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Hello to all that are new to DEV.
I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators. My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.

Be sure to read my post about navigating around here:


Hey, I am Andrew and I am curently working on an education changing project. The problem is I am young and i do not have dedicated people to work with . Can someone help me with easy things ? Have a nice day :)


Hello Andrew. I suggest you make a post and describe in detail what you would like help with.

Don’t forget to include what languages and scripting you are using so that people with the proper skill set can respond.

Good luck with your project.


Look around at various posts here. There are a lot that ask that same question and you will see comments from the community with suggestions.


Hello, I am Brazilian and I am currently studying JavaScript, I like to share ideas with people and I want to teach JavaScript to those who have never code in their lives.


Thanks for your kind words and empowering self. I’d love to learn


Howdy Kate, much gratitude for the warm welcome! :)
Happy AF to be here!


Greetings from North Carolina.

This website was recommended by a friend and I will be contributing some articles on remote work, QE and tech support.

I have been around for a while and tinkered with lots of technologies and frameworks. My current dev interest is Flask and Python but I am not religious about any of it... :)


Looks like I'm the only one without basic tech or Dev knowledge here


Don't worry most of us just started too, Good Luck on your journey.


Nice to meet you Joe! I could also use some more reading on remote work.


Hi, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 30 year old full stack developer at a PR agency in San Diego. I've been writing code for fun since I was in early elementary school and got hired as a web developer right out of high school.

My dream is to work at Google or Netflix some day, so I'm taking steps to become the absolute best software engineer I can be. A lot of the articles here seem like they could be useful, so here I am :)


Software engineering is incredibly fascinating to me, and is something I like to read about. Maybe one day I'll start heading that route.

I wish you the best of luck with your career, and hopefully you get your dream job soon!


Well there are only one thing you have to do... practice... practice... practice :)


That's so awesome, and sounds like you have great dissipline and passion.


34YO Software developer / DevOps working on a small Mexican company that I co-founded 10 years ago. I work almost exclusively with Python and Django.

Mostly interested in learning and making contacts.


I'd like to learn too. Have a good time here 🙏🏿


Can I work for you I’d love to learn. Thanks 🙏🏿


Hi Juan, great to have you here for making bigger the Latam tech community 🙌


Hello Everyone. I am Glad I am here. I am Senior Software Engineer and currently doing full Stack Development in Angular, Node or c#, MySQL or Mongo. In my free time, I write technical articles in platform called Blogpedia.


Great one, I hope i would have a chance to work with someone like you. 👍


How I arrived here is simple enough I was in the deepest Africa, an out of work person from Berkeley told me about a silicone chip with legs like a a centipede outlined in the sand causing big redundancy problems in the United States. In 1975 I set off to investigate I was on the road a long time before reaching SW UK with some tools reparing HDD, opened a computer repair shop 1984 first one south of Bristol, slowly I've been legging along ever since, that's how I am here from one jungle into the digital one without a compass. Where the feck are we?


T.I IS A VERY CRAZY WORLD, welcome on board!


I find your story really cool. Thanks for sharing it! :)


Hello, I found about from one of articles on Qiita (a programmer community for Japanese speakers) talking about how fast is. It seems like the community here is pretty cool. I am excited to be a part of it.


Hello all you more experienced young people. I have studied programming off(0) && on (1) since I was very young (age > 50). I continue to study and practice everyday. While I am mostly unpublished, I love the constant learning, failing, trying, humility, and rebirth. Development reminds me of running a marathon up a mountain: Not a single step, not a small sprint, or a large stumble or fall, but always pushing forward. Development is learning to think and organize our thoughts and intentions into the material universe, an act of creation. It is about building order and beauty while the chaos monsters fight viciously to burn our time and devour us whole.

My goals are:

  1. to publish my first full stack app using flask/python/mysql/nginx/docker/kubernetes/aws
  2. to refresh and extend my javascript kung fu so that I actually successfully use it
  3. to make peace with java
  4. to help someone else get past a major hurdle in their life(I have been around and made more mistakes than anyone I have met)
  5. to automate myself out of a job!
  6. to learn
  7. to teach

Eightfold Path


Hey Joseph! Code is challenging but what matters is you like doing it!


What's up everyone!! Glad to be part of the community


Welcome to DEV Buddy 👋

I see you worked on many projects and hope you could share problems you faced :)


Thank you! :) I'm planning on sharing my experiences here and hopefully they'll prove helpful to someone


Hello everybody!!
I am Exel a live learning developer for ever. I hope we could be friends anyway!

I've got here 'cause I am developing a react native app, but I got a bug that it's been imposible to find. Because it happens only when apk is build. =(
And I don't know what to do else to put some log to a database via fetch but is difficult make a rapid trace. I got build every time and it takes too long.

Well I hope anybody has a suggestion!


Hello there everyone!! I'm Roy from the Netherlands, so yeah I have that disgusting accent😂 I'm actually still a student, and i think being a developer is super fun. At least, so far😂 After this study I want to learn Cyber Security. And i'm here because at school I cant learn, teachers cant teach and iv'e got concentration problems. When I get home I take my laptop and after 4-5 hours sometimes i take a break😜😜 Funny fact: I hate sleeping. i know it sounds weird but think about all the things you can do in that time. I think that rn I am about 48 hour awake and yea you see i still got energy👽

anyway i wish all of you a nice day im gonna figure my homework out(03:20AM here😅)
p.s at this moment I only do webdevelopment(html, css, js, php, "mysql"), starting to learn it so in a few months ill add something.


Hey everyone, I'm Christina from Germany and I just started learning how to code in December :) #codenewbie I just graduated with a MA in History but realised towards the end of it that that's not at all what I'm passionate about. I kept reading articles about tech and career changers and that's how I became inspired to try and make the change myself!


Welcome to the platform, Christina! Hope you enjoy and, as always, I wish you luck on your coding journey. While I got into tech because I was looking for a career change, interacting with the community really gave me a boost of confidence and was just a lot of fun. You realize that there are all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds in the industry, which is really comforting to know if you're coming from a non-CS background.


Hey there! I don't know where to begin. Old dog trying to learn new tricks? ;)

I'm a marketer (please don't hold this against me! I specialize in ethnographic research and content strategy and hate interruptions and BS ads!) who also does frontend development. I've been working in Wordpress for years (with some Drupal a bunch of years ago), but I'm finding limits while I'm developing our own tools, so I want to get better at this stuff. I also run a staff of 8, so I get pretty busy and this looks like an amazing community where I can bring my dumb questions to get better answers.

That's it. Oh...and I am a pug lover and my greatest achievement was doing a cross-country karaoke roadtrip to promote my book in 2009. Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder if I can ever top that experience. :)


Kia Ora All!

I work remotely from Nelson, New Zealand.
I've been a software developer for almost 20 years and full stack web developer for 8, the last 4 of which have been freelance - I find all those numbers a little hard to believe!
Background in .NET and FORTRAN, but now spend most of my day in the JS world.
Here to learn and maybe meet some other remote devs in/near Nelson!?
When I'm not coding I'm out exploring this beautiful country by feet, bike or paddle


Hello Everyone!
I am Claire, so glad to be here.
I am currently in professional transition from Finance to Web dev and learning JS and Python.
In my free time, I work on some projects in MicroPython on microcontroller, I play bass, read and do some sport! I love discovering news topics and activities so feel free to share =).

Thank you!


I'm so excited to join the DEV community! I love it for a bunch of reasons:

  • The vibe I got right after signing up was all about collaborating, networking and share knowledge.
  • The site has minimalistic UI with—also minimal—customization options.
  • The editor supports Markdown.
  • I can upvote posts with a unicorn!

Hope to share valuable content with you soon!


Hello everyone! Glad to finally join this great community! I work with JavaScript using React @ in New Zealand!


My name is Drew and I'm new here. I'm a happiness engineer at and I build websites as a hobby.

You can find me on twitter @drewlearns2 .

Check out my portfolio/articles and tutorials at

I'm here to make friends and learn. I'd love it if you connected with me on linked in as well!


Hahaha, I love that title! Happiness is a tough thing for most to build, that's where an engineer can come in handy ;)


Hello to the people of this community, from Italy here , since i quit my previous job (i used to be a labour/cleaner) i have started learning web development, it's been 6 months and i'm not giving up (i never will) the hope is to get a job in the next six months. How's the journey going for you?. In my free time i'm a trail runner. I'm here because of real tough candy :)


Hi Everyone! :)
I've arrived here thanks to a collegue that linked to an interesting post, and I immediately loved the website and thought it would be a great source of info & tips about dev. I'm French and currently following a work/study training program, working with PHP/Symfony and Javascript/Vue.js, and I'm curious about anything dev-related.


I am a Wordpress web designer, Working on Fiverr for last year. But From a couple of months, I have started learning code, like Html CSS, bootstrap, js, jquery, PHP , laravel
Please Suggest me for became a good and modern web developer in 2020


Hi guys !!! I'm known as 'Kah', a JS enthusiast (besides I used to program in C#, Java, Grails, Golang). Also, a big cat lover. I have 4 of them: Vlad (a white male, the oldest), Mina (a rescued female with some issues), and Kali and Cinza, sisters, and very different from each other.
I hope I can contribute to this community...


Hello World,

I'm Syed, a JavaScript enthusiast. Excited to join the community.

I am currently playing the role of software engineer @ FULL Creative by building desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

"Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul."


"Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul." -- And Code fills your time. lol


If you don’t mind, I would like to steal this. It looks complete now. Thanks buddy. :)


Hello, I'm a developer and GIS professional from NZ. I mainly work with Python, JS (React + React-native), Node, SQL, and bring it all together with spatial data.

After all, 80% of data these days has some kind of spatial component (according to some academics).

I keep coming across articles so thought I'd get involved.


Hello there!

I started my dev journey 4 months ago and I just started a Software Engineering bootcamp.
I live in the SF Bay Area.

My goal is to finally find a job where my brain is usefully used, having challenges everyday, and work for a company with good people (is it really too much to ask? 😄 ).

I feel like I will be more interested in Back End dev, but I’m just at the beginning of my journey so we’ll see!

And finally I have the secret goal to prove the world I’m a super 35 yo talented bad-a** mom who can do everything. 💪

Oh, and I’m French. It explains the misspelling and other weird syntax in my messages 😅


Hi all!

I am Alex, almost 40, married, have two amazing daughters and a dog called rakete (rocket). My software programming experiance started all the way back in 86 on my C128. Later I went on to a 386 and a 486. In 2000 i started my apprenticeship to become a software engineer, where I found a third of my calling: complex systems. Soon after my apprenticeship I was appointed the lead of the Team - during the next 17 years followed a lot challenging but exciting time in some of the major platforms in Germany. I have let over 500 people, been to the cloud, introduced agile, had to let people go (an experience i do not like to repeat) and made a lot experiments! I am sooo thankful of all that happened and the possibility to learn.

After 10 years of struggle with command & control environments, i founded my own company, where we help other nerds like myself to succeed.

My glass is mostly half-full, through this it is more simple to master the occasional quests life has to offer, I am in the pursuit of happiness, course it cannot be brought with money nor forced by power. First I seek to understand then to be understood, not just to spread my autobiography, I try to lead myself by values not emotions.

Cheers from Cologne, Germany


Hi! My name is Jehiel Martinez. I'm very new to DEV.

I'm looking to share and learn from this great community. Also, I'm challenging my self with the Daily Challenges.

Javascript Dev. Learning Python!



my name is nur, self-taught web developer, currently I just focus on front-end web development, but sometimes I also as full-stack with beginner skill at back-end side.

Actually I've encountered this website few months ago, I just join to this site now, I want to search some useful stuff in this website and help me to improve my skill as web developer.



Thank you for giving access to this forum to ask my doubts.


Welcome to DEV, Swaroop 👋

I bet you can ask many questions to help you and others to learn from it :)


I am not a cat. I got here after posting a dev test as part of an employment screening. I just completed a Full Stack (MERN) Web Dev bootcamp. Great to be here, and to not be a cat.


Glad to hear that you are happy not being a cat. I am also enjoying not being a cat for the most part.

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