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Bear waving


  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey, there!

My name is Diana and I haven't published a welcome thread yet. And it seems to me that time has come.) I have been a tech blogger since 2015 and I love my job.)

On Dev, I have already published 44 posts and am going to write another article soon. I'm interested in IoT, blockchain, programming, including technologies, software solutions, and software engineering practices.

Have a nice day to everyone!


With 44 articles written and an interest in software solutions and software engineering practices, can you tell me if Dev has a great indexing method that would allow me to find the exact article I need to read just when I need it? I'm looking for something like Socratic Arts' ExTRA(Experts Telling Relevant Advice) system. socraticarts.com/solutions/technol...


You can search for information by various tags such as devops, techtalks, app dev, and more.)


Hello Diana,
I read your article about swagger api documentation. I like to see if any api document created using swagger just to see how it looks in production?

I am creating one document for our project and not sure if document UI is going to look the same it in editor ?

Kindly help


Awesome thanks for all of your posts!


hello Diana, i would like to write a post very soon


Hello! How do you find topics for your articles?


I write the issues that might be interesting for developers, other IT specialists, or businessmen who are looking for software solutions. You can take a look at your target audience, competitors, popular topics, and more.)


Hello Diana, I'm John, I see that you are interested in Blockchain, google Blockgeeks, you should find more on blockchain there.


Hello, DEVs!

My name is Misir. I'm 17 years old developer that coding in Js, C#, Php, Java, Pascal using those frameworks: Express, React (Native), Express, Asp.Net Core, EF Core, Unity (yes I can also make video games xD), Laravel, Code Igniter, Android, LCL, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, ...

Coding is just fun for me.

I'm CTO at Uviba - payment processing gateway.

Thanks for reading 😊


I'm 17 years old developer that coding in Js, C#, Php, Java, Pascal

Damnnn impressive list for so young!


I love the initiative! We young developers have to work extra hard to account for our age.
Keep it up!


Us Old wannabe career changers feel your pain! Lol


Hi! I would love to get post from you most especially in java, JavaScript and to make video Games.


I'll write. but, At the time I don't have enough time for that :/


Hi Misir,

You have quite an extensive knowledge of programming for your age! Keep up the good work, it seems like you have a natural ability with it.



Interesting resume... πŸ˜‚


I am Muhammed Cham an aspiring developer


Hi Farid, I am new here trying hard to become a developer, currently taking up course through Pluralsight and andela sponsored by Google for its certification. Hope all is well with you.

Hi, Muhammed. May I ask how you are enjoying Pluralsight? I have considered them and many others. I just want to learn the best way possible. Thank you.


Hello, nice to meet you all
I come from Indonesia, I can't wait to learn from all of you. it's just that I am not proficient in English, so I'm sorry if in discussing many grammatical errors.


Welcome Farid to DEV πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Don't you worry about the grammar mistakes and ask & share your knowledge πŸ™‚
Should there be a problem, people here are nice to ask what you'd have had meant or help you to improve your post/questions.


thank you Daniel
Are you from Germany, Wah from childhood I really like the German national team, what's more since being trained by Jurgen Klinsmann until now being trained by Joachim LΓΆw, besides that I also like Dortmun, Neuer, Muller, Ozil and others.
By the way, is this a coding forum? or the football community?


Farid, don't worry at all about your English. It is excellent. Honestly, some of the worst English now comes out of America. Best of luck to you in your coding journey.


Hello, I'm Salman Saleem! I'm a software engineer graduate and digital marketing strategist from profession. I have a strong programming background, so I'm happy to help anyone facing technical challenges.


Welcome Salman!

Definitely check out #help here - dev.to/t/help as that's a place where folks are meant to post technical problems they need help with. Consider following that tag if you want to help out folks facing issues.



I'm new to developing, but I've been very happy doing it all day every most days for almost a year now. The quirks of JavaScript have brought me lots of joy.

I'm just really starting to become productive. You know when you start out and aim for the stars and end up just jumping up and down on the spot! I'm not yet getting out to orbit but I've learnt to aim at things that'll build me a rocket.

I'm here to reach out and grow. I realise to move ahead I'm going to need others, independence is causing drag.

Thanks, Love you, Later xox


"I'm not yet getting out to orbit but I've learnt to aim at things that'll build me a rocket." Haha, this is an awesome analogy!



Hello everyone, i want to learn how to code but i am not sure how to commit what i learn to memory any suggestions?


Definitely rinse and repeat for committing to memory. But try not to repeat exactly the same way twice. Mix it up, add complexity for practice, delve into how the thing works.


thank you for that advice. Do you happen have any suggestions on a good desktop to handle learning how to code? Ive learned to avoid HP as it seems theyre terrible with being heavy Disk and CPU users.

If you just want a machine that will help you learn coding basics, all you really need is a good internet connection, assuming you're doing your study on the web. If you were working solely from books, you could reasonably get away with any old machine that didn't have trouble starting up.

What are some of your learning goals?
What languages/technologies are you interested in?

Well just reading is where i am realizing im not learning i learn how to do a few things then move on and months later i forget everything. I want to start working in projects (random ones from the internet) to get real practice but I honestly want a smooth experience I work full time and dont really want to deal with a slow or problematic computer as I work on projects to try to learn how to program. I understand how specs work but what ive realized is even with good specs depending on that computer it may still run slow or have issues.

Again, it depends on what kinds of technologies and workloads you plan to work with, but all speed issues will likely come down to processor speed and memory. You can even offload some of your computer strain by working with an IDE on a virtual machine, like cloud9. So even without a lot of $ to spend you could get a decent used computer and figure out an efficient way to run it.

Well i am hoping to get more of a suggestion based on experience. For example my HP laptop injudt bought had the disk and cpu at 100% usage straight out the box where a Dell i had with similar specs just knew how to manage its use of the cpu and disk and its hard to know how a software manages its specs some overlay of certain brands just use unnecessarily and run the computer down.

Hmm. You might want to diagnose what resources are using up 100% of cpu and disk. Apple computers have a program called Activity Monitor that allows you to see what resources are being used by your computer at any given time. Presumably there's a way to check out what's eating up all your cpu.

not the first time ive had similar issues with an HP ive decided to use that for work which consists of mostly light browsing. Its fine though I will probably just purchase a gaming pc with good reviews to be on the safe side if I cant really find a middle ground.

Firstly, it is unlikely that this is a HP specific issue. Fire up your task manager if you are on Windows, or use the "top" command on Linux. It may make sense to debug your CPU usage first.
I would recommend the Razer Stealth laptop with a good keyboard, amazing specs and decent looks. In general though, buy something with an SSD if you want to minimize launch time for applications.

the problem is that the cpu is 100% yet the processes thst are causing that arent there it shows many but none that add up to 100% so its like its hidden. and thank you for that suggestion:D i will look into that one


Hello Kaylee! I know the struggle! What has helped me is by practicing, practicing, practicing. Watching tutorials is a great way to help, but I suggest writing code over and over. Even if you don't know what to do, you'll get better at researching and finding the right answers.


Hello Charles :). Yeah I started styling with CSS but I am noticing answers I find bu google dont work quite often and I will spend like 10 minutes feeling lost endlessly googling haha, but it is fun. I had to purge my computer from windows the specs weren't enough to run windows well so I am running linux mint and it works well so I can start practicing. I was excited to start doing a lot of projects but I couldn't find a site that has more than just a general outline of the goal of the project, I tried to find guided projects with the answers to just practice writing it and seeing how it works but I didn't have good luck in that, do you know any like that?

Absolutely, if you haven't checked out Codepen I would start there! One way that has worked for me is "demystifying" what goes into someone's project. Codepen will allow you to not only see projects people are working on, but the code they used to do so, in an easy-to-read format that you can even edit online.

Plus, at some point when you make your own "Pens", you can embed them in your site/portfolio to show them off!

thats awesome, thank you so much!!!!


Maintaining a markdown notebook where your can jot down every new thing you learn has really helped me. After referring to the notebook five to ten times, I start remembering these things and can always refer to my notes super quick if I'm confused instead of googling all over again


Immersion! Lots of coding, and hanging around spaces where coding happens (like dev.to)


thats what im trying to do. I want to start doing projects too but my computer barely handles browsing so Im trying to look for a good PC that is good for someone who will be learning to code



My name is Jim. I've been a sysadmin since forever. I currently delving into Kotlin, more in-depth Python, Ansible and Kubernetes.

As I learn more I hope to publish on Dev.

Glad to join the Dev community.


Welcome to DEV, Jim! Hope to see some of your writing on the site.


Kubernetes! Can't wait for an article on that! Nice to meet you anyway Jim!


Hi there,

My name is Johan and I am an experienced (lead) software developer and architect for .NET solutions. I am also a teacher. I love clean coding and test-driven development.

Have a nice day to everyone!


Welcome to DEV Johan! πŸ‘‹ @turnerj and @jamesmh are great follows for .NET but also in general great follows.


Hello, name's Vaughn, James Vaughn...😁

First time Tech Blogger, with an interest in Core JS and PHP Laravel. With a strong background in Design, I am looking forward to bringing my unique perspective into the dev community.

Let go!


I'm Frankie and I'm a startup backend/Golang dev and professional coach. I've recently started blogging - my primary topic is engineering management. I'm working on an online course for dealing with impostor syndrome. Oh, and I do platform engineering at Mix.com.

Somebody recommended this site to me today and I LOVE the aesthetics. Hi folks!


Hey hey Frankie!

Hope you dig it here. If you write anything Golang related please be sure to tag it with #go (dev.to/t/go) ... likewise, the same goes for imposter syndrome (dev.to/t/impostersyndrome) and any other topic you may write on.

So much of discoverability depends on using these tags! Just a general tip!


Hello! Found out about this place via Twitter. I'm here to see more of the programming community, share and learn!

I have prior experience teaching with the power of tailored analogy. It worked well for algebra tutoring, so I imagine it might be effective here too.


Sounds like you’ll fit right in Eric!


Hello! I'm Fabiana from Brazil. I'm a bignner in programmer and I have fineshed the Angela Yu Web Bootcamp at Udemy. So I was searching for frontend and backend's mind maps to concatenate my skills. Then I found one of dev.to's artichles. And now I'm here ready to learning more.


Hi Fabiana!

That's awesome! Let me know if you find any awesome mind maps. I'm interested in finding some too :)


Hi Melanie!

Actually, I was searching for a concept's map, but I found a diferent map in this post by javinpaul:

But it was very useful to me anyway! :)


Hi all,

I am Charis a Javascript Developer from the small island of Cyprus, enthusiastic about Progressive Web Apps, responsive design, vibrant interfaces, interactive web and mobile apps.

I started writing a blog on Medium about 2 months ago and I am planning to release some articles here too in the near future.

Hope to bring some value to this community and absorb some as well.

Have a good day everyone!


I think I missed a lot of welcome thread, here we are!

Hi everyone, Khalyomede here, I am a web developer the day, a side project maker the night, and I love to try out new things, and always find easier or more intuitive alternative to do something.

Very happy to be part of this community ✌️😁


Hey Khalyomede,

Glad you caught this one! πŸ˜€

Loving the web dev by day/side project maker at night tagline. Sounds like a superhero. πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ



Praveen here, I'm a front-end developer from new delhi, India. Currently learning about firebase with react and implementing auth via social logins.

You can checkout the demo here or the repo from here.

How has your experience been with Firebase? Is there something I should know about since I'm thinking of using firebase to build a side project later.

Thank youπŸ™Œ


Hello everyone!

I am John and I am a web developer from Greece. I haven't wrote any post yet but I am planning to do so asap!
I am here because I am intrested in participating in a community like this! I want to learn something new every day, and I think this is the right place! :)


Hi John, great to have you here! I am looking forward to reading your posts! Do you already have an idea what you want to write about?


Hi Sebastian, thank you for the welcome! I think I would start by writing a post about my favourite javascript resources (books, tutorials etc). What do you think?

Sure, go for it! If you do that, I would also love to hear some takeaway from every resource (e.g. "in 'Javascript - The Good Parts' I learned how to do truly private variables by using scopes")


Hello. My name Is Luiz and I have interest in learning more about aplications of coding for the health and machine learning. My favorite languages are python and PHP with Django or Laravel, and I love write and read, specially about fantasy's stories.


Writing fantasy stories eh? That's super cool. I totally feel like there was someone around here that wrote a how-to for nim or maybe vim in the style of a fantasy... gonna see if I can dig that up.


Hello Akijunior.

Thanks for sharing about yourself and good luck!


Google news put a post from here in my feed. Thought I'd say hi, I blog on a wide range of societal, scientific and engineering related topics at my blog: sent2null.blogspot.com

Coding focus now is fullstack service building, ML, AI.Workflow



I'm jerome. I'm a computer science student. I'm very familiar with java and OOP but I was stuck at tutorial purgatory so I transitioned to python. Made some websites with django and flask already. Now, I'm still hungry for ideas so I joined this community.

Hope I can explore cool things here!


I am Jen and originally from Canada, but now live in the US.

Primarily, I work in J2EE technologies, but I am passionate about front-end and try to do it whenever I can.

Have been an on-and-off blogger for years & recently got together with a bunch of friends to start Canosie Labs to help share our experiences with the dev community through writing blogs and making videos.



I am Jen and originally from Canada, but now live in the US.

Same! Halifax -> NYC for me.


Hello DEV community!

My name is Mrinal and I'm a software engineer primarily working in C#.

I am generally interested in all kinds of tech and language and always eager to learn more, so hopefully I am in the right place!

Please feel free to suggest me things to follow :)


Welcome Mrinal, great to have you! Definitely peruse the c# tag for individuals to follow.


Hello everyone!

My name is Ahmed, and I'm from Egypt. Just graduated from the university with a bachelor degree in computer engineering. The degree program covered lots of topics such as OS, mobile applications development, database, embedded systems. I'm still confused which track to take but I'm hoping to become either an android or web developer. I learned about the android development in uni, and now I'm starting to watch an online course about web development.

The programming languages I used are C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and I used frameworks such as ReactJS, ReactNativeJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS

Joined the DEV community to get some advice about jobs tracks and to develop my skills, and become the best version of me.


Welcome to DEV Ahmed! (a month late; but better late then never :) )


Thank God. I almost though the post was invisible.


I currently work as a UX/UI designer. I also develop simple websites using Wordpress. I know tad bits of codes here and there but as far as programming go, am basically a beginner. I trained and worked as a Database Admin too. I have recently started learning how to code and out here looking for all the support and materials that I can get.

I am currently taking a Web Development course by Angela Yu on Full stack web development.



Hi everyone!

I'm Alex, Python & JS Developer from Russia. I was wondering how to measure my own level of expertise and that's how I found dev.to!

I have a few years of experience as a software developer in different companies around the globe. Most of the companies were start-ups or software development wasn't their main business. I've started exploring new job opportunities recently and while updating my resume I was wondering what level of experience should I put for different roles.

In the most cases, I was employed just as a software/web developer, but in the end, I had to deal with the wide range tasks: managing databases and clouds, designing the whole IT systems from scratch, coding everything, etc.

Pretty much in all companies, I was the only developer, therefore I needed to convert employer's ideas to the working code (or whole IT system) from scratch. It even happened in my first job when I was just an intern.

Should I call myself senior developer, if I have just a couple of years of experience? Should I state roles in my resume as 'Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, System Architect' for every company or just official titles?


Hi all! My name is Kevin and I'm a Release Engineer by day and an aspiring web developer by night. In my day job, I'm a TFS Admin and I do a bit of PowerShell scripting. For the web dev side, I'm currently trying to learn Vue and Express. I'm not that good at the web dev stuff and I'm currently going down the YouTube, Udemy, Pluralsight rabbit hole. This stuff is good, but I need to face my fears and just start building already. I'm hoping to follow some smart people here and hopefully get some much needed direction. Currently I'm trying to evaluate using NUXT + Vuetify and am scouring the web for examples. I doubt I can provide much help with any web related questions at this point, but I can probably help out with any Git related questions that people may have.


Hi Kevin. Welcome to DEV πŸ‘‹

Yes, it surely is daunting to learn the front-end technologies and you usually end up going down the rabbit hole 😞

But you can ask questions and follow/focus some tags you are interested in.
Say, #vue and follow/say hi to the Vue tag mod, Dave Follett πŸ™‚

And have fun learning & sharing with other DEVs


hello world ...
its me prashanth ..
and i bet u dont know me πŸ˜‚

btw does this community has dark theme?


I'm Elsa and I'm a game/web dev student from Finland. I really liked this pages design and the community seems welcoming so I decided to join. I have experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript and I am interested in almost every aspect of programming and tech. I love to create but I am not a writer so I don't know how much I am going to write here or anywhere.

Have a pleasant day!


Welcome to DEV and enjoy your stay, fellow Finn. πŸŽ‰


Hi everyone!

My name is Brian. I work as an electrical engineer in Western Michigan, USA.

I currently work with the .NET framework primarily, but my interest and knowledge of JavaScript and web development has exploded in the last month or two and I'm excited to see how this knowledge shapes my career.

Happy learning!


Hi Brian! This is a bit late - but better late than never :) I grew up in Michigan! (near the thumb) - it really does have a lot of neat places.


No problem Chris, thanks for the reply! I really enjoy Michigan. I came here for college, but I grew up in Colorado. Where are you located now? I'm a big fan of your posts on dev.to!

I'm down in Indiana now (not too far :) ). Same story here - came to Indiana for college, then just stayed πŸ˜…

Glad you like the posts! I'm working on another crash course right now actually πŸŽ‰

I think that's a pretty common theme as of late. :P Well keep up the great content, I'll be looking for your next posts!


Hello Everyone!
I'm Usman and i've recently joined Emumba as DevOps Engineer. I love to travel,read and learn about new things.
I believe that one should play an active role in his community irrespective of the outcome.


Hi Usman. Great attitude you have there - welcome to the community!