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whale hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello there. I'm new here, and I hope to contribute with you (with this fantastic community).


Hello Community😄!!!


Hi! Welcome to the dev.to community.


Hello Vaidehi. Are you the superstar from the soap opera? lol!


hello vaidehi vaishnavi


Welcome, Samuel! I'm sure you're gonna love it here! Feel free to contribute as much as you can!


Warm Welcome !


Yup I believe so I'm here to.


Hiya Elder Samuel, welcome to the community. Hoping to grow alongside you :D


hey ELDER SAMUEL same I'm also new here but I'm pretty sure the experience and journey with this community is gonna worth it ... :)


Welcome Samuel, I hope you're gonna like it here!


Hi ! nice to meet you


Hey there, hope you like your time here.


Hi there and welcome to the community.


Hey there!
I hope this site is getting a better UX soon :D


Hello there!! I am also new here!!


Hello! I'm also new here....hopefully all this will start making sense soon!


Hi! I'm new too, let's try to contribute! :D


welcome big man ;)


I'm also new one here, but it will be great to get experience together in this community.


Hola! Looking forward!


Whale High-Low There!

Wandering the web and found this great community and the content found here. Thought it would be great to stick around, learn a few things and who knows, maybe do a bit of sharing as well!

Living the life of a Database Developer and reaching to new heights to become more valuable to those around me.


Welcome! Come check out the #sql and #database tags for all things Database Dev.

Let me know if you need any help getting started :D


Thanks Helen! i will certainly go check that out :)


Its nice having a database developer here. Welcome.


Really nice comment, man.


Hello there,

Just another software developer trying to be cool by experimenting new things!


Hey, me too! Seems like a cool place to learn.


Haha nice! Your octocat looks way cool. 😎


Haha, thanks man! Here is another 😎


Vanakam di maapla
Coimbatore la irunthu


Same here, do you put your stuff on codepen or somewhere else maybe?


Well I use GitHub if that's what you're talking about? Any cool projects/ideas you want to discuss?


Welcome Chintan. I'M new here and hope learning will be great


I'm in the same situation ! Welcome! 😁


Hey! Been actively stalking DEV content for a while, figured I'd finally join the community.

Currently working as a freelance ui/ux designer, but my passion is in front-end development. I have a BFA in web design & new media, but continuing on with this learning journey all the same.

Hoping I can contribute to this fabulous community!


Hi Jessica! Welcome to DEV!


Hello, welcome to the community!


I'm a big fan of Van dyk


Welcome to DEV. Do you have anything that you plan on posting soon?


Hey :)
Glad to join this community. Trying to learn C# for starters through Unity, and some courses on Pluralsight. I have been reading some articles here for several months. But never thought of joining, but now I thought that it was time I guess. I think maybe Hacktoberfest could be the reason for it as well. Even though I'm not sure if I will contribute anywhere, cause I'm not even close being proficient even at beginner level.I'll see what I can do. But not to ramble too much, I'm looking forward to being here.


Glad you decided to join! Welcome to DEV :)


you could try with university of Michigan course on development of games in unity pretty good course in coursera.com.


Bookmarked it :)


Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you! I’m hypercreative and love to build/make/develop stuff. Unfortunately, I have more ideas than I have time to create. I’m an entrepreneur with diverse knowledge who provides remote and/or on-site support on computers (all platforms), smartphones/tablets, and wireless/networking, as well as audio/video and home automation systems. On a personal level, I’m passionate about music, technology, home theater, and home automation. My development experience is mostly in scripting languages (Windows shell scripting, Autohotkey, some BASH scripting) and web development (though my webdev knowledge is out of date and I struggle with the latest technologies). I discovered this community when something I was searching for returned a hit on one of the “explain it like I’m 5” posts. Brilliant idea! I look forward to learning from you all!


Haha, it is nice to meet you. I am a big fan of home therater.


Unfortunately, I have more ideas than I have time to create.
hehe, sadly me too xD


"I have more ideas than I have time to create" hey can you give me some of those ideas?


Welcome to DEV Don! What type of music do you like?


Hey, Chris! Thanks for the welcome! I have super diverse musical tastes. Way easier to say what I DON’T like which is metal, rap/hip-hop, EDM, and soulless pop from every boy-band and teeny-gurl ever. (And even with those genres, there are some exceptions!) My favorite genre is R&B - I LOVE funk, soul, and Motown... I also LOVE “The Great American Songbook” whether its being performed by Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin or more contemporary artists like Michael Bublé or Elton John. I’m a songwriter, myself, and most of the stuff I write is either standards or R&B. I like almost all rock and its many subgenres - especially partial to punk/post-punk and rockabilly... not real big on pop - old 50s “lollipop, lollipop” crap makes me want to puke... I listen to a lot LOT of jazz - especially partial to classics from Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and anything and everything that Louis Armstrong ever did. Likewise the standards/“love songs”... Bill Evans, Ben Webster, Miles, Bird, Coltrane... older stuff, too - Bix, Pete Fountain, Glenn Miller... There’s a number of contemporary guys that knock my socks off, too - Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick, Jr, Trombone Shorty... Mike Cottone isn’t well-known but he’s got some extraordinary chops. If you like Jazz, search for him in YouTube and listen to When Sonny Gets Blue. Stops me dead in my tracks every time. I love most of the stuff from the Swing Revival of the ‘90s but I’m particularly enamored with Brian Setzer whom I firmly believe is the greatest living guitarist. I’m a big fan of roots music, as well - blues, folk, bluegrass, country - old stuff or contemporary... HUGE fan of Keb’ Mo’. I enjoy most of the singer-songwriter stuff, too- from Paul Simon to Shawn Mullins, Leonard Cohen to Amos Lee... I like a lot of World Music, too including Latin Jazz, most African Music, Afro-Cuban Jazz, most Brazilian music, almost anything French, Zydeco, and I especially love reggae in all its forms. I love when new artists take a twist on classics - like Lake Street Dive’s version of I Want You Back. Then there’s the experimental stuff that defies classification- Tom Waits, the David Byrne/Brian Zeno collaborations. I thoroughly enjoy Danny Elfman’s sound tracks and musical scores (likewise Mark Knopfler). And though it’s almost an afterthought, I do occasionally enjoy classical music, as well (though I’ve never really acquired a taste for opera). I could go on and on. I have dozens of artists in my “Top 10” list! Hahaha! There’s ALWAYS music playing at my house or in my car. I have an Emby media server with a few thousand albums at the ready - but I’m equally likely to tell Alexa to play something on Pandora or Spotify. (She sends it over to my main audio system via Bluetooth which sounds pretty good but but honestly, I’ll listen to music through my iPhone speaker if that’s my only option at the moment.) Right now I’m listening to Based On A True Story by Fat Freddy’s Drop.

You must be a music guy to ask me that. What are your tastes?

Wow! That's quite the list - I love how you talk about music :) Those are a bunch of great songs/artists/genres.

I tend to get on certain kicks for awhile... right now I'm actually listening to a bunch of instrumental movie soundtracks; I find they're really good for coding to :) Movies like Interstellar, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars... "big" movies with big soundtracks are great.

Another kind of weird thing I like listening to is acapella or acoustic covers of a bunch of different songs/genres. I like searching youtube for them and finding everyone's different interpretations.

So maybe not the answer you were quite looking for :) And next month it will probably be something different!

Cool stuff, brother! I wasn’t looking for any kind of answer in particular. It’s always great to find a fellow music lover and talk about what they’re into. I usually come away with some great new stuff to check out and that often leads me to some new faves... I am very enthusiastic about music. Frankly, it’s like a drug for me. I can lift myself out of a depressed mood (I’ve often said, “Al Green is my antidepressant.”), motivate myself to clean a really messy house (I actually have a Spotify playlist called, “Clean the F—-ing House, Donnie!”) or chill myself out when my anxiety or stress level is getting the better of me... I totally agree about movie soundtracks. I think John Williams is the Beethoven of our time (And Danny Elfman the Mozart)... As a vocalist with a pretty good (Dean Martin-esque) crooning voice, I guess I kinda take vocals for granted. It takes someone really extraordinary (e.g. Bobby McFerrin) to get me really excited about a capella music (although I do occasionally enjoy it - especially if there’s a gospel flair to it as with Take 6) but I, too, listen to a lot of instrumental music when I’m doing something (... coding ...) that requires a lot of concentration. The Mermen put out an album close to 20 years ago called The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show that really gets me and keeps me in the zone - even though it’s atypically energetic for my usual coding tastes... (Bill Evans, Red Garland, Oscar Peterson, and Gene Ellis always seems more conducive to learning - and these days, most of my coding is wrapped in learning new stuff.) I need to sign off for today - I’ve got tickets to see Smokey Robinson tonight and I’m STOKED!!! Without Smokey, there would have been no Motown...

Yeah, music for cleaning the house is great 😄

Enjoy Smokey Robinson!


It told me to post here.


😂 ... it worked I guess :)


You nailed it!


Hello there.
I'm glad that I just recently discovered this community.

I'm someone who's just finished taking a good long look at the core concepts of vanilla JavaScript. And I'm looking to start working on a framework.

Hoping to get the support I need and willing to be of help if there's ever a time.

So yea. I'm here.


Welcome to DEV Ameer! What framework do you hope to learn?


I'm excited to get started with React .
Although I do feel a little intimidated by it.
You know. Beginner jitters.

Yep! My biggest piece of advice is to start by just playing around :) Make a few small, throw away projects, and you'll learn a ton! (without all the weight of making a "real" project). Good luck!

Thanks a lot for the advice Chris. I'll work on it.😅


Good luck to you Ameer!


Hi buddies .
Sometimes my colleagues call me "Cindy" because of my hair colour... nevertheless even if I am not coming from engineering school, I've always been found of technology, computer science... and worked with developers ;-) .

As an Evangelist and Community Manager, I am diving even more into dev world and I really hope my contributions, my experience will be helpful!

Happy to join the community!


Hi Cindy :)

Good luck as you dive deeper into the dev world! Glad you've joined


Thanks Chris !
Delphine, alias Cindy ;-)


Heya everyone! I'm a new grad computer engineer and junior java developer. I love to code, research and learn new things! I just found out about DEV today after completing hacktoberfest 2019 and it looks like a cool community :) Hope to be around more to learn and try to contribute :)


Welcome to DEV! And awesome job completing hacktoberfest :)


Thanks chris! :)


Hi all, am new here. Began my journey into coding in 1994 but stopped in 2001. This year I was told about an IT/Tech company hiring in my area. Well, I didn't make it in and the company referred me to Career Karma. That's where I learned about code bootcamps. Instead of following the pack, I choose to go self taught. I ultimately am aspiring to become a Full Stack Developer.


It's great that you're picking up coding again! Self-taught learning is a great way to go since there are so many good resources online. I wish you all the best :)


Hi, I am excited to be a part of this community and I am looking forward to exchanging contributions within the community.


Welcome to the community !


Welcome! Glad to have you as part of the community :)


Hello Everyone! I'm really excited to join Dev community. I have been reading DEV contents for so long and learned a lot from all. Love to learn and share what I have.

Now I'm learning React and redux and would be great if you all help me on this.

Thanks in advance. I will try contribute and write a content in Dev soon.


Awesome that you decided to join :) React and Redux are my bread and butter for apps! Let me know if you need help :)


Thanks a lot. Sure I will reach you for any help and I already love all your crash course. :)


Hi 👋, +1 in this community!

I'm a front-end developer interested in creative stuff, smoothly moving things and performant contraptions. I like to check around and I usually find interesting articles here so I decided to join.

I'm working for a startup studio and on my part-time (when I still want to dev), I work on personal projects like Rolly (check-it out, it's on my GitHub!).

I will do my best to share my knowledge, all modest it is, with the DEV community. 🙃


Hi Mickael! 👋

Is a startup studio a company that does dev work for several other startups at once? Or something else?


Some startup studios are focused on that yes. Mine is a bit more than that though.

So basically, we select ideas based on their potential in growing a business while having a positive impact on the world. Then, we test them on the market with an MVP. If it is promising, we recruit promising young leaders to run them.

When I say "positive impact", it's because we try to fit with the United Nations' sustainable development goals. :)

I hope my answer was clear enough. You can check our website anyway: ventures.maj.digital

Ah, interesting! That's a neat twist on a startup studio :)


Hello everybody. I just made an account. I have started following this site three months ago, I found it through Android's Chrome browser's recommendations of articles which usually aren't useful to me. I hope to learn a lot more than I already have and I hope I will be able to contribute!

Have a nice day!


Hi! I want to ask for some advice if we are in the right path. My team will develop a project management app. The stacks we will be using are ms azure devops, azure sql, asp.net for web app, xamarin forms for mobile app that will consume web api's created from our web app. Thank you and I'm glad to be a part of this community and will be very excited to contribute too.


Welcome to DEV! Glad you're part of the community :)


Hello all!
I'm a software engineer from the Netherlands. My main development work is Industrial Automation with PLC's HMI and SCADA. Work with Simatic S5(!) S7 TIA portal, Allen Bradley, Haiwell.
But since the last 10 years my developer skills are moving to using Linux Python and C#.
Anybody from Tilburg here?
Have a nice day!


So many acronyms i do not know.. industrial Automation sounds like fun tho! :)


Hello! I'm glad to be here! I've been coming to this website for awhile now and creating an account was long overdue. I love the sense of community here.


Hello Gavin! Nice pancake emoji 😂


Hello everyone! I've been reading awesome stories from dev.to in my feeds. So I came just to check it out. I hope everyone is having a great time here!

Hello world!


Hiya! I'm new to the Dev community and still finding my feet! I found my way here through this year's Hacktoberfest.

I have a strong background in Graphic Design, and I've been working in Front End Web Development for a few years. Most jobs had me building Wordpress themes for clients, so I'm somewhat versed in PHP. I'm currently branching out into actual PHP and SQL to create fully functional websites from the ground up without a CMS. I recently finished my first Client Portal website and I'm super excited to learn more.

I've just applied to be do a Master of IT in March, so hopefully that goes through!

Hoping to eventually be a bigger part of the Dev community!


Hey Rachel, welcome to the community as well. I am also new here. I recently started on some Wordpress classes on Udemy. I like what I have been learning thus far.


Hey Rachel! Good luck on your master's!


Hello everyone. I started in Web Development after a huge career change and I recently wrote my first article aiming to help new developers coming from different academic backgrounds. I am passionate about languages, communication and programming and I am excited about contributing and sharing knowledge.


Awesome! My job is about to change soon, but I hope to continue on the front-end developer crazy train we're on! Looking to learn more!


Hello, community. A lifelong student of Web development and design. Starting to work my way through Javascript and Python. Always looking to learn something new every day. Found this community from an article while procrastinating of course. I hope to be able to make some substantial contributions to the community in the future.


Hello Joseph. Welcome!


Hello there!

I've recently quit my (rather boring) job to catch up with modern frontend development. Decided to sign up here to sometimes click the heart icon and maybe drop a comment or two.

I also hope to meet some friendly people here to chat about techs and life in general :)


Hello Anton! Welcome to DEV :) Quitting a job can be scary - good luck learning modern frontend dev!


Thank you Chris :)


Hey guys, I'm here to learn as much as I can; contribute as much as I can and to become the best I can be in my new chosen lifestyle as an aspiring tech expert and a coding geek. I look forward to an awesome experience as I play around in the platform.


Welcome Francis! This is a great community to join and contribute to :)


Hi! I'm learning how to re-develop my site using the MEAN stack plus Ionic 4. Typescript, object oriented programming, and async functions are definitely messing with my head so I'm trying to learn them but keep getting more confused.


so i was looking at the hacktoberfest website (for curiosity) and i found out about this site! good to finally find out about a good place to talk about programming to fellow programmers.

hi there, im samurai and i mostly do programming for a hobby. just make weird and fun stuff on github.


Hello everyone,
I am not too great with words but i feel may be developers can be excused for that, as their mind speaks through code and not words.
After I recently attended react india 2019 I realised there is no age to start and as a developer we should try to contribute to the community... I am here to learn new things, share and contribute...


Good luck Swati!


Hi everyone! I'm excited to join this community and soak up as much #webdev knowledge as my brain can handle.

I'm a front-end developer looking to improve my design and a11y skills in particular. I'm looking forward to getting my hands into React and Angular over the next few months to level up my skillset and reach for the next opportunity.


Welcome Sean! This is a great place to hang out to learn about all of that stuff :)