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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi there guys,
My names is Ed. I'm a full stack developer (react js + .NET core). Very interested in ML and Algorithms and Data structure. Bit of a shy person when it comes to posting new tech blog-posts but hopefully Dev.to will help me change that :)


Hey Ed,

Welcome to DEV. 🙂

Just a quick tip, you can follow different tags (like #react or #dotnetcore) but also consider browsing the landing pages for different tags (e.g. dev.to/t/react) to dig through all the different posts under that tag.

And as far as being a bit shy about posting, I totally feel you. If you do decide to write something, I can say that the community is generally super friendly. Anywho, hope you dig it here!


Thanks Michael,
Highly appreciated :)


Hi Edward,

Write about things you've used in your development, like how you may love WinForms but you despise WPF or whatever, your passion will be included in your writing. Can't wait to see what you write!


I'm shy about talking and asking about tech, much less posting about it. Everything that interests you are things I'm trying to learn now, so any contributions you ever feel like making will definitely be valued by plenty of folks!


Hi Edward. I have just got started with React. Would love to see your blog-posts about it.


Hello, i know dotnet core, dont know react


Hey Ed, hope that Dev.to provides a space for you to share you'r knowledge with other like minded individuals. :)


Hi Edward!
nice creds. Welcome to Dev.


Hey everybody,
My name is Jeril. I've been wanting to learn to code for a few years now, but haven't made a ton of progress. A lot of starting things and not keeping up with them. I think now I finally have the time and motivation to do this. Am starting out with learning front-end web development for now, but I might shift my focus to learning Python in a few months. This seems like a really neat community, and I'm happy to have found this!


Python doesn't even have to be a shift in focus - you could start out writing a backend with Flask to serve up a frontend you wrote!


Oh, that's good to know. Thanks!


Welcome to DEV Jeril! I agree with Ben that Python can be great for web work - so yeah! you can still learn web development by learning python. Good luck!


Hi All,
I guess you could call me a "Mature" programmer, I started back in the day when we still loaded programs with paper tape. Started with Assembler and moved on to Fortran, Cobol, etc.
At 73 I am still actively programming as a freelancer using Visual Basic, C#, SQL Server, and Python.
Need to get my head around Git Hub and all its strange jargon for my current client so will appreciate any pointers as to how best to get into it.


Hi Michael,
Welcome to DEV. Great to hear this! Hopefully, you'll find what you need among the many DEV posts. Or you could try asking a particular question and I'm sure you'll find support in the community.


Hi Michael,
wow, that is really great to hear! well, I am positive that you will surely find help here and that you will master very soon Git, as it is really not that complicated, despite the jargon. All the best!


Hi Michael, there are some great tutorials on the internet. For day to day stuff you only really need no more than 5 commands: branch, commit, push, pull, checkout.


Hello everyone. I’m a software entrepreneur. Focusing on SAAS.


Welcome! You'll find a great support in this community!


Really? I’m browsing the site now. Are there other SAAS owners here?

You can make a post about it or look for the tag and found some people that might be working in the same things :)


Hello everyone,
My name is Franco, I am doing a PhD in environmental sciences. In this position I mostly work on software development building different types of web and native applications to answer environmental questions for resource policy. I mostly work in python and some js but these days I am actively trying to become sufficiently proficient in C# to develop windows applications. I am very happy to have found this community!


Hi Franco. I'm new here but I want to say that Your PhD sounds super interesting. Good luck with it!


Welcome! What does your PhD concern?


Thanks! The overarching topic is circular economy but in details I am developing tools to make macro-economic environmental impact assessment of potential policy scenarios using environmental input-output data, and automating environmental impact assessment of products.

Interesting! ... what is circular economy? (is it basically a technical term for "what goes around, comes around?) :)

In a way, yes, you could say so. It's an industrial economic paradigm that aims at minimizing use of resources and environmental impacts by using different strategies. For example recycling, dematerializing products, substituting products for services, etc...

The fundamental premise is that we can obtain equal or better socio-economic performance, at a fraction of current resource use while also limiting (or even offsetting) our negative impact on the environment.

This sounds like a fascinating field - and particularly salient these days.

thanks! yes it is. Well, at least for me. I feel very fortunate to have the chance to contribute to this field.

Ah; sounds like something we could use right now :) Good luck!


Hey! My name is Al, a student at UT Dallas, and work as a Software Engineering Manager on campus. Have been reading DEV.to for a while and am amazed at all the knowledge being put out on here currently, and hoping to write and contribute myself soon! Really into full stack web dev currently, with React, Node, python, and Go


Welcome Al! Quite a nice stack you have. Yes, Dev.to is amazing for me as well. Cheers


Hi guys,
My name is Alin and I am interested in js, node, react and python.
I found dev.to by accident and after reading a few articles(which I really enjoyed! thumbs up to the autors) I decided I want to be a part of this great community :)


Welcome! It is indeed a great community - good to have you Alin!


Hi, DEV.to community.
I'm a new guy on the block. I've found a new passion for coding and hope that here, I'll get the motivation I need to scale. I'm a beginner. I've just completed HTML and now in CSS, then plan to do JS and React. My goal is Frontend.
Thank guys.


Welcome! JS and React are great options for Frontend - lots of jobs there. What have you found to be the hardest part so far?


Hi Chris,
Thanks for checking on me. Well, I just completed HTML after a couple of weeks. Three days ago I began CSS. And I find it going great. I know the hard parts are ahead, and I'll let you know as I progress. It's an exciting experience, though.
Thanks again.


Another beginner here. React is great!


Hey there DEVs!
My name is Bien, and I'm an aspiring full stack developer both in Software and Web Development. I'm very much interested when it comes to Data and Statistics. I wanted to learn more language and get inspiration from posts and at the same time learn from them! Wish all the best! - P.S. Still a student!


Greetings Bien! Good luck with your studies, and moving into development!


Hello Team,

My name is Raja and I am from System Administration and Application Support background but recently started career as SRE Developer. I am a full time Automation Developer with JavaScript & Bash and part time Python Developer. Recently started learning Rust and very much interested about it. Interested areas System/Service Automation, ML.

Thank you.


Hello Raja! What do you like about Rust so far? I've been thinking about learning it too - but right now I have too many things on my list already 🤣


Hello Chris,
I started reading the book named "The Rust Programming Language" and till now I like concepts like

  • backward portability.
  • Its statically typed - so speed.
  • Its memory concepts in such a efficient way that It dont need a garbage collector.
  • To run a binary build by Rust, you dont have to have Rust(If I remember correctly, never tried though)

This is what I mostly admired about Rust so far and still reading...

Thanks! That's a good list. There's just something about Rust (static type, very fast) that seems nice coming from javascript :)

Not directly Chris. as per my understanding TypeScript is the one actually enabling JS to be a static type one.

sorry, I mean Rust is staticly typed :) Yes, TypeScript is what would make JS static - but not in the same way (it's not actually enforced in the same way, etc)


"Hello World"

My name is Alex, im a graphics designer, art director, music producer, and everything about you have to use creativity to create, and im about to dive into computer science, when i say dive, is because i will jump in the pool of école 42 here in são paulo, brazil, and i just sure to enter in every community about devs, coders, programmers, to be sure i will survive in this experience.

Have a great day folks ^


Hello Alex, welcome and good luck with your new professional study!


hey there Devs,
my name is Kangwa. I am an intermediate developer(Flutter, Neo4j). What brought me here is my experiencing extreme difficulty in parsing graphql responses in Flutter from my Neo4j-graphql backend.. I was hoping someone could help out since the example concerning parsing Flutter graphql responses on this site works.

I posted the problem on Stackoverflow at the following link:



Welcome to DEV Kangwa!

Sorry, I can't help with your question :/ - but I've been very curious about Flutter! How has it been using it? Would you recommend it for business applications?



Its been great I was worried about performance but its same as native when I loaded the App on my iPhone X. It's really fun to develop with it and does reduce development costs a whole lot alongside time. It's a genius tool from Google in my opinion

Neat - sounds like I need to check it out some more then!


Hi everyone!

My name is Marcelo, with some 15+ years of experience developing (or trying) software. I've been working with Smart TV (React) applications for a while. I'm very motivated to start with an opensource project related to Smart TV development. Suggestions are welcome!


Hi Marcelo!

Smart TV apps with React - interesting! How does that work? Do you work for one of the TV manufacturers, or is there an app store for TV apps?


I'm working at Accedo.tv - a company specialised in creating video apps. Each manufacturer has a kind of app store so we can submit apps we develop for our customers.

To develop for Smart TVs you must think in a different way to do navigation because it uses the remote control (navigating with keys) a 100% of the time. It is fun, it challenges you all the time so you can always learn something new :P

Neat :) Yeah, I imagine some navigation could be a problem. There are so many bad smart tv apps, but some of that I think is because of how difficult it must be to do UX for that medium. Thanks!


I am a Self-Taught web developer from Pakistan with lots of great stories to tell

I was stuck in Tutorial Rut , Wasted my time in Facebook and Freelance MarketPlaces with lack of skills , but Now I know what I am doing? I am polishing my skills making great products and using twitter.

My latest Project


Hello there, guys) My name is Oleksandr, I`m a game (Unity3D) developer, but also practice .NET (web, mobile, desktop). Highly interested in English learning :D and, of course, programming: C#, .Net, Web


Hello! Welcome to DEV :) I don't know much about Unity3D development - how do you like it?


Hi, Chris! Unity is pretty good for a small projects, but a little bit ugly, when project gets fast grow :)

Ah, good to know! I have tried playing with it before, but it seemed like I had to learn a lot just to get going - At least - coming from a webdev perspective :)


Hey devs! I'm a rather new (aspiring) dev learning to dev by looking at how devs dev (and tutorials, of course). I'm learning to dev in C/C++, C#, .NET core. Dev.to is my go to place now for finding and learning things I didn't know!


Hey ya'll guys am Schemajr, am here to learn coding as much as I can, am more interested in dotnet, Machine Learning, C# and more, looking forward to a happy journey with you guys.


Welcome Schemajr! What topic in machine learning interests you the most? It such a large field, and there is so much cool stuff going on!


I am more interested in Database and Artificial intelligence, which topic are you currently working on?

I'm really interested in generative methods - so GANs, etc. It's so neat what they can produce! Coming from a webdev background though, it gets confusing at times :) It's a new experience to have to follow both the math and the programming.

How can we be in touch via cyberspace and you lol teach me, I mean collaboratively working together towards projects

You can find me on twitter (dms open): twitter.com/chrisachard or on my website (email is there): chrisachard.com/ Happy to help if I can!

Good will discuss a way forward then, just one more question now that you do websites, do you also know dotnet or C# simply put which programming language do you know?

On the backend I use Ruby on Rails or Node (with express), or lately I've just been building static sites with Gatsby. On the front end I use React for almost everything :)

Yoh lol that's a lot man, now how you going to teach me? The thing is I want to be a hybrid both IT Pro and tap in the DevOps space

Ah, not sure I'd be as much help there :) I'm writing about everything I know on my blog - so I'd start there :) But I can't say I'm good at DevOps - so I would look on DEV for articles about that first. Good luck!

Don't worry I'll see what I can do to learn more about DevOps if only I could learn how to develop a website I'll take it from there


Hi everyone! My Name is Gecika. I am actually finishing a training course in Web developpment, in the past month I ve been started to learn React. I am really a beginner and I hope to learn much more and being more confident.😊💪


Hi 👋 Love React! Welcome to DEV :)


I love React too! Welcome Gecika, I'm new to the DEV community as well :)


Hey, Android developer here 😊


Hi -- I'm an iOS dev -- nice to meet you.


Hi All,
I am a 55 year old trying to learn to code. I had some experience many years ago with Vax/VMS and proprietary Control System programming but, that all has gone the path of the dinosaur. Looking forward to new challenge. Thank you for any assistance.



Welcome Tony! How are you finding learning to code so far?



I'm an old guy looking to pick up a new hobby. Learning Java. Followed a post about a daily coding problem in Java to dev.to. Thought I would sign up and see what it's all about. Thanks, Stan


Welcome to DEV Stan! Good luck picking up this new hobby :)


Lots of web/frontend - but by no means exclusively!


Hi everyone,

My name is Andy, I am interested in backend development ( Python , Nodejs), SQL and AWS. Hope I can share and learn more skills from in the community.

Attached a beautiful view in Queenstown NZ, hope you guys like it.


Welcome to DEV Andy! NZ is on the list of places I really want to visit... everything looks so beautiful there!


Welcome Andy! Glad to have you here!


Hey all, I'm basically new to the whole world of programming and developing but about to start an apprenticeship on Monday. I'm pretty excited to be honest!

I'm sure I'll be asking you all some pretty beginner questions soon...


Great to find myself here, been curious as a beginner i delve into front-end development and i will need all your assistance to move ahead in an internship programm that will run from tomorrow till the next three month.


Hi guys.

My name is Alex.

I'm a full stack developer, although I really like of Data Analysis.

I'm coming back to programming after almost 2 years just doing small freelancer jobs. I'm learning .NET Core, Angular and Docker recently as well.

I'm return to programming to create a project to help people in Brazil.


Welcome to DEV Alex! Good to meet you :)


Welcome Alex! Good luck with your journey!


Hey Guys!

My name is Michael, currently learning the art of Web Development. previously I was on desktop app development scene way back in college but now as the web application is becoming more and more popular, i am keeping up with the development of web applications. currently using PHP (Codeigniter), still learning javascript and advance css techniques. Java EE and Android Dev (java), react, are what I have in store for myself for the next projects to come. I really love reading Dev.to blogs, it really gives me insight to some queries that I have. Nice meeting you guys! :D


Welcome Michael! Good of array of things to learn there :)


Hello Everyone,
Diptam here, I am mid level back-end developer mostly working with Java, Groovy & and Spring Boot as a primary framework, Oddly enough I never heard of Dev before yesterday, it came as a random post in google feed and a couple of scrolls later I am hooked, moreover it gave me a feeling I am little behind on what's happening around in programming world, hoping this will change that, Cheers !! :)


Welcome! I'm glad I found DEV as well - it's a great way to keep up with tech stuff, and the community is great! Good to have you Diptam :)


Hi Guys,
I'm Sélom, a fullstack developer (Node.js, React.js and PHP). A good friend of mine sent me this link and I felt in love with what is happening here and would to contribute a great deal.
Oh hey, did I mention that I love dogs? lol


Welcome to DEV Sélom! (I love dogs too!) 🐶


Hello Everyone !!!
My name is Zeba. I'm a full-stack developer (MEAN). A little shy to start but later very talkative. Curious to know about the web dev world hopefully this place will help me learn and grow my knowledge in coding.


This is a great place to hang out and learn. Welcome Zeba! What's your favorite thing about MEAN? Anything you don't like as much?


Hi Chris,
Thank you for your warm wishes, from MEAN I like Express, Handling the servers. MongoDB is kind of off to me maybe bcoz I like MySQL more. How about you?

I use express too and love it. I haven't used Mongo very much (postgres mostly) because I haven't really worked on a project where the Mongo features make more sense than just a relational database. I also use React a ton - so I guess my stack name would be PERN... or something 🤣