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lego man hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey. My name is Claire. I am 39 and a Python novice. Currently studying to become a full stack developer. I've been reading Dev for a while and thought it was about time I joined. I am looking to learn all I can to progress my journey. My new path. I love everything tech and value any advice or knowledge from experts or novices alike.


Hi Claire, I'm 38 and started studying front-end technologies few months ago.
I wish you good luck!


Hi Mazarzycki, I am 36 with grit to pick up some mastery around python, nodejs & php


Kudos to both of you for taking on a career and path change. Can be scary, but will be exciting to learn so much

Hi Peter, thanks. It's been almost 10 months since the day I started and every day I like it more. It may sound weird to you but I feel comfortable being uncomfortable and learning programming gives me this opportunity so it feels like a perfect match :)


Hi Claire, I'm Katie, and I'm not saying how old I am 😊.
It's great to see more woman who code here on DEV.
Welcome to our community, and I look forward to seeing your contributions.


Developer has no sex, I’ve met a lot of women who code just perfectly! As for me it’s even easier to work with developer women 🙂


Hello Claire, welcome to the community , guess what , you already on the right track to be a badass Dev😊


Hi Oluchi, please can you teach me python? Please

Hello Collins, thanks for reaching out and considering me a good fit to teach you python.
I would be happy to help but before that I would refer some good materials that could be of help.


Hi, I want you to teach me too.


Me too. However i have started going through YT Python videos and started learning Python. Everyday practice with simple code makes you perfect in coding. Try to implement your own simple code samples. Thanks


Learning through videos feel a good approach?

Until unless it has a good content too.


Everyday practice...That's a perfect quote...


Hey, I am Bappy (28 years) and I am a full stack web developer. Work with PHP, JavaScript & MySQL generally. Joined here while redirected from LinkedIn for a post. Looking forward to learn things as well as having fun time. That's it. Thanks.


Hi, I wish you good luck.


Hello Thuli and hope the future is bright with all your endeavors.


Really kind and positive comments. Much love to the community. Looking forward to learning from you all x


Hi Claire, I'm 27 and a fronted developer. Good luck.


i took so long period like you always aiming to be a great developer congratulation for we achieving our dreams


Hey claire. Very much welcome


I am Amitesh Mani Tiwari. I am a 2nd year student of B.E Cse in Chandigarh university. I am passionate to learn machine learning , quantum computing and love to solve the competitive programming. My hobbies are like I loves to writing poem and recite it . I love to interect with new people.


Hi Amitesh, I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators here on DEV.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.


Hi Amitesh, i also want to learn machine learning.... nice to meet you here


Nice to hear about u are interested in machine learning.


Into quantum comp? Can you connect to me or may be on Github


Hello Amitesh, I am Vikas Vimal from Gurgaon. I am a PHP Developer and would like to be in touch with you.


Yes,introduction,I'm interested in machine learning too


Good luck with your search and enjoy trying.


Hello everyone!!

I'm Bader (it's an Arabic name which means Full moon), I've been working as a Support Technician for 3 years and a half now (since I graduated actually) and honestly, I hate how my job can be done by a trained monkey and how everyone on my team can be easily replaced regardless of experience because there isn't any actual skill involved,Plus the pay sucks. (Sorry if I offended anyone xP)
Also literally no one wants you to learn and nobody wants you to improve (or even improvise and think outside the box) because "We already have tasks divided by Teams and we do everything by certain procedures" (which is all gibberish and kills your brain cells because of how messed up in reality the situation is) and that thing has literally caused me embarrassment in many interviews because my CV is literally nothing to be happy about - Naturally I can't brag about Paper Jams cleared .

Anyway, I stumbled upon dev.to a couple of days ago while looking for something to help me out of my current closed-end path and I hope that this'll be the push that gets me on the right way and into a career that I actually love, which is programming.

I am a beginner in lots of aspects, but I hope to learn from you guys and share whatever knowledge I have.


You are not alone bro. What you said I literally felt it. Its good to see someone trying despite all the odds. Keep on moving ahead.


Welcome Bader,

I am new too here!

Everything has a START ;)


You are doing the right then to chase your ambition on your own. Showing that initiative means so much


Hi Bader,I feel your pain:)). A beginner myself in this field, looking to change my career direction. Best of luck!


Hello, My name is Faith Kilonzi from Kenya.
I describe myself a curious software engineer, with passion for problem-solving through implementation of high-quality software products especially back-end and web-applications using a variety of programming languages and technologies.
I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ashesi University in Ghana. I love to learn and teach everything technology and data.


Happy learning. Awesome to see folks from all around the world!


Hi Faith, welcome to the DEV community! I see you have already jumped in and made your first post, congratulations!! I hope you find all your needs met as you go through your coding journey.


Just as a note: in DEV, each user is assigned a name in the system. Yours is kilonzif and you refer to them with the @ sign. Mine is @katnel20 so using katie referred to someone else.

Just hover over someone's profile image and you can see their username in the URL. (Should of said this earlier, but couldn't do it on my phone LOL)

I wonder how hard it would be to add a performant "insta-search" feature to DEV for usernames while typing them 🤔 a lot of tools with large userbases seem to use something like that. Could be fun.

Anyways, welcome Faith!


Hi, I´m Andree. I a fresh web developer, and i have read a lot of articles here. I like to study programming, and hope one day make awesome video games.


Hi Andree! Have you started using any JS frameworks yet like React or Vue?


Not yet but it on my study list, thank for asking.

That's actually good, it's good to start with the basics. Check out freecodecamp if haven't already :)


Hello everyone,
I'm Rohan, I've been into web development for more than 2years. I usually work with React/JS,Java,Spring and elastic search. I love coffeee, code and sleep.
I'm available for moderating and helping newbies
Hit me up on twitter twitter.com/ROHANSA09177528/


Hello Rohan, nice name, remmeber me LOTR


Sure! following... Never watched LOTR though🙈

What? is mandatory, a lot of battles, revenge, epic names


I'm Tibi, a designer and wannabe web developer. Coding skills have saved my skin and helped me secure jobs in the past so am forever grateful for that. Forever trying to improve, I've picked up javascript many times but without much success. I've no idea what this site is. It looks like stack exchange and Medium had a baby? Anyway, I came across a few good articles on here, so I'll stick around. Love the front end. :)


Good luck with the career shift Tibi! I did it few years ago but still dreaming of becoming a developer. Writing the future with code is a breakthrough to human kind :)


Thanks. I need all the luck in the world. Every so often I get overwhelmed and think I'll never be able to learn anything but then I see the cool things people do with code and get back to it. :)


Lol, thats a funny way of describing dev.to XD


it's the most accurate way I could think of :D


Hi fam! I'm a fullstack dev of 5 years and I love the process of taking my idea to a real thing on the internets. I did a CS degree, but have learned sooo much from all the various tutorials I've found. So now I have finally written my first (of many!) tutorials, and posted it here on dev!



Hi and welcome! I'll keep an eye on those tutorials


Hi I'm Eric. I work in the healthcare field but want to become a developer of some sort. Currently I'm taking classes to get an associates in web design and development in my spare time. I already have a bachelors in psych with a focus on neuroscience. Hopefully I'm on the right path.

I feel like this transition might be a little challenging because i make a good living as a surgical neurophysiologist and cant afford to take a huge hit on my salary during the transition. I'm also locked into being close by to where I currently live (south central PA, USA). So there's that! HELLO WORLD!


Hi, it seems like you'd have some great opportunities at the intersection of healthcare and tech, as you've already got plenty of domain expertise in the former.

Good luck with your courses and career transition!


Thank you! I’m hoping the associates degree and a good portfolio will land me a starting job with a decent salary. I may be able to get into a place that’s looking for healthcare experience as well


Hey! Nice to meet other health educated ppl here!


It’s nice to meet you too!


Hi everyone! I'm Liberty. I live on the East Coast and have been programming for 3 years. I primarily use JS (both vanilla & Angular/React) and HTML/CSS, but am knowledgeable in a few other languages. I am getting back into programming more after a hiatus from doing it. Looking forward to being involved on Dev.to!


Hi Libby! Welcome to DEV from another east-coaster. It's great to see more women who code here. We are all around to help, so don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.


Hello everybody! My name's Josue David and I'm a Honduran and soon to be Systems Engineer! At this point, I'm about 8 classes away from graduating. What brought me here was a friend and member of the community, David Mendoza. Right now, I'm learning Angular and C# as part of a project I'm working on. I'm a soccer fan and a F1 fan. My favorite bands are Blink-182, Twenty One Pilots and AS IT IS. I guess that's it! Glad to have come to such a great community 😁


Hi! I'm Rui but everybody calls me Tom. I'm a self taught Web dev with a Master's degree in Psychology 🤷‍♂️ I also have a knack for design so I'm also developing my skills in Graphic Design, UI/UX and illustration.
As you can tell, I'm lost!


Not all who wander are lost! 😀 I have a similar background (and foreground? 🤔) :

  • went to undergrad for Cognitive Science and Psychology
  • got into computing science via the overlap with brain sciences (e.g. AI), and graduated with a degree in CogSci and CompSci
  • but I've been drawing since before any of that, and it's still one of my favorite ways to grow

I have many other interests I try to make time for, like linguistics, architecture, and typography.

I focus on development primarily because it's so satisfying, I happened to find a great set of communities to be a part of, and people pay for it enough for me to support my wanderlust and experience addiction 🙂

Welcome to the fold!


I am Christoph an I am located in Austria. I have an engineer degree in electronics and dropped out of mechatronics. Currently I am a DevOps for Production Applications in a paper mill, which means I write a lot of Middleware for different systems. In my spare time I like to work on IoT devices (ESP8266 and ESP32) which I program in Python or C++. I am an avid Linux user and constantly trying to restrict myself to working with the shell. But I have to admit that VSCode is very tempting. Thankfully there is a vim extension.


Really nice to see people following their passion. I also have a degree in Electrical Engineering but I love to code.


Hello, you all! I'm Jaime, from Spain. I'm 48. I started learning web development in 2012 as a hobby. I'm graduated in web apps and multi platform apps. I'm fullstack developer. I like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, backend frameworks like Symphony or Laravel, and frontends frameworks like Angular, React, Vue. I like too Java, C#, C++, Python, game development, Android development... In this moment I'm learning Progressive Web Applications and Flutter. I like to teach and to help people. I'm friendly and humble. In other way, I'm learning English by myself, it's too difficult to me, haha!


Thank you! I didn't know this platform. I'm refreshing knowledge. I have a little rusty my programming skills... haha. By the way, I'm also from the province of Castellón.
Gracias! No conocía esta plataforma. Estoy refrescando conocimientos. Tengo la programación un poco oxidada, jaja. Por cierto, también soy de la provincia de Castellón.

Es una gran plataforma, muy familiar, nada que ver con cosas como reddit :)
Genial, de que parte eres? Capital?

It's a great platform, very welcoming, nothing to do with Reddit :)
Great, where from? Capital?

No, soy de la Vall. Cerquita.
Yo llevo varios años en SoloLearn. También me gusta mucho.
No me dedico a esto profesionalmente, pero me gustaría.

I'm from La Vall. Very close.
I'm in SoloLearn for a few years. I like it too.
I don't work in programation, but I would like it.

Pues este es un buen sitio para mejorar. No dudes en preguntar, aqui la gente es muy comprensiva.

This is a good place to improve your skills, don't hesitate on asking stuff, people here are very comprehensive!

Gracias. Lo haré.

Thanks. I'll do it.


Hello. Justin here. I am 35, have been teaching in school since my early 20s, and as much as I love learning and love music (I currently teach elementary music), I need a change. My current teaching job finishes in June 2020 and from July I'm looking at options including a CS degree and/or a coding bootcamp. This month I'm starting on FreeCodeCamp.

I am looking for support, ideas, mentors, and more in places like dev.to
My goal is to move into web development and ultimately full stack or something similar. It be great if I could start getting paid work by the end of 2020, doing some kind of remote / part time / freelance work.
Nice to meet you all. Thank you!


Hi Justin, nice to meet you!

I just finished up on FreeCodeCamp late last year. They offer some really great lessons. Feel free to message me if you ever need help or feedback for them :)


Emily, thank you. Nice to meet you too. I'll be sure to keep an eye out and get in touch. It's still early stages yet with FreeCodeCamp.


Hi there, it's Marcos. I'm a Full-Stack developer with almost 3 years of experience. I do mostly Java at work but you will find me working with some JavaScript in my free time. I also like basketball and learn new things tech related.


hi, i joined here to learn JavaScript. Could you help me


Hi am Khalid a self taught developer and a blogger seeking to learn and impact in dev community

Over the years I learned a lot from other developer and resources around the web which makes me better developer.

I love to teach and impact on other people life to make them better and I hope I will learn alot from here and also teach


Me too man, the incredible amount of content available from other devs is an awesome thing. It's made learning to program such a great journey.


I am Clyde Santos from Philippines freelance web and mobile developer and currently working in mymegamobile.com. I really love technologies not just it is amazing in so many ways but it can impact on people's lives. Searching fetch API brought me here.


I am Mahrukh Mirza. I love to code and have my interest in Android Development and Web development and SEO.
I was learning about some JavaScript concepts and gone through this thread. I liked it so I joined it


Hello everyone!
I'm Labros, I am from Greece and currently located in Cyprus. New to programming and interested in python and javascript. I found some really interested articles from DEV and here I am, trying to find my way to the world of coding and new people to communicate and inspired of!


Welcome. Good to know I have someone like me - a novice in programming. I believe we will make it.


Hello everyone. 👋

I'm Miranda. I've been a front-end developer for over three years and a technical writer for over two. I have a Master's degree in literature and find my combination of skills an enigma to myself!

To bring everything together, I started my blog, Books on Code, and am now seeking out ways that I can contribute to the larger dev community. 😊


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Hi! My name is Branwin. I’m a software developer in Birmingham, Alabama. I love what I do, and here to learn more about what I love. I decided to join DEV when I noticed myself popping here repeatedly for a few articles.


Hello everyone,

My name is Sachin. I am a professional software developer working remotely. I am currently working in the mean stack, blockchain, aws cutting edge technologies and building product using them from scratch.

I am a daily reader of the dev.to and like the articles published here. Now I am also sharing my experience in the web development using this awesome platform.


Hi, I’m Andrey, I’m CEO at software development company incorporated in Russia, we do software development worldwide(mostly U.S.) for B2B.

I’m here to stay tuned for latest trends in software development, I’ve been reading Dev for a while and now decided to join.


Hi! My name is Moses Lucas a software developer from the Philippines. Trying out dev.to, It seems like medium at first but more community driven. I always use medium to seek help / solution. Now seeing dev.to I'm happy to read and share ideas here.


Hey Moses! It seems like you are quite passionate about being part of a thriving tech community.

Similiar to Dev.to, you also have the Angat Community, a platform where Filipino developers come to be mentored, share programming knowledge and build their careers with global start-ups. Just wanted to share it with you and thought you could meet like-minded people there.

If this is interesting, please check it out at my.angat.io.



Hello. My name is Onkgopotse Lenake and I love coding with C# for solutions integration. I am currently studying towards being a full stack developer, with the immediate focus being on mobile-first approach, web design strategies and technologies, coupled with DevOps engineering. I have read DEV for some time and gained valuable insights. With that in mind, I was inspired to join the DEV community by the following post: "Get Better at HTML and CSS by Cloning these 10 Minimalist-ish Websites", from: Carlos Augusto M. Filho @camfilho . I look forward to learn more from the community members and also add contributions where I can as well, so to keep the community spirit alive.

I am grateful to join the community.


I'm glad :)

Looking forward to see some posts of yours! Do you have Twitter?


The feeling is mutual :)
Yes I have Twitter.
I'm learning the navigation on the platform and will do post some time, where I can.


i'm zakaria chahboun, i'm a software engineer ♥ i'm also a designer and i'm a voice actor in arabic language.

i love tech blogs like meduim alligator.io and of-course this website!
I like to learn new things and teach it to people!

so welcome to me between you :p


Interesting! What is a voice actor :)


Hello Everyone. I am Joseph. Ready to learn Front end web development. I have html CSS basics. Hope i will get more from here and learn JavaScript as well. Any help from here will be appreciated. Thank you.


Welcome Joseph! We're glad you are here, and look forward to learning from you as well! 😄


Hello, my name is Chris.

I am 23 years old and currently teaching English in Japan. When I finish I want to be a software engineer.
I am learning in my spare time and I look forward to learning and growing with you all!


Hello, I'm Jack and I joined out of curiosity. Would like to discover what a developer's community is and how I fit it. I write programs (many of them incomplete) only after the a lot of googling. My wish to master the art programming and be able to assist others.

  • I omitted saying I'm from Cameroon.

Thank You for having me.


Welcome to Dev Jack! Great to have you here :D