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Hey y'all!

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi everyone! i’m Fernando, one of the main developers at MailVibes, a Chrome extension that can help you improve your Gmail workflow, using tools like mail or link tracking, email templates and mass email.

After months of reading tons of post, I've finally took some time to sign up haha, I hope we like each other... I love Javascript and everything that can help me boost my productivity, even a little!


Speaking about loving everything that can help to boost productivity - it's really a great way to go!


Hello!! I wanted to learn javascript but being a C# Dev, javascript seems little uneasy for me haha. Wish I could being it someday.


Hi avidme. As a developer who came from the .NET world, I can tell you that you fears thankfully not real. Javascript is probably the easiest language to learn, apart from python. Mastering it is more nuanced, but you'll generally do fine


You should definitely take the plunge and yes you would have to learn es6... but you could start by learning typescript as the syntax to C# is almost identical. It’s not the usual way of learning JS but it could work and Typescript is awesome.


Welcome Juan!

We have same last name 🙏🏻


Hi, all. I'm Will. I got my BS in CS in 2015 at the age of 41...and I'm not using it. I have about a year and a half of professional programming experience. A bad experience at my first programming job really shook my confidence. Rather than risk my family's status I'm working for half of a dev's starting salary as a marketing technical resource. But I want to code. It's time to get back into the swing of things. I'm looking for an active community to help me steer my learning, and hopefully pay it forward when I can help in return.


You didn't ask for advice, but it's worth keeping in mind that your experience outside of programming is just as valuable to the right company as it would be if you hadn't had a career detour. You might want to quantify the sorts of things you've worked on, but the ability to walk into an interview and show that you understand the "big picture" of how features are going to land with users (or how to find out) on top of being able to do the literal work is a big deal.


Welcome Will. Quick comment for you -- I went all through my career without the typical college degree. Last position I held was R&D Engineer in charge of making prototypes and walking new product through design, development and industry certification. Not terribly bad for an "uneducated" guy. Hint: It's not about your pedigree or lack of credentials; it's about NOT GIVING UP. If Engineering were easy, we'd all be in movies. It's often quite hard. There will always be personal and technical challenges that can tear you up and spit you out.

You only lose when you quit and tell yourself that you can't do it.

Take it from me, it's been VERY difficult for me to get jobs w/o a degree in the past, but when I landed them, I set out to win and keep winning by deciding that I would not give up and do whatever it took to learn / understand new things.

That was especially difficult for me back when I deliberately quit management and started a job as a contract engineer. I had a new home and an 18 month old daughter. Talk about stressful.

Here's the thing: Prayer, dedication and not giving up. Drop the distractions and go back, mister. You CAN do it.


Hey don't fear, there are some who have been programming a lot longer and are still bad at their job. Some times it's their code, some times it's their attitude... at least you can fix the prior.

Stay humble, keep learning, be thankful and always look for little ways to make yourself useful (ideally by working some sort of programming into whatever job you have -- amazing how you can do that these days). I know you will go places. The fact you allowed your confidence to be shaken (rather than just blaming others) tells me you are just the kind of dev I want to be working with some day.


Hey Will!! Welcome to Dev! Its time to get your confidence back because if you made all the way through your bachelors at your age, im sure you can get back on track and learn new things here! I've learned a ton from a site called Udemy. theres paid and free courses that cover all the necesary topic to get you started on any particular language! So start coding! and enjoy!

All the best!


I am just starting coding for fun. I am sure with your experience, you will find what fits.


Good to see you here Will. "Age is just a number", we can all do wonders with enough conviction. Welcome to the world of devs!!!!


Hey All! I found out about DEV from a YouTube comment and hope to find my place within this developer community.

Last year I left my job as a Software Engineer to pursue coding my own projects. My all-time favorite language is Java - and you can't convince me otherwise. Similar to what I did in college, my primary interests have reverted to machine learning & artificial intelligence.

I use Arch, btw.


How do you see ML/AI compare to SWE in terms of "worthy" ness? :D
I'm currently on Andrew Ng's Coursera course, and you shouldn't miss it, pal. Have a good day!


I see both as being very worthy in their respective areas. Automating tasks is important, just as is knowing statistical patterns of data. I'm just so in love with research & math that my natural progression in this field must lead to ML/AI. But I could talk about this all day lol.

Are you referring to Andrew's Machine Learning course? I hate to be "that guy" that says he already knows (my brother does it to me all the time), but I'm familiar with it! I added it into this "open source" CS degree I put together a while back. I'll have to take a deeper look now that I have the time!


What's up Forrest! Your channel's dope.

I've been shown the ways of the Java recently and it's just something about statically typing... Are you gonna use Java for machine learning and AI?


Hey Tracy! Much appreciated. Yea, I'm using Java as my primary ML/AI language.


Hi! Long-time DEV reader, finally took the plunge and started contributing articles. By day, I write about maker projects over at Electromaker.io, and on the side I cover consumer tech (streaming devices, smart home tech, Linux tutorials, etc.) on Tech Up Your Life and movie/TV/album reviews on Cup of Moe.

I'm learning some basic JavaScript for fun/personal edification, and enjoy watching cult films while cuddling with my dog when I'm not banging away at my keyboard.


Those maker projects look pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Hello all! Greetings from Indonesia! I am a former Chemist. Yeah. No computer science/engineering background at all. Have a little interest on programming. Realise I only live once, try to take small step to become a programmer. Now I realised, do code is interesting for me. But do code that used as problem solver is like a priceless feeling for me. Hope I can learn and share in this community. Thanks for having me!


Hi Indonesia fellow! What a good decision to took a "programmer" journey. Super exciting stuffs on tech world ahead, and be sure to keep learning everyday! Good luck.


Hiya! I am new to DEV :D I am a front end dev with love for CSS :D


Hello! Welcome to DEV :) And I agree with you, CSS is great!


Thank you! I think so too 🤗


I am a front-end dev too. And also love CSS. Welcome o/



Was just browsing Twitter that led me here.

I work as Lead Technical Consultant working mainly in Dynamics 365 world. However, I mainly use C#, though in very limited capacity, for my developmental work.

I'm looking to expand my horizon beyond this now.

This looks like a promising community to learn a lot from and interact with.


Hello! Everyone!! I'm a junior Web Dev from India. I work on projects with AspNet Mvc, AspNet Core. I love sharing ideas and discussion. I was hankering for some friendly Dev community where I can contribute and learn from. I hope I can make my place here in and contribute to the community.


Hi everyone! I am quit new to this community. I am a Software Developer worked with different technology stack. I am self learner and a explorer. Hope to receive lots of knowledge through dev community.


Hi people! I'm a beginner html/css/javascript developer! I fell in love with programming about a year ago and have already gone through a bootcamp! I'm now in the process of starting my career at a startup :3 !


Hello folks.

Semi-retired prototyping engineer here, but running own side business kinda guy. Love some of the materials I'm seeing - so well done and presented. I started in electronics, migrated through telecommunications and wrote code as the industry started back in early 80's till 2018. Fun part (and often the hard part) is learning and sometimes re-learning things, but it's more fun when we help each other.


Hello! I was brought here by reading a post by Ali Spittel and I never heard of this community. The concept of the site sounds awesome and I wanted to be a part of it. I'm always looking to learn and share knowledge with others so here I am!


Hi everyone! I'm Tai. I graduated in BSc Computer Science in 2014 at the University of Nottingham. I currently work @ The Agile Monkeys as a full-stack developer remotely from the Canary Islands in Spain. I've joined DEV after some of my colleagues suggested it, and I hope I can contribute with some interesting posts in the future :D


Hello people!! My name is Alejandro and I work as a Frontend Developer in Chileautos / Carsales Std (LATAM HUB) placed in Chile.

I'm very happy to join this community. I hope to learn a lot from yuo, also I'm willing to share some of my own knowledge too.


Hi Alejandro, good to meet you 👍


Hi all, I'm Rebecca 👋 In my "past life", I got my MBA and managed a coworking space for tech companies. More recently, I made the transition to web development through a bootcamp and several months of self-directed learning, and am currently seeking a junior front end or full stack developer role, either Miami-based or remote. I have experience with HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, React, Vue, Node.js, Express, REST APIs, and MongoDB.

I have read tons of articles on Dev in the past, but it just suddenly clicked that I could actually join 🤷‍♀ so here I am!

Outside of coding, I am passionate about the environment; diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech; and advocating for bike safety and climate resilience in my bizarre, beloved Miami. I enjoy hiking, scuba diving, bird watching, and biking. 😎 Cheers!


Hello, folks!
My name is Thiago and I'm one of the architects of LumisXP, the very first 100% Brazilian end-to-end #CustomerExperience management software.
I'm an old-school #Java guy, but I love to keep up with the latest tools (at least I try to 🙃).
I love the way front-end development is evolving in the latest years, mainly the #Javascript and all of the frameworks!


Hello everyone! I'm Henry. I work as a Regional IT Specialist in one of the biggest LPG company in the Philippines. I love to create front-end designs. I used Bootstrap, Materialized CSS and some front-end frameworks. I'm also learning some JS Frameworks like React, Vue and Angular. I love to read any webdev-related articles, too. I hope I can collaborate with you guys. Thank you.


Hi everyone! I'm Harry, i'm a fan of machine learning and i want to explore this industry as well. I'm learning some basic python and want to focus on this language in the future. Hope we can learn from each other.


Hi Harry, I'm Katie, the #welcome moderator here on DEV.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.


Hello everyone. I registered here well over a year ago but sadly I'm just now accessing my account again. Better late than never, right? I do stay busy but I fully intend to visit here more often, become part of the community, learn, and help/contribute wherever and whenever I can. Nice to meet you all! Cheers!


Hello and welcome to Dev.to Community ! 👋🏼😉


Hi there! My name is Jacob. I joined DEV because I've been seeing it everywhere, but never truly understood what was going on. It's cool to see a community like this and I'm excited to learn more about it. I'm the lead developer for a startup that is focusing on teaching the world two of the main languages of the Philippines: Tagalog and Bisaya. Hopefully in the future we'll also be able to support many more of them.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone! I am Ricardo, a Content Writer and Software Engineer by trade. I have been devoting some of my free time to study the topics of creativity and innovation, trying to come up with ways of teaching these two not-so-trivial skills to beginning programmers through coding!


Hi all. Just completed coding bootcamp for full stack developer in a late-in-life career shift. Fulfilling my desire to code full time, and to keep learning and working as my high school mates are settling into retirement, wondering what's wrong with me. Years ago was writing CGI/Perl scripts, constructing XML schemas for agency-publisher ad workflows, calibrating color production systems, and product managed some of the early graphics software written for the Mac. So great to catch up with the world of JavaScript and all the new libraries and frameworks. Fun fact: love coaching soccer and still keeping up with keyboard skills from first career as a piano teacher.


Hi I'm Pete João Chiboleca, i'm from Mozambique, i came here because i want to grow as a person and a software developer, i'm currently learning Java 8 and Spring Boot, while building a networking application for my job, and i plan to create some web development courses, to help people learn to code.


Hi everyone, code newbie here. Graduate civil engineer but figured I don't wanna spend the rest of my life doing stuff I don't like cos Y.O.L.O, so here I am trying to get more out of the dev community. It's been amazing so far the amount of open source resources out here. Thanks to everyone for their hardwork.


Civil Engineer! That's pretty intense, are you wanting to change career or merge dev and civil engineering?


Hi, I'm Philippe,
a learner and tech addict. (i didn't use to be one a few years ago)

I'm the founder of zerofiltre.tech a company that aims to change people's lives via code.

We (actually i'm alone 😂) are at the very beginning, but we strongly believe in us.

I will be a great CEO very soon (sounds optimistic huh? 😁).

Meanwhile, I'm working as a Software engineer at Capgemini in Paris

My motto: learn, share, change people's lives with code.

I was looking for a place where I could live my motto and exchange with people who have the same mindset.

And I think that DEV is "ze place to be" as we say with the french accent.

I'm gonna have fun here for sure and looking forward to writing my first article.


Hello! My name is Catherine and I found out about this website when attending my first MLH hackathon! I'm learning more about programming (java, css, html, c#) and electrical (through Arduino). A fun fact about myself is that I am a licensed amateur radio operator.


Hey Catherine, great to see more girls who code here. I look forward to seeing your posts here. I’m into C# too, but I’m not a ham LOL.


Hi all! I am Vladimír! I have been reading articles on DEV for a long time and I have decided to join this awesome community!🤘

I am a Co-Founder of Apicart.net and a web developer focused mainly on front end. I also work with the backend technologies like PHP, Symfony, Docker, Kubernetes and some other dark side magic.

I also teach beginners how to become web developers and I will write articles about web performance optimization, JAMstack, javascript, how to create static e-commerce and etc. 🔥


Great to have you here Vladimir!


Hi there! i'm Ravi. I'm a CSE student and learning full stack web development.
I'm looking for a community that can help me grow my skill, so reading an article where i found DEV . I'm happy to be here 😀 .


We are happy to have you here Ravi!


Hello everybody. Finally I found myself encouraged to take a look signing up to this incredible community. I'm German, currently working as Fullstack developer at SkydropX principally working with Ruby on Rails and I want to start sharing some posts about tricks and solutions or anything that can help somebody else to make their coding experience better. :D


Hello Everybody, I'm Eddy from Rwanda actually a developer at Shuribus, I'm thrilled to be a member of this community.
I never thought I'd take the initiative of signing up but here I am. I'm a Javascript developer but lately attracted by sexy languages like Golang.
Let's y'all have a good day. thank you