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Domingo Montoya says hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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Welcome to new members of DEV ! πŸ‘‹


There are plenty of posts that have great content. And you can adjust your feed preferences.


Hello Thomas. Thank you for the welcome message! My name is Jeremy...


Thanks you and hello to everyone else


Thank you, I hope to learn a lot from you


Hola Bandidos & Bandidas

I love these "introduce yourself to the community" things almost as much as the corona virus, but, here we go... Guess I'll be reminded to write an introduction for ever, as I actually joined for over a year ago.

Doing The Cha-Cha-Cha

I've been dancing around in the industry since waaay back in '94. (That's 1994).
Starting as a network and systems admin, doing server management, network related tasks to ensure everything was up and running, deciding what operating systems and software to use, things like that.
Later on I specialized on network / information security and was working as a security administrator, using tools like Checkpoint firewalls, Cisco routing devices, HP Layer 3 switches, Linux and FreeBSD.
In 2012 I officially switched to doing full-time software development, as this was always my true passion.

Luckily I landed a good job without having any prior developer positions on my resumΓ©.
The use of psychology, "fake it till you make it" and being able to document some projects gets you a long way, besides my earlier experience can come handy when developing software as well. It wasn't like I was a gardener or something totally unrelated to tech.

Initially I was thinking about using Dev.to as a blogging platform, but you know, procrastination and all...

Ok, that's it folks. Enough about me. Now go on with whatever you where pretending to do before reading this long introduction. Hey, I didn't ask to write it OK?


Hey I just read your post you said that it wasn't like you were a gardener or something but that's what I was doing in the beginning not by choice cause that's what my dad was doing and he would have me help him it take a lot away from me my time and education and I wish I would of had the internet a long time ago it would of helped me then when I needed it school was never very much for me I feel like I'm starting from scratch all over again but I have learned some things but it isn't enough to get me going


Hello! Cool story, Ape. Could you give any advice to youths?)


Oh, where to begin... I've done my share of blunders through the years, certainly some things I wouldn't wish for anyone but my worst enemies.

I've been thinking of setting up a new blog where I can post stories and tips on everything I've experienced and learned from through the last 20 or so years in different parts of tech industry.

BTW, I've also worked as a TCP/IP course instructor at a facility in Oslo used by people pursuing various certifications, like CCNA from Cisco, MCSE from Microsoft etc. Forgot to mention it in the introduction. :)

If there's something concrete you want to ask, just fire away!
You can PM me or do what ever, and I'll answer when I the have time to do so. πŸ‘

I had a blog once over at Wordpress, but the articles are only available through direct links to the posts from other places etc, but I'll transfer the stuff I still think is relevant (if any) when time comes.

I had a few readers, but as I decided to shut it down when Wordpress.com didn't longer include anything worthwhile in the free plan, I lost those subscribers... But, I'll get some new ones hopefully! πŸ˜…
I'll publish the blog at EloquentCoding.com, but there's nothing at that address right now.


Cool story thats a long journey u have got there ad the experience phew! πŸ‘


Great to have you and be part of your long journey


Thank you, sir!
Yeah, it's been quite a journey, thinking back to the now so distant mid 90's and to where we are today. What has changed the most? I'd say the pace. The pace of everything. Might be that I'm getting old though... ;)


Hi, I am Bhavsagar a Self-taught developer.


I am new to the coding world and am intimidated a bit, but curious nonetheless to learn it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I should back up a bit by saying that I am not totally new to the coding world as I am the Director of Customer success for the wonderful company @Feldroy. I take care of a lot of different things that encompass the company, with the exception of the technical coding part of things. So, that's why I am here, to be able to better assist with our customers' technical questions.
Whew, I did it! As intimidating as it was, I feel good about taking the first step into this new world. Cheers everyone!


Cheers, Carla! That's awesome that you're getting into learning to code. You have the kind of eye for detail and structure that would make you a great coder, and I'll help you however I can!

Some things that may help you on your coding journey:


Thank you for the pointers, Audrey!


Hello community! I've been reading and enjoying quite a few interesting posts here for a while now and thought i'd get on board.

Keep on posting relevant and enjoyable articles on tips , obsticles and solutions - i'll try to join in when i get the chance.


$ ./helloworldv2
Hey dev.to people! I'm Rodrigo (aka MDK, mdkcore); posting here as I've just posted on some old welcome thread :p

linux and game development are my passion, also, I like c/c++, python and shell scripting, still learning some programming languages (like go and rust) and trying to finish my new VPS setup to migrate all my stuff.

my friend told me about the site, and I hope to learn a lot and help everyone here!


Yo! Name is Jo, and I'm new here. I love a whole bunch of coding things, especially fun stuff. I found this place by clicking someone's link. Just starting out my first full time software developer job in a week using Python (which I've been cramming this week since I haven't learnt it before now). Before now I've learnt Ruby and Rails, Javascript and the MERN stack, plus the obvious HTML and CSS that go with web dev stuff.

So tell mw what's fun to do around here and what are some post I should definitely read?


Hi everyone wave, I'm Debra-Kaye, a Graphic Designer. I've always been interested in Information Technology (design and programming) and studied I.T. at university, but coding didn't stick and I never got into the field. Now I'm re-learning coding through self-study as I aspire to become a Frontend Developer.

Looking forward to connecting with and learning from you all :).


How is your self study coming along? Where are you studying? I am on a self study right now as well. Currently I am on edX


It's going okay so far. Would love to have a friend on this journey though. I'm doing Frontend Master's Web Development Bootcamp. After that, i'm going to do freeCodeCamp.


Hello. I'm a nerd who want in future works in Gamedev. I really love video games. At this moment I creating a 2D Game Engine in C++ using SFML, sol2 and others usefull libs.


Good luck in your evolution as a game dev!


Hello, my name is Jeremy. I am new to coding/web development/programming languages. I am eager to learn and build skills. I welcome any advice concerning these topics. Thank you ahead of time for your input and I look forward to meeting everyone and maybe collaborating on some projects! Have a great day!

Jeremy Marquart


Hello everyone!
I'm making (and hopefully, going to finish) a game with Godot Engine. I also tinker some static web development.
There are so many interesting posts here I don't even know where to begin!


Hello! I've lurked reading posts on dev.to for a couple years, and finally decided to jump in and introduce myself.

I'm a software engineer (mostly big data -- so much Hadoop) turned startup entrepreneur over the past 6 months. I dabble in personal OSS projects, and mess around answering questions on Quora, but mostly I work : ), so I figured the best way to introduce myself was to post what I've been building.

(the tl,dr is, I feel passionate about helping empower everyone at a company who can script. We've tried to make it easy for anyone to build cloud-native internal tools, whether they're a full-time dev, or spend 2 hours a week hacking in Python).

I've gotten a lot out of the posts I've read here, and hope I can contribute back now and then. Look forward to getting to know everyone (or at least some of you).


I help professional Java developers to learn language features so they become better developers and can work on challenging projects. Excited to join dev community, will start posting my blog content here.


Hi everyone πŸ‘‹
I'm a Full Stack Developer working on web apps on the side all the time. I'm mostly using Angular with serverless backends these days :) Looking forward to diving into the great content here and joining the disussion!


Hi Im Angela, I got interested in learning HTML CSS java bc i thought I was going to make a website and make money dropshipping or something...my blog turned out alright...website did not!!! I have zero formal education in CS or any of this but i had such a fun time learning how i broke my website over and over and over again and had to learn some stuff to not sound like an idiot to the wordpress chat ppl AGAIn! lol so im challenging myself and taking tutorials on freecodecamp and i hope someday to make beautiful websites! or games or something! thanks for being here with me ppl!!!


Hello! I'm learning to code and web design. This year I want to build my portfolio so I've joined Dev community to get out of my comfort zone and write some articles about my learnings in this long journey :)


My name is Adeoluwa Adeboye from Nigeria.
I am a Data Science, Machine Learning and Web Development Enthusiast. So I will be dropping posts related to this areas. I am open to remote Internships and Collaborations.


Hi everyone!

I'm Leslie and I'm teaching myself to code and taking data science and python courses currently so that I can switch from sales to software development or data science. Very interested in learning from everyone and taking on some of the daily challenges to further sharpen my skills!


Hi I'm saud from codebond.
My personal account chouglesaud is showing spam.


Hi everyone! I'm Roneet Michael but you can call me Mike. I've been reading a lot of posts on dev.to for a long time and I enjoyed reading thoughts of professional developers. I finally decided to create an account here. I was a digital marketer for last 4 years and now I have switched to programming. Currently I am learning C Language as a part of my College education.


Hello guys... I am Jerry from Lagos Nigeria, always ready to learn, presently I need someone to put me through on styling React form and developing authentication with react and react router, I wouldn't mind redux too


Hello, I am a beginner in full stack development, i have covered the basics of html, css, git and introduction to javascript. i have issues working with javascript and i also look forward to working with fellow beginners and receiving help from web instructors


I came here because of a Blockstack tutorial.

I have a question: Are touch events supported in iOS Safari or not? The Apple website says they are, but caniuse says they are not.

(I already introduced myself but devbot told me to introduce myself again.)


Joined the community after I saw this mentioned in the indieweb dev Slack channel.
AFter being a retired ex-technologist :-) lockdown made me look for something more constructive than gardening :-)


Hey just joined.. great to see something with quality content and without a paywall like Medium. At the moment trying to get my head around Angular to support a side project on bushfire recovery and stumbled on this site. Cheers!


Hi everyone! I am a final year computer science student :) I m trying to build my skills and be a good dev. I found this community from NPTEL's "Live_How to be a Good Software Developer" video! Excited on what I am about to get :D Have a great day!


Just a regular guy with a strong interest for music and bitten by the coding virus since few years with a tendency for lateral thinking and lot of crazy ideas to "make the world a better place" ;). Posts from DEV community in various places jogged my interest until I decided to jump in. VoilΓ . :)


Hello everyone Harshita Ramchandani here. I'm a student who is curious to learn new things in tech currently I can call myself a decent developer in field of web development and I am a budding learner in field of Machine learning. I love writing motivational blogs and I am here to start with technical blogging.


Hi DEV-ionardos

Am medically 'retired' from my former profession; looking to transition in tech!
I wish to setup a CIC (in UK it is a Community Interest Company [a social company]); to support the underrepresented groups in #tech :-)


Hey guys,

I'm just a new user from Italy! I've found this social network by case, I still need to learn how to use it but I really like, It's a merge between medium and facebook, I like it!

I'm a medical doctor from Italy and I'm in my 30's.

Hope to have nice and good time here around you!