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lego hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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I'm currently attending a bootcamp and discovered this site through my instructor. I'm new to programming, I love working through challenging problems and technology in general. I want to learn more about coding and look forward to reading (and maybe even writing some of my own!) awesome development focused content here!


Even I am new to coding! All the best!


I started and stopped coding 20 years ago. Just now getting back into it. I wish I stuck with it long ago but you know.... life. remember if it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing. hang in there.


Hello! Let's work / study hard!


Good to hear you are going back coding :)
I am in similar situation, I decided recently that I want to learn coding again.


Thanks for the reminder. It is sometimes hard to remember that I just need to push through and that it will get easier, its just a new skill I haven't mastered yet.


Hello , am also new here...Goodluck all the way


Welcome to DEV, @iohenryugo 👋

I wish you the best of luck :)

what are you into kim....ful stack web dev...Kindly send me ur github account


HI! Good luck, it is very rewarding once you complete the training.


Hi Ephriam, I just joined Dev.to as well. It is awesome that you want to learn more about coding. What have you been learning in your bootcamp?


My camp is a Full-stack Web Dev Camp, we've learned HTML/CSS, a little bit of Python, Node.js, Expressjs, and Postgresql among others. Next week we start on React.

Very cool. As a junior web dev I work with many of those technologies on a daily basis. You are on the right track for sure 👍. I wish you the best in your learning.


Hello. I wish you the best on your coding journey :)


I am in the same boat! Good luck!


Great to have you onboard Ephraim, I'm also just going through HTML and CSS. JavaScript's comes up soon, before I start learning
back-end. Gracias


Hello, good luck learning to code! I remember writing my first program many years ago, and it was so empowering.


Keep up the good work dude. I'm also intrigue what should I study now hehe


I was looking through a thread on twitter recently that linked to a Medium post. That Medium post lead me here. I am very excited to have found a platform that is hyper dev focused, and look forward to consuming the groups knowledge, and hopefully contributing some of my own!


I saw the same post! Right behind you my friend!


There should be a degree for how much we have learnt from/on Twitter.


Hello all!

This is a cool site! Especially now that Medium is paywalling everything :( So decided to finally get on here and it's an awesome place!

Keep up the good work, and ping me on twitter to say hi : )


Yes, Medium behind the paywall is horrible.


One of the worst thing, though, is that on certain platform, they replace ' with '' and " with "".

Also, no Markdown. Not very dev-friendly.


Definitely agree. Happy to have found this site and looking forward to learning more!


True, but at some point, knowledge should not only be awarded, but also rewarded.


Yeah I got irritated with Medium paywalls too, and I might even end up blocking them from my Google Now feed because of how bad it is :/


Yes! Agreed. Medium has lost its way. A fantastic community here. Best!


Greetings! I too came here because medium is a horrible pay wall. Can't wait to join the community here.


Hello everyone!
Got here through Hacktoberfest! This is my second year doing the event and it got me pretty interested in open source and joining a dev community despite not being one (unless for indie games x).


Hi, I'm Liz. I've been working as a front end web developer since 2006. My greatest strength is CSS, but I could always be stronger. I joined the community because wanted to comment on the incredibly inspirational work of Tee Diange in this post: dev.to/acupoftee/25-days-of-css-an...


Hey Liz, great to have you here. There is nothing better than an awesome site full of kick ass css. Looking forward to seeing some of what you can do.


Hey everyone! Decided to take the leap and join a bootcamp to expand my skill set and make a drastic career change. I'm happy to be a part of Dev.to community and it seems like the perfect place to put myself out there and meet some amazing people!


Best wishes on your career changing!
First step completed: you want a change,
Second: started learning.
Keep going


Hello there!

I'm Juan from Barcelona. I've been working on marketing for almost 15 years, but this year I decided to learn some coding. I attended to a bootcamp to get a boost and now I'm looking for a job. A month ago, right after finish this bootcamp, I had an accident while riding my bike and get an ankle fracture, so here I am: trying to recover lost time (and my walking skill too... but that's a different subject!) :)

Thanks for the good content!


What brought me here: I read a post by Tae'lur Alexis, then decided to sign up.

I've been out of the workforce for ~3 years. Prior to that however I developed software professionally for 11 years.
I was primarily a back-end/integrations developer focusing on the .NET stack (C#/VB.NET/ASP.NET) with MSSQL databases.

I also did a bit of front end development with proficiency in jQuery/Vanilla js, CSS, and HTML though I'm far from an expert. I played around with Angular for a short while too.

On my personal time I dabbled with PHP and Python and can understand most code even if I lack familiarity with the language. I've also developed a chrome extension that had 1700+ users at one point.

I hold a B.Sc. in Electronics and Computer Science (Hons) from The University of the West Indies, Mona but it's fair to say I need a refresher in CS principles, thanks to lack of usage.

Due to complacency while in the field and the extended time off, I'm more rusty than I'd like to be and I'm therefore making a push to upgrade my skills and see where that leads.

Here's my Stackoverflow story if you're interested in seeing more

..also my linkedin if you want to connect.


Even if you have been complacent in the past, you sure aren't now. Good to have you here and learning with the rest of us.


Internet brought me here, and I am about to stay. I am a Data Visualization SME, but I also code, blog, and occasionally write a poem or two. I have a website (hashtagtechgeek.com), feel free to check it out when you get time.


Hi! I just happened to google across this forum and saw some cool stuff and here I am :)
I'm a solo software engineer under the company name Blue Giraffe. I enjoy building web and mobile applications mostly in a react-golang-postgres stack. This looks cool, I look forward to getting to know you!


Hi, I am new. I am a German software developer recently moved to Sweden. I write a lot about software quality, testing and functional programming. I produce Java code by day and hack Erlang, Haskell and Clojure by night.


Hey everyone, I spend all of my time in the blockchain space, I love PWAs, building blockchain dapps, and doing technical documentation & knowledge management. Currently I'm a knowledge manager with Chainstack.


Welcome to DEV! What does Chainstack do?


Thanks, Chris! Chainstack is a "layer 2" solution to blockchain protocols. Basically, you can deploy and run your own node or a permissioned network with a couple of clicks. We support Ethereum, Quorum, MultiChain, Corda, and soon Hyperledger Fabric.

I love blockchains and tinkering with blockchains, so this is a dream job for me.


I am a self taught developer. I work with RubyOnRails, Python, Django, Laravel. I am a continuous learner and love to share things. Currently I am doing #100daysofcode. Feel free to follow my journey :)


Hello World!

I've been 2 years into programming as a CS student. I found this page when I was doing a research on how to contribute to an opensource project.
I'm most confident in my C++ and learning/doing Python/JavaScript at work. I'm currently looking for a project to start contributing as a beginner (ping me if you know one and I'd be thankful :P )
I'm super friendly and love to connect with all new-to-programming-folks here.


It's really great to see others also starting their journey into the open source community.
I'm just starting to learn c++, any pointers (pun intended), on any good resources that helped you get to where you're at?


Hi Edward!

Since you're in college I'd recommend following the homework, assignment for c++ classes, do more than needed of course. I also enjoyed the time learning linux bash script and writing cpp application in one of the courses at college. Additionally, I took a few online courses and now doing leetcode using c++ as a hobby.

Hope this helps!


I was laid off ~2 months ago, and my job search feels like it’s stalling. I’m hoping to find some resources here to help me during whiteboard & on-device coding challenges, and maybe some community, too.

I’ve been following the dev.to account on twitter for a long time, and I really like the inclusive spirit and ideals.


hey Dusto, check out Udemy there's a few courses on there that focus on whiteboard problems. I've taken one by Andrei Neagoie which has helped alot!


I'm getting ready to start internal beta testing for my second app which let's gamers have competitions with their friends based on their stats from their video games. I write in React Native & Node primarily and am self taught through "Youtube University" and am still learning more every day!


Hello everyone I am Akpos Odije from Nigeria, I am a tech newbie. I want to improve on the little I know and use the knowledge I have to help humanity by creating applications that will aid the society. I look forward to connecting with the great developers on this platform


Long time hacky programmer looking for a place where people share and have fun!

  • I like IoT
  • I like React
  • I like Assembly Language
  • I like Rails
  • I like Pottery
  • I like Knitting

I am a big goof. :)


What you do with Assembly? Do you program microcontrollers or embedded systems?


in python resources group in telegram I saw post about algorithm and I got here , I checked the site and I liked it! , currently learning python and I aim to be a developer , I look for what's new in technologies and what I can do to enhance my productivity, to be a part of developers community that's the dream.


I am into PYTHON programming too...............


Hi! 👋🏾

I am the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Brooklyn, NY called the Marcy Lab School. We are training young adults from underserved backgrounds for careers in technology. My current obsession is our Software Engineering Fellowship that I am leading. My goal is to help my students see themselves as problem solvers with code simply being our tool of choice. I'm a teacher and a lifelong learner looking for a community that I can plug into and invite my students to join as well!


great to have you here. Welcome on board sir


I am new to programming and seek to be a part of the amazing technology changing the face of our world. I love studying about all things tech (software, hardware, programming, networking, etc.) and look forward to increasing my technical knowledge and skills which are necessary in this new generation of machine learning and information sharing. There is so much to learn and I am having a blast doing so. I also look forward to meeting new people along this journey. It's great to be here! Thank you!


Lets make something together :)


Hey, so the lurker becomes the poster. It's about time I did. I'm a Frontend engineer, I don't like css, I like systems, and building apps and tools. My joy comes from solving really annoying problems. AMA.


Hello All! I am new to programming, interested in being a part of the amazing technological changes in our complex world. I am currently learning to code and seek to understand networking functions, pitfalls, and potential failures. I love all things tech and look forward to being a part of the future in technology, while I expand my horizons. Great to be here!


Hi Nina, welcome to DEV!
What programming languages or stacks are you working with or interested in?


Hello everyone,

I am Thiru, working as a full-stack developer. A post on medium brought me here. I write lot of code in java and javascript related frameworks. Would love to explore more on new tech.


Hello everyone. I am re-entering into the world of coding, after some years being a University professor.

I discovered this site when I was preparing myself for this comeback. I am currently working with Java with Spring/Spring Boot with PostgreSQL as the backend.

I am very pleased to be part of this community!


Hello folks, Iam M Shahzaib Shoaib 19 years old Full Stack Developer with high level of curiosity for learning new things every day. I enjoy working in the industry and have a passion for creating and discovering new and effective digital experiences. My current goal is to become master of artificial intelligence field and working really hard for it.


I love to explore to new programming language and keen interested writing technical article, I am super excited to be part of this community,waiting for to explore more


Hey everyone, I'm the lead engineer at a company called Inkit in the Twin Cities (Minnesota). Programming is my passion and I simply love diving into new projects and learning new things. Mainly at work I use tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Python, Golang, and I do Devops type work, as well as product management. I'm happy to be a part of the community!


Hey, there, I'm Benjamin. I am a junior web developer currently working in a small web agency.

I have read post from dev.to a lot but always fail to find the right time to create an account and join the community.

Recently, I found myself in a pretty low point of my life... I figure, maybe I should try something different and socializing with the people share the same interest...

So, hit me up if you want to chat about any subject regarding the tech stack I use, which currently most about JavaScript, and things on web. But I enjoy all sort of cool stuff.

Let's chat!

And I'm so excited about the time I'm going to have in here😊


Hello everyone. I am a junior web developer living in Houston, TX. While working on a task at work I stumbled upon Dev.to and decided I would try being a part of the community. I look forward to getting to know others and reading more articles.