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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey, 👋 I'm Ziga, a physicist 😬 , self-thought coder, from Europe, Slovenia 🇸🇮. I am looking forward to sharing my experience from data analysis in C++ and python.

Since last year I've been exploring web stack and vanilla coding. So if there's anyone interested in software with a minimal amount of code let me know 😉


Hello, Ziga!! Anywho, a physicist and a programmer? That's cool. I'll definitely let you know in term of interest in software. I'm currently a beginner in Javascript. Are you an expect in it?


I'm currently a beginner in Javascript

You should check out You Dont Know JS (it is free). The author is currently writing the second edition but the first edition is still a good resource.

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A book series on JavaScript. @YDKJS on twitter.

You Don't Know JS Yet (book series) - 2nd Edition

This is a series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language.

To read more about the motivations and perspective behind this book series, check out the Preface.

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I teach all my workshops exclusively through Frontend Masters. If you like this book content, please check out my video training courses.

I want to extend a warm and deep thanks to Marc Grabanski and the entire Frontend Masters team, not only for their excellent work with the video…

Mozilla Developer Network is also a great resource.

This is the awesome book to stick with.

Thanks for sharing.


Hey. Thanks for the reply.

No I'm not an expert in JavaScript sorry. Though I know my way around. I learned a lot about JS from gomakethings.com newsletter written by Chris Ferdinandi. Check it out it's free.

Hope that helps. Otherwise shoot me a PM 😉 Oh and this might be interesting Analytics with Vanilla JS


I love JavaScript too. :-)

Hey, me too, I'm also a recent learner of ECMAScript 6, let me know if we can work together. :)


Hey, I'm a beginner at javascript too!


Very much interested


Cool. Which part. So I know what to write about first 😉


Hey, Ziga. Currently, i am learning webD. How to move ahead and create good websites?



Good websites is a wide question so ... What's a good website by your standards :)

I would start by learning basic HTML and CSS then try to build a simple web site using a CSS framework. A quick google search should reveal a few ;)


Hey Ziga! Nice to meet you.


Hey, there!

I am a full-stack JavaScript engineer with 9-year experience and CEO at CreativeIT, a software development company in Belarus. I’m responsible for technical consulting, negotiating with customers, and managing our team.

Also, I'm an active contributor to open-source and am proud that many of our products have plenty of stars on GitHub.

Here I’m going to create my own blog, share my expertise with you, discuss tech issues, and exchange ideas. Hope, I will be welcomed and become a great part of this community.)


There is an organization called CreativIT in my city :D But they are a non-profit umbrella association made by lots of software developer companies.

Does not hard to be a CEO as a technical person? Do not you take part too much in the technical decisions?


The delegation of tasks and team management help me in this issue)


Belarus? Are you located in Minsk?


Hi I'm Mohamed from Paris, I'd like to know how you changed from development to consulting? Did you do write an article about that? What are the requirements for a technical consultant?


Hi, nice to meet you! I haven't changed: having over 9 years of experience in software development, in my company I'm responsible for managing the team and consulting on technical issues. I have a lot of expertise and knowledge regarding programming, solving business challenges, and helping clients to achieve their goals. This helps me provide great service.) Now, I'm also going to create and publish articles here (before I wrote several posts for our company's blog).


Hi! My name is Krystal. Took my first coding class just last month. New to coding, enrolled in a bootcamp. Want to use knowledge to create apps! Excited to be here.


Good for you! I'm also just starting my journey - week six of a 28 week program. Best of luck and hope you're having as much fun as I am.


That's so awesome!!! One month in is so much fun.


Great! This is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy each day while growing as programmer. Best of luck. Mate!


Awesome welcome to the community Krystal! :)


Awesome Krystal, good luck on your journey!


Hey Krystal, welcome to the code world 😉


Hi Dev community! This is Bhagyashree. I am a Computer engineer turned into developer into mom into Founder into freelance wordpress developer into a student who wants to be a Full stack developer. 😅 I am currently building my side project in MERN stack. I am also founder/developer of regional community maitrin.com which is specifically built for women who speak/read Marathi language. It’s built on drupal cms and it has been very popular in regional community. We currently have 1250+ registered users and about 30million page views. I love to build new things and learn new technologies. I will be looking for full time opportunities in LA or remote soon. But the imposter syndrome is very real! 😖I never feel ready. One thing that kinda dragged me down personally was getting my son diagnosed with autism. He is 9 year old and non verbal but communicates so much through his eyes! 🙂 It was a very difficult journey getting back from the dark place and start having dreams about working full time again. But will get there I guess. Oh yeah, I also love to write. But I haven’t really written anything related to technology except this essay right here. 😄 Hoping to start my blogging journey here.


Welcome to the community, Bhagyashree!

I live with ADHD, and I'm raising a teenage girl with ADHD. You will find so many in the community that can relate to your challenges on some level. I wish you the best on your journey!


Thank you so much Jesse! I was wondering this, and thought we should have a group of parents of special needs kids. I created a list on twitter for this purpose. twitter.com/i/lists/11950491702240...
Let me know if anyone want to be added there.


Welcome to DEV Bhagyashree! Looking forward to your future posts! 😉


Thanks Nick! I am about to buy my first Macbook and was just now reading your post about setup. :) I might start commenting there once I am done with setup.


Hi! I'm working on a new product. Aspirational goal is to have zero servers (all Lambdas, event driven) and low cost data storage(S3, Aurora, etc). The back end part has been fun so far, but I got pulled in into the front end as well (React, Material, etc). Lots of learning on this front, this is what brought me here ...


pulled into frontend

Same story here. Good luck!


'Pulled into the front end' - very relatable :)

Welcome to a brilliant community!


Hello everyone,
my name is Marcel and I'm a frontend dev since display:grid was still named table layout 😄
I'm usually a lurker on social platforms, however I'm starting to post more regularly to share my knowledge and to stay connected with designer and developer.

Currently I'm publishing plentiful on codepen and rgb.wiki. In case you have any ideas or wishes about topics you want to read about, I'll always value direct feedback from the community.

Looking forward to it!:)


If you have many pens on CodePen, you can write tutos/explanations of your code. Don't be afraid to post short content. Just post! It will improve enormously your capacity to explain topics :D

Welcome to DEV!


You are right, that's a great idea. I've even gotten requests for tutorials of my pens, it would fit well with what I'm already writing.

Thank you for the welcome!


Just a silly thing, but I found your avatar really cute!


Haha yes I do like it as well 😄 It's from the game Yoshi's Island, its whole art style is charming.



I'm Olga from Russia. Discovered DEV community after participating at Hacktoberfest this year.

Last 7 years working remotely using Python as a primary programming language.

Happy to join you, folks :)


Hello Olga, I discovered the DEV community from hacktoberfest as well. I couldn't have a DEV sticker on my laptop without being a member of the community. :D


just stated learning python and want to see where this leads me.


Hi Olga, I hope to see your sharing of experience in python and others!


Hi! I'm Oleksandra. Learning webDev and writing about my way in twitter as karskaya and instagram as karskaya.dev. Let's connect and inspire each other!


Hi Oleksandra! Nice to e-meet you :)


Welcome to the community, Oleksandra!


👋 Hello everyone, I'm Petar a full stack web developer and pen tester, looking forward to sharing some of my insights on building and securing your web applications or websites!

The last few years I've been focused on building intranet web apps and hardening client facing portals, oh and some cool automation 🤖.

I've avoided open source contributions and knowledge sharing far too long, looking forward to start contributing!🙃


Hi Everyone! I used to be an analytical chemist for environmental compliance but after 12 years I decided to make a career switch. I’m a few weeks out from finishing bootcamp and I wish I had done it years ago. This is definitely what I want to be doing.

We learned JavaScript, C#, .NET core, React, and we’re just about to start Redux. Then more React, an Indy project, and BOOM, out into the cold, cold world. More or less. 😁

Now, having even the little bit of beginner skill I have makes me want to learn/make ALL THE THINGS and it’s been tough to narrow down my scope of interest. I want to leverage my experience and I’m interested in designing better laboratory information management system UI.

Another thing I’ve thought about is automating more of my old job. I’m curious about what’s out there for automating sample prep and analysis and what writing that software looks like.

Anyway, back to studying!


Hi, I'm currently studying Software Engineering and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the cool content here and maybe sharing some of my own. I am currently enjoying working primarily with Java and Python and am interested in developing my knowledge of web apps. I'm also interested in game dev, 3d printing, and CAD on the side. 😁


Hi, It is really good that you are following community through this platform while you're studying. It's really good for you :)


Hey everyone! My name is Christian and I'm a self taught Software Engineer. I just got my first full-time software engineering job and I'm starting on December 2nd 2019. Working with JavaScript for the last two years has made it my language of choice, but I love learning new languages and technologies. This week I stared my journey to learn C# and .NET since my new job requires me to learn it, but I'm very excited about it because I've wanted to learn C# for awhile now.


Dude! Congratulations. I am just beginning the self taught Soft Eng. thing now. How did you get started?


My situation was very unique; I was working as a Reconditioning Manager at a car dealership, and we just started doing rentals on the side. I had been doing a lot of programming since I was 13 so I decided to make some web tools to help manage the rentals. The rentals became very profitable so the little car dealership converted to a rental car company completely and the owner asked me to design their website and build their internal tools.

I did that for about 2 years and I learned a lot. I also had a paid internship as a web developer for 3 months right before I got my current job. When I was job searching a really wished I would have gotten a degree. A lot of jobs that I wanted to apply for asked for one, but looking back on it over 90% of the companies I applied at gave me an interview because I had some experience.

The #1 thing that will get you hired over someone with a CS degree is experience. So my advise would be to go build things. Start with things that either interest you or are useful to you, maybe something that will help you be more efficient at your current job if possible.

thank you for your response. I agree with what you are saying: build things ('build them and they will hire you') Could make a new field of dreams' movie,computer of dreams'. build the programs and they will come'. Ghosts of Steve Jobs, von Neumann, George Boole all appearing.


Congratulations on the job dude!! Good luck :)


Hello! I'm Ana from Portugal. I'm on path to become a FullStack WebDev. I loving coding and the community behind it.
I'm attending Lambda School right now and I'm excited to learn new things and always better myself.


Hi, I'm Mohamed ABDELLANI, a full stack developer. I'm more familiar with Ruby on Rails and React.js.
I'm interested on the dev.to project, and I'm planning to become a regular contributor in its Github repository.


Hi man, welcome to DEV! I'm currently starting with Ruby. My blog is built with Middleman, and I want to edit the theme so I have to learn some Ruby understand what's going on and change it. Glad you join the community!


Hi Lautaro

Thanks for your reply :) I checked your blog, and I liked the design and the content. I hope you'll continue in that way ^


Hello DEV! I'm Prasanjit from India, an android developer working primarily with Java. I just started exploring on dev.to and found it very helpful and engaging.

Looking forward to learn more on Mobile Development, Kotlin, Python and other tech tips and ideas. Very excited to join the community! Thank you.


Welcome Prasanjit!

We're so glad to have you! 🤗


Thanks Yechiel!
Glad to be a part of the DEV community. :)


Hiii, I am Andre, I am a web engineer (Javascript/react/node mostly) from Costa Rica, although I recently moved to San jose, California where I work full time.

I am planning on writing some blog posts on service workers but I have been busy/lazy. Always happy to learn more and mentor those who are starting.


Great to have you here Andre! I'll be sure to check out your posts on service workers.


Hi Andre, I'd read those service worker blog posts for sure!


Hello Universe! Friends call me Jag, I'm here to learn and collaborate. Currently, I am working with VR/AR-tech & integrating eye-tracking with those devices. I think reforming healthcare with a touch of technology can do wonders. I did take a Full Stack coding bootcamp in San Jose but I am not a phenomenal coder by any means, but I practice & will continue to do so until I am!


Welcome Jad! That sounds interesting!


Jag. Jag. Jag. Jag. Jag. Jag. choo choo


To all who are reading this📖
I am Guru a full-stack dev have 9 years of experience. I am from INDIA🇮🇳. I love anything on web-related tech stack, love, to code and solve problems. I will be happy if I can contribute something to this community.


Hey all! Finally created an account after seeing so much good content on this site. Got fed up with Medium's paywall and love how much open and real dev content is here. Thank you all for sharing your expertise!


Hey everyone!

I'm Noëlie, 21 years old and I'm working as a React Front-End Developer in EdTech, but I'm also Editor-in-chief at Game'Her (gameher.fr/) (a French association aspiring to develop a healthy environment for female players by giving them the tools they need to flourish and evolve in the fields of video games, Esport and/or audiovisual, while not locking them in an exclusively feminine environment). Feel free to contact me at noelie@gameher.fr !

The association have a nice website (in french only) open-source, where everyone can contribute and help us to build the perfect website (github.com/Noelierx/GameHer) !

I like to learn new things every day, which is why the front-end developer profession seems to me to be adapted since languages and frameworks are constantly evolving.


Bienvenue à/Welcome to DEV! 👋


Merci beaucoup!💪


Hi people! Self-taught .NET developer specialising in C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, SQL Server 2016, Entity Framework 6, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Living in London, UK.

I have just finished putting together a portfolio that demonstrates all of these skills. It will be online in a few days, after a bit of polishing.

Connect with me on LinkedIn:


Welcome, Alican! Can't wait to see your work!


Hi my name is Sabine, I'm from Holland, 31yrs old, mom for 1 year now, retired eventmanager and very excited to become a Front-End Developer. Finished a 3mo bootcamp and now working with Mendix (lowcode), which is very usefull if you're new to coding. BUT I'm hoping to learn lots more actual coding, especially JS on the side. Hoping to learn awesome stuff here.


Hi, Sabine, welcome to the community!

Here's an article I found recently that has some resources for learning JavaScript for free:

It's easy to get started with JS! Good luck with your journey :)


Hi! I'm currently a student at the coding bootcamp Epicodus in Portland, Oregon. I majored in physics in college and worked in optometry for a while. I am SO excited to be transitioning into a coding career - I'm absolutely loving it! (Except for the fact that I could really use a paycheck, I'm actually bummed that my bootcamp is almost over!) There is so much to learn and I am here to take it all in.


Hello from Virginia, USA! I'm a code newbie and here to learn. I write about trends in DevSecOps. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and unusual approaches, in software, but also in other creative endeavors. Got a crazy idea? I want to hear about it; chances are you're my kind of person.


Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm a programming student, started off with Scratch in primary school (if anyone remembers that!), and learned Python in high school. I fell off the bandwagon a few years ago due to personal troubles, but I'm very excited to dive back in! I've been using freeCodeCamp to shake off the rust.


Hi All it's taken me awhile to actually write something.. Lol trying to figure out the how to's and get in with git. I will say that I'm definitely impressed and still very new to everything under 2yrs. Very greatful to be here! Thank you


I definitely fall into the `brand new to all things computer-related camp'. I have just started learning and choose the python book from Head 1st. Like the book and the series seems good. Really debating the benefits of learning a language first vs diving directly into a project. I know I will need to build projects and so on but to become more familiar with computing, it might be best to learn a language first. Thus better understanding the inner workings of this beast a bit better will make the project development a bit easier. It will never be easy, but maybe a bit easier.


Hi, I'm Dani.

I am a Site Reliability Engineer, and have been programming infrastructure solutions since I was in high school.

Currently I'm working with C#, Kubernetes, GCP, and PowerShell. I'm focused on making technology easier to use for administration, since that way the risk is lower to make changes in large enterprises.

I am also passionate about process, metrics, leadership and mentorship (I am willing to be a mentor for someone who wants to be involved with the operational side of software engineering).


Hi! New to this industry. Finished a boootcamp a few months ago and been job hunting since. Still have a lot to learn.

Dipped my toes in JavaScript, React, and Ruby on Rails. Working part time for a wordpress site for Ultimate Frisbee players! Lots to learn but stoked.


Hey, Vishal here from India, I am a passionate Web Engineer, fell in love with javascript six years back.

I am daily writing javascript and python, also tickling graphDB in free time.

Loving to be the part of this amazing community.

Eager to share my learnings and super excited to learn a lot.

Know more about me...