions. I am a Co-founder for a Tech start-up. I am still learning about the entrepreneurial side of a Tech-startup.

My main interests are AI, ML, Automation, cloud platforms and other various software applications.

Hope I will be welcomed, guided and encouraged in this platform.


I think you've come to just the right place Maxwell! Hope you dig it here.


Hello Everyone I am Frontend Developer And Always Happy To Learn Something New :D
I had some experience working with HTML, CSS and JS but have some gap on understanding deep things. I have willing to improve myself and i am looking for new role :D
If you someone have willings too to work with me i would be appreciate :D
Currently, i am looking active for a job because my project was stopped because of Corona situation.


Hi all! I’ve just discovered this site and it looks promising.
I’m Sergio, from Spain, and I’m a fullstack dev. I love JavaScript and best practices, but I also do some devops stuff, or CI/CD, sometimes python, php... always multitasked. On the other side I love to play guitar, videogames, TV shows, movies, books, comics, manga...
Nice to meet you!!


I love CI/CD and python, and dabble a bit in JavaScript.


Love CI/CD, too, it provides so many benefits, appreciate automation the most.

I started using GitHub Actions this year during the hackathon and it was life changing.

I’ve started using GH Actions too for work but on private repositories you have a limit of actions executed so I had to stop using it (at least for work hehe). For my public ones I was using travis-ci but probably I’ll migrate to GH actions to have everything in one place


Hi my name is Carlos(you can call me Carl). I'm a brazilian software developer from Rio de Janeiro. Currently studying Electronic Engineering and working developing software for Ericsson. I've been programming mostly in Javascript, Go and Python and Java. This year I started to become hugely interested in functional programming, I've been doing a lot of studies in Haskell


Hi everyone!

I’m Sergey, a technical expert with 11+ years of experience in Java enterprise and mobile app development. I'm a certified Corda and Java engineer and Scrum Master with 5+ years of executive and entrepreneurial background. I have been the CTO at software development company since 2012.

I’m interested in blockchain, big data, AI, robotics, IoT, and enterprise applications. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for assistance in building software, have a project idea, or want to discuss tech issues.

I will be glad if you check out my blog and say what topics you enjoy and what would like to see in the future.

Hope, I will be welcomed here)


Hi all. I'm commercial diver who love dev from long time (i was a child and start BASIC, then C when Comodor 64 was born). I'm reconverted myself at 45 years old to become a dev professional. I'm very happy to learn all the time languages and new devops tools myself around C++, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Rust, Golang, and many other languages. I feel sur better with typed languages, but i do appreciate to do things easy also with other new age languages (maybe at first place with Python or Ruby). I also like electronic, and some ARM support. I'm also an full Unix and Linux lover.


Commercial Diver to DEV what a change. Welcome to the community. I'll be excited to see what you post over in the #python thread. If you're more comfortable with typed languages, you need to try out mypy and optional type hinting in python.


thank you Waylon Walker. Yes, i love my commercial diver job, but i feel myself no more young, but not old, and i want more freedom and i love also coding things, so before to become old, i do change my life.
It should be possible to me to get job from this point (i get my new freelance number, so i'm trying to find clients).
I don't know what i can post around any language (Python why not ?) here or other place an other one didn't already. If you have an idea, i will do it the best i can. Tell me. My feeling is that, as long as there is something someone want it doesn't find, we can maybe provide something to help. In Python, doc and API doc is already very good, language is also very easy to understand. Some point around Meta programation or interface (ABC or Zope) is a bit more difficult, but not to much people need to know it...
What do you think it can be possible to do to contribute there ?


Hi everyone, I'm Katie the #welcome moderator.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.
If you are interested in posting, be sure to read my post:


Hi everyone! I’m Sarah. I work in virtual education, helping healthcare providers build skills and knowledge in mental health care.

Currently I’m teaching myself web development through The Odin Project and freeCodeCamp! Looking forward to connecting with all of you here 😁.


Welcome Sarah and wish you all the very best🔥


Heyo! I'm Aaron, a complete newcomer to the world of development trying to make a career change from nursing to game design! I've already shared some of my thoughts, motivations and experiences here and the response from the community has been warm and encouraging. I'm in my early learning stages of course, but the best way to learn is to be proactive and work, so I'm very interested in interacting with others about their projects and aspirations.

Cheers and beers!


Hi, I'm Lokmane, I'm a Mining student and right now I'm in the process of learning Web development. And I've already learn HTML and CSS and built some static websites and recently I'm learning JavaScript.
I'm here to learn more and help people who need it.
So if you need help in HTML and CSS let me know.


Hello everyone!

I am a tech enthusiast. I was searching for active developer community. Started writing technical articles on Medium. Found it difficult to find someone who could throw their views or ideas on the same. During one such time, I found dev.to.

Now I am happy part of the community. Recently I have started my own blog as well once I got to know its good to have developer's own platform.
Thank you dev.to for making this wonderful platform for us to connect :)


Hey, all! My name is Sarah. I'm a Mama Eng living in the beautiful PNW that just recently transitioned from Social Work (got my MSW) to the tech realm. I'm looking for other Mama Engineers to connect with, learn from, and would love to start a support and mentoring system. If you're interested, let me know! I just graduated from a bootcamp about a year and a half ago and am a full stack software eng for Crisis Text Line.
I love everything about start-ups and hope to start my own soon! In the process of building an app to reduce mental health stigma in Singapore, an app for domestic violence victims, and a few other side projects.
Fun facts: I am obsessed with making natural soaps, speaking Italian, The Wizard of Oz and sea turtles.
Excited to be here and learn from you all!


Yello people. I'm a software engineer and student at UMass. I like Jazz just as much as I like backend engineering. A year back I could barely run a script now but now that I write my own 😂 and am in a position to understand tech better, I figured I'd take part in a community with similar interests. Loving it here so far!


Hey , Dudes ,I'm a software Engineer from Sri Lanka.This is my very first day using this app


Hello everyone, I'm Kira. I love programming, and my favorite language is JavaScript. I used to focus more on simple game development but am now learning about more complex types of programming. I have been doing client-side programming for a long time, and just learned node.js. I am currently learning about Machine Learning which has been incredibly interesting for me (if anyone has machine learning resources or tutorials, I would be happy to see them!). I also love mathematics and programming's applications to math. My website is kiraprograms.com if you are interested in seing some of my work!


Hello, I'm a software engineer by profession. The topics that interests me are anything opensource, Linux, Ruby and Android. I'm hoping to be involved in a community where I can share knowledge and improve my skills as an engineer. I have few posts to share of my own that I plan to import from my Medium blog. That said, I am happy to be here.


Hello everyone. I'm Jalu, a self-taught web developer from Indonesia.

I've been working as a web developer for almost a year at my family business, a small embroidery shop where I developed a simple management system using the old but beginner-friendly PHP framework: Codeigniter 3. But since the COVID-19 affects the business, we decided to stop the development...

Long story short, here I am now actively learning custom WordPress development and looking for remote opportunities as a technical writer. I plan to share what I've learned here, honing my English writing, and build my portfolio.

Nice to meet you all. :)


Hello everyone. I am a Software Engineer with 3 years experience. I have BS CS degree as well luckily. I have been doing web development on PHP then i converted to mobile development using React Native and loving it. I also write blog on Medium.com on technology and other things random as well. Do follow me on here as well as on Medium


Hi DEVs!

I'm a .NET developer from Hungary. Currently I work in a medium-sized accounting firm, and I am a member of a group of 6 developers here. This is a quite chill workplace, not much pressure, not much challenge and basically we are free to use any solution, programming language we want, so it was a good place for me as a junior to start here as I was able to learn a little about everything.

Now my main concern is 'upgrading my game' - I want to join a real developer company in the future (where the main product is the software we create) where we take ourself more seriously. I know, it will be more pressure, but right now I feel like I'm in a convinient situation where I do not learn anything.

I joined this community to get motivation for this change, and to see real experts who work on the front-line of programming - maybe I will be one of them one day :)



I'm a hacker-cum-multi-discipline-software-engineer who has been self-teaching coding, computers and electronics for about 23 years and have been pursuing a BSc in ComSci for the past 2 years with the intention to graduate Hons so that I have the opportunity to do my MSc (and have lofty dreams of acquiring a PhD before I croak). I have been a "professional" software developer for going on 12 years now.

I am a voracious and eternal learner and will shrivel up and die if I had nothing to learn or explore. I love creating things in code and RL and watching it work - at the core I love, nay, NEED to understand how everything works. In the near future, I would like to explore cellular automata, operating system design and development, programming language theory and development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cryptography and would like to get back to some video game development. I am currently learning Scala, Apache Kafka, and Apache Spark for a massive project. I am an advocate of free learning, open source, and privacy.

I am a life/brain/sleep/bio-hacker stuck in the 90s-2000s, enjoy learning natural languages too (German atm), am a challenging husband, and the father of a 6-year-old infinitely creative Lego-transformer-building-tank-fanatic.

I was led here by a funny string of comments and have decided to stick around and see what can be seen as DEV seems like a great "dev" focused platform.

Hack the planet!


Hi everyone!
I'm Stephanie, I'm a History grad turned full stack JavaScript coding bootcamp grad. I'm currently working on learning new skills and frameworks, but I'm also really getting into looking at the history of software engineering. I feel I understand much more about coding itself by understanding its history!

I'm hoping at some point to write some blog posts, and Dev.to seems great for that, so here I am! Wooo!

P.s. Social media has been THE BEST resource for me, if anyone wants to connect on here or Twitter, feel free!


I am in a journey of becoming a developer but for now, I am still trying to put food on the table for my lovely family.
My story is that of combining multiple shifts and job roles to get my house in order. It paid off because I am gradually coming to the conclusion of finally becoming a full-time Software Engineer, and being in this community will definitely be one of the best decision I have ever taken so far -- This will not be possible if you guys aren't here.

My mission is to use my Software dev role to build solutions that will influence my immediate community -

Arrive at the community
Bond with the members
Get to know their pain-points
Build a solution to that problem
Release it to them
Train a local who will be maintaining the solution
Build a business plan for them.
Move on to the next community.
So help me God


Hi, Guys. I am Rakib. I am a student and a fast learner. I love to make android software cause I am quite good in Java,Kotlin. I am learning to make awesome apps for Android .Currently I am reading in my 2nd semester on BSC in Computer Science and Engineering.Pray for me.


Hi there! I'm Gabriel Ramirez, a computer scientist(just graduated, woo) looking to be more active in the dev communities. I have been mostly a silent reader until now outside the college, so my goal is to change it. Experience wise, I been working in software development for about 2 years and always looking to learn more.


Hi all, I'm damar, i'm a Software Engineer and a Project Manager, my hobby is riding bike and swimming. my company build an app for reservation Tourist tickets in Yogyakarta, there are many beautiful beach's here and more interested destination.


Hello I'm new here, I'm a Computer Engineer and Game Developer. I'm currently working with the Project Brass Community to make a game out of tuba boss themes. Feel free to check it out. We use Godot as the game engine if you're wondering.


Hi everyone! I am Pratyush Singhal, a software developer from India. Just took up my first job, trying to getting into writing blogs. Currently into rust, distributed systems, entrepreneurship. Happy to be part of this exciting community!♥️