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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

A brown and white dog pops up and waves hello!
Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! ✌️

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. πŸ‘‹

  3. Or answer this question: What's one of your favorite projects you've worked on, and why?


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Whoah. Hi guys. Just gotta say that I've been waiting for the next coolest social networking site, and I gotta say that this might just be it πŸ€“. How have I never heard of this place before?! 😲

My name's Maricris and I have over 2 years of prof. full-stack coding experience (mostly w/ JS, React, Node.js). Currently making the most of my unemployment days by working on a side project called Woga (using JS & React again for frontend but GoLang for the back).

I'm already learning a lot from awesome devs here and I can't wait for more/to share some of my blogz w/ y'all!


Hey! Welcome! I just joined as well. I'm also on Medium and saw that on your profile so I've added you :)


Hello Jamie! Thank you . :-) It's amazing how welcoming devs are here, haha. How's the learning journey going?

Not bad! Hit some snags because both my power cords for the 2 computers I own broke in one week, so currently waiting to replace them. But honestly I shouldn’t complain, because I’m lucky to have two computers to begin with. πŸ™ˆ

Hey there, I joined a couple of weeks ago but never introduced myself. I'm Jerami. Sorry about the cords.

I think I've just finished writing my first article which touches on what to do when computer problems get in the way of code. I'll be publishing it in the next couple of hours.

Just wanted to say hello to some other newcomers. So, "Hello!"


haha, yes I do. It was my first language. Now I am learning Go. How about you?


we develop and maintain various python packages to control the MeerKAT radio telescope. I have been on the team for 6 months now and its my very first dev job.

Whoah! That sounds awesome. Are you happy?!


Digitizing what I've been doing for the past 2 years to help me feel good/sane/balanced in life; Woga. I wrote a blog about it: medium.com/@maricrisbonzo/wogas-te....

But it's kind of outdated. Ended up not using a few of the tech I listed on there. I'll be updating it soon though!

How about you? Whatcha workin' on/interested in nowadays?


Hi Maricris, I am also new to dev.to . I am a React Native developer. I want to learn backend development now as I have no experience with it.

I read that you have experience with both Node and Golang which got me excited as I am confused as to which one should I start my backend development with .

Can you share your experience using Node.js in production ? Also how easy/difficult it was for you to learn and use Golang ?

Can you share the resources you used to learn both Node and Golang ?

Thank You


Sudeepto, there is a good O'rielly book called Introducing Go, and NodeJS has many. Having a hard copy is nice but also ebooks do the job. I personally like using books when I'm learning new programming languages but other formats can be good too, it all depends. Also if I had to start a new backend web project today, I would probably choose Golang.


Welcome to dev.to, Maricris! Fellow newbie here, too! πŸ‘‹


Hello! Happy to be here :-) πŸ‘‹


This is Vim girl from youtube! Happy to see you here.


Hahaha, omg hi! So awesome you know about Vim girl πŸ˜‚. You made my day. What have you been up to?

Well not much. Preparing for the Technical interview πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» to land a good Internship. Fresh out of college. Great to hear from you too.πŸ˜€


Hi, I'm Vynce. I haven't figured out how to use this site yet, but maybe that's normal. I was a web developer for over 20 years, starting when Perl was normal, javascript was optional, and there was no CSS. Things have changed a bit since then. Now I'm pursuing other things that I enjoy more: talking and writing about tech, and making board games.


Hey! Fellow newbie over here :) Sounds like you've got some great experience. Do you publish your writing anywhere? And what sort of board games do you make? :D


I've got a few little articles; nothing major yet. I intend to get more serious about posting to Medium, at least.

As for board games - many kinds. I haven't gotten into the world of 3-hour euros, but I'm working actively on about a half dozen different games, including offbeat capitalism, co-op combat, and a deck builder for kids about being Fire Chiefs.

It's definitely a good way to practice!

There aren't enough co-op combat board games in my humble opinion and that deck building for kids idea is brilliant. Best of luck with it!


I love boardgames... especially novel ones different from others I've seen before.


Hey y'all!

I'm Will-- a software developer working at Cascade.bio. Grew up writing a whole lot of python and early TF for Kaggle competitions, ended up studying formal math + biology before going to work in pharma for a while. Dig a little competitive programming along the way, so broad language exposure there.

Fun fact: I'm an alum of Olin College, one of the smallest colleges in the country.

Excited to learn more!


What's your favorite place for competitive programming and what language did you use?


Hi, I'm Kait. The rabbit-hole brought me here: YouTube->Confreaks-> Molly Struve's 'Cache is King' RubyHack 2019 Talk -> @molly_struve on Twitter -> tweet about @msarit switching careers to software with a three month old. Right in the feels. I had to share too.

I joined a software bootcamp back in early 2017 when my son was 6 months old. It was in London so I could get up at 3am and be done by noon but still feed him and take care of him with only minimal babysitting from family.

I was really nervous about being a junior developer so I leveraged my past experience doing Customer Support for Uber to get a job in Support at a local startup with the plan that I would slowly transition onto the Engineering team. It was a really great experience and I've been coding in my day job for two years now.

I could really benefit from a community like this. Podcasts and articles and YouTube conferences can only take you so far.


That's an amazing story Kait, and congratulations to you! We mothers are REALLY kicking butt and taking names! Kudos to you for rising to the challenge and chasing your dreams!


I'm JoΓ£o, a Java/JS/TS developer that has also worked with Python, PHP, ASP, Delphi, C#. I've done some Go, Ruby, Haskell, Clojure, even a tiny little bit of Rust, Ocaml.
Also worked with RDBMS such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Firebird.
I'm 38 and still eager to learn!


Nice! The best part of being a dev is that we get to learn every day. :)


Welcome! That's whole lot of stuff you've worked on!


Hi everyone!

I'm Brad, I'm almost 58 and have been reading a lot of your welcome posts - a lot of you are young and itching to succeed.

Please allow me to submit a bit of my life story. I hope it inspires you.

I've been mucking about with programming since the old Tandy TRS-80 days. Most of you will probably not know what that means... LOL. 4k of ram. cassette for loading of programs, 80x24 green screen - ah those were the days. The source code, or should I say, individual byte codes, of a program that a mate and I developed in Z80 assembler, got published in a magazine! (And we got paid $50 - this was April 1985!)

Went along for a few years and then bought a 2nd hand IBM-XT - wow, and Windows!

A few more years saw me get to Visual Basic 6 Enterprise - what you couldn't do with that at the time! So many libraries, so many DLL's !!! Access, SQL Server, Oracle as databases. Wow.

Wrote a program (we call them apps nowadays don't we? :)) that a mate and I sold across Australia and the world (all right, just one other country) and it was selected by our Federal Parliamentary Library over an entrenched software company in the same space. Those were heady days! Oh, and it presented its interface in a web browser! (We also earned over $110,000 from that)

Also developed a Windows app for our Australian Ladies Professional Golf - a VB6 app that lets them enter players, tournaments, scores etc, and ultimately, prints cheques (checks) for the players of their winnings, and uploads the results to the ALPG website. Have been supporting them for over 30 years - the app is still going. :)

For a brief period, VB6 + Firebird DB, a fork of Interbase, for a project that worked really, really well, (and as I think of it now, was an EAV store essentially, and everyone at the time said that EAV was bad, bad, bad. And now we have noSQL. Pfftt :)) but never got anywhere because of marketing, or, not enough of it. Blergh.

Then I found PHP, mySQL - and the web (again) for a paid gig.

After a few more years, and now I'm fully using Meteor meteor.com and have just launched a new service - a mobile app development thing targeted to real estate agents - almost a "digital business card"

I will never stop coding - I love it.

Sorry for the long introduction, but for all you lovely people just starting out, I applaud you! You have something good to share with the world - never stop believing that!

Get out there, and make some noise!

You can do it!


Heyo! I'm taking a project break after trying to constantly trying to make a project monthly for about a year now ever since I started to program. Don't get me wrong, side projects are still the best way of learning IMO but I'm spreading myself very thin here (or maybe I'm not tackling the right challenges πŸ€”).

Anyways, I'm learning how to efficiently design systematic programs with How to Design Programs. I think it's one of my weakest points and I want to invest a month learning about it! Feel free to give me any advice about it. I appreciate it very much!

Also, hello newcomers! πŸ‘‹


Hey there! Fellow newcomer here. Sounds like we have a very similar mindset for working. I'm trying to teach myself how to use Unity before my dissertation project at university. How do you think is the best way to work? Do you set yourself hard deadlines at the end of each month or do you give yourself leniency on the projects to enjoy? :)


Personally, it's a bit of a both: I give myself hard deadlines and I'm kinda relaxed at the process to give myself joy in creating the project. I mean why not, the last thing I want to have in my side-project creation journey is absolute frustration. XD

If I didn't able to make it through the deadline, then I just contemplate and self-reflect on the development process, take notes on what I did wrong, write the solution, then try to apply it in the next project. Tbh, I rarely apply the solution since there are unique obstacles in each side-project. Though, it might be because the side projects I'm doing are vastly different each time or it could be my inexperience dealing with things but at least I could reference my notes for future (maybe similar) projects.

Do this, do that. Rinse and repeat. Hope this could help you. :)

EDIT: And welcome to dev.to btw. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Sounds like a very sensible approach to me!

Thanks for the advice :)


I'm very excited to be here! I'm in my third year of university (out of four) and have been looking for a site like this since I started. It's all very well following tech news and tips articles on Twitter but I've been looking for something specific to programming. At last! My name is Katie, I'm self-taught in a lot of my favourite languages like C# and C++ but have university tutelage in a lot of web development languages and also Java. Thank you for having me! 😁


Katie, I think you're very lucky to have a community like this while going through college. I studied computer programming as an Associates before going into university and that Associates was the longest 2 years of my path thus far. I was all over the internet looking for people, communities, and answers. I'll make a prediction that DEV will come to be a gem for you in your last year. Congrats on 3 years and Good Luck on four. Cheers!


I've only been here for a short time and I already think your prediction is correct! I can't wait to get back to studying in September, purely thanks to this site and it's amazing content creators!


Hey Guys

I'm Greg Sithole and I'm a Full Stack Software Developer. I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and my ultimate goal is to be a Game Developer & Designer.

I work at a Company called Entrostat where we work with technologies such as NodeJS, Angular, npm, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, LESS, Nest.JS, Docker, Docker-Compose and a whole lot more.

My goal for the year is to at least have a couple of Open Source projects that I can say I've worked on and developed as I currently have none.


Hi Greg! I hope your dream of becoming a Game Developer & Designer comes true! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Joe that really means a lot.


Data is beautiful... so are foxes! Hoping to contribute as I learn...I found this lovely community via Twitter. Statistics are my strong suit ... currently refining syntax/catching up on coding languages..(bestPractices).. basis of jS&&py.


one might even say...data is foxy B)



My name is Sapan Bodiwala. I'm from New Jersey currently working as a Senior App Developer at the Innovations Labs at ADP. I'm a big sports fan (Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Lakers, & New York Yankees).

I'm excited to join this community and learn from all you brilliant devs out there!


Allow me to introduce - drum roll - me! crickets ahem.. tap tap this thing on?

Third time (at starting blogging) is the charm! Looking forward to churning out the high value bits on this platform - someday, I hope to pass all those posts down to my kids, so they can know what it was like when people typed on 'keyboards', before neural interfaces were all the rage.

As a dotnet acolyte, I've been rewarded in recent years as my platform of choice has made a stunning and powerful turn towards open source. Now, I don't look like such a closed-source, windows-only curmudgeon, yay!

I've just started contributing to open source in my own little ways and in an attempt to bring exposure to my new line of side-projects, I figured I'd start to blog about my progress, which also serves, as many a dev-blogger has noted, to maintain a record of things I've done and then can't remember the specifics of. This includes anything that happened before yesterday, so I've got to act quick!

To the ~6 people who have read my few posts so far, good on ya, get in on the ground floor. You'll get to say you were reading my drivel before my audience blew up to tens or even dozens of people! :)

Thanks for having me!


As a blogger myself....I so love your attitude. (Wink!)


Hi all!

My name is Uwana. I've been a technical writer ~5 years and have started transitioning to towards software development. I'm 2 weeks away from completing a coding boot camp and have been reading a lot of dev.to articles lately. I've been teaching myself Python for ~ 1 year, and have experience with Ruby, JavaScript, Vue.js, and Django through my boot camp.

I'm looking forward to learning and sharing as I can. Can't wait to chat with y'all!


Congratulations for being at the tail-end of bootcamp! Where are you located? Will you be applying for jobs after camp or using your skills for business/startup?


Hi Arit!

Thank you! I'm in Austin, TX. I originally joined the program to enhance my own understanding of the developer experience to enhance my technical writing skills. However, learning about software engineering has piqued my interest in the field. I want to see if there's a way to combine the two skill sets. I've started applying for developer positions per my boot camp. Haven't gotten anything yet, but I'm weirdly thankful for that. I still feel like quite the novice.

I know exactly what you mean about the "novice" feeling. I struggle with that as well. That is so good to hear about your tech writing skills; as a developer, that will come in very handy in writing documentation (among other things). In fact, I would recommend getting into a few open-source projects and trying your hand at updating their documentation :D
What tech stack are you learning? Do you have an online portfolio? I've been through your GitHub - are your projects there deployed somewhere?
I have several friends in Austin, though I haven't had the chance to visit yet :)

I've been wanting to contribute to open source. I guess I'm still a bit unsure on how to get started and identify beginner-friendly projects. Right now, we're learning Rails and Vue. I'll have a portfolio and deployed project soon. We're starting that process right now.

I highly recommend a visit to Austin for the food alone. Might want to wait for fall though. The summers are brutal!

That's amazing sis. If you're learning Rails then the Dev.To OpenSource Project is PERFECT for you! Setting the environment up locally is the easiest and they have lots of great "first-timer" issues πŸ˜„


Hey its Max! I am a Software Developer who has worked with Python and JavaScript stacks for little over a year now. I started out with C++ and then moved onto Python to learn data structures and JavaScript for Full Stack Development. I love working with databases, especially with PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I am stoked to read and be inspired by other developers in this community!


Hi! Are u familiar with JavaScript? Wonder if you can help me. Hehe


Hi ! A friend of mine brought me here, it looks super dope and I absolutely love the fact that this is a loving community of devs.

I'm currently working on some private repo's that are gonna be public later this year on github. The tool im working on won't do much but if it can help some people then my job is done :D Feel free to reach out to me I'm a typescript nerd and im also hardware savy. I learn Go whenever I can via O'reilly learning paths

I also live for the rules pictured in Clean Code (software engineering book) and I also am a big Object Oriented paradigm geek

Thanks for reading me πŸ’β€β™‚οΈπŸ€–


Hi, I'm Panda aka Paula. It's great to find a really inclusive dev community with such a welcoming and helpful vibe. :) I am here to connect, find and share ideas and cool stuff, and hopefully write some posts of my own at some point as that is something I sometimes get anxious about (or just procrastinate and make excuses until I never write anything...)

I have been doing front-end dev for around 15 years now, and I still love pure HTML and CSS, but lately I am trying to get up to date on some of the new shiny stuff, such as Vue, and I am also loving the Greensock animation library.

I also love helping people whenever I can and especially chatting CSS.

Other than dev I'm a big fan of videogames, coffee, hanging out with cats and going on trains.

Nice to meet you all and look forward to reading, and maybe one day also writing :)


Hello everyone!

My name's Parmesh. I have ~7 years of experience across the stack, but I find myself on the frontend exclusively these days.

I'm really excited about how frontend development as a whole has matured, such that it's becoming more like traditional software engineering and that it's embracing more computer science. I'm also passionate about the open source world and its continued growth.

I'm here to practice my writing, to find developer communities with diversity of thought, and to keep up with the latest community standards. I look forward to learning and contributing here.


Hi everyone, I have been on dev.to for some time but never saw this thread. I've been working as a full stack developer for around 5 years now. Currently my focus is with react native and flutter. I am interested in cross platform mobile apps. Feel free to reach out for react, flutter, or react native questions. Or just to say hi and chat!


Hi folks!

My name's Patrick. I'm working as a full-stack developer based out of Vancouver, BC (Canada). I'm currently employed building sales demos using primarily Drupal, React, AWS. I've been at this job about 6 months, with a 2-year applied CS diploma, and I spent a bunch of time teaching myself various languages before that.

While I don't have any currently active side projects (taking a breather after school), I'm working on teaching myself more about data oriented design. I'm also itching to get more experience with React + Redux and TypeScript, and I really want to get my feet wet with functional programming (I figure more paradigms = more ways of tackling problems).



Hello world!

I've been coding for fun over the past 20 years but never reached anything serious in terms of moving to professional. I always got stuck there at the tutorials. 3 years ago I started college part-time and I'm still one year before graduating but I already got my first professional position!

I'm currently working as fullstack web with Angular 6 and .Net although I've been doing bits and pieces in React a year ago. I'm interested in learning as much as I can.
My dream is to build educational games for my children as they grow up, so they can use those for learning.


Russell here. I am a year in to my journey as a principle engineer. This is a role I believe to be one of leadership. What do I mean by this? First that it affords me the time to fully investigate the best solutions for a given set of business requirements, within the constraints of the current Engineering proposition. Then it becomes a job of collaboration with the team to bring them on the journey you have made. If you cannot provide compelling arguments for the decisions you have made, and get the team on board, you haven't got the right answer! It is not the role of the principle engineer to dictate the solution but to light the way. The hardest skill to learn is when to disagree and commit (in the Amazon parlance). It is only possible if you do not take your position as one of manager. Only a teacher and collaborator will succeed.

Blah blah. I love to learn from other professionals and so look forward to reading content and interacting with the community here.


I feel ya. I’m at a similar place in my career, and I personally struggle a lot with knowing when to choose my battles. I do find that the amazon principle you referenced (Disagree and Commit) helps a lot these days. Anywho, just wanted to say welcome to a similar soul. I’ll be writing a lot very soon about collaboration and learning to be a more mindful coworker in some of my future articles. Feel free to follow and read along. Either way, welcomes and best of luck with leading your team. Oh and thank you for considering Principle Engineer to be a position of β€œservant leadership.” Sadly not every Priniciple Engineer sees their role that way. Kudos! :)


Thanks for the welcome!

Just reading your post on not bringing work home.

Yep, you cover it well. Add to that I have two young boys, and you get the guilt of waiting for them to go to bed so you can have another crack at that outstanding problem and you probably see why I ended up on anxiety medication :)

I like the ideas you list. Will give it a go and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again for your note.


Hello everyone! I'm Jesse and I'm new here. That's not really true, because I've read lots of articles on dev.to, but this is my first time actually signing in.

I've been around for quite a while. I started blogging about JavaScript back in 2005. But that blog has been collecting dust the past decade because I was hanging out on Twitter. But lately I decided to change that and go back to blogging.

Earlier today, I just published a blog post for the first time in forever. Right after, I was listening to the recent Changelog podcast interview with @emmawedekind and she was talking about writing on here, and I thought, Hey, I should post my article here too! So I did. :D dev.to/jesseskinner/formatting-dat...

Looking forward to lots more blog posts here. Can't remember the last time I was this excited about blogging :)


Hi everyone, I am a passionate Technology learner. My basic goal is to learn different techniques and design a model to integrate them. I haven't done any major contribution. it's my first post in an open source community so, I want to share a bit of my thoughts. I am learning elk stack, Jenkins and Openstack. Want to integrate them to create a modle for dev and QA testing.


Hey guys!!!

This is Prem from India,

  1. I bumped into this just to googling out for brain.js, found a lot threaded message, felt i'm going to learn a lot from here.

  2. This is first time into a community like this, looking forward to learn and contribute.

  3. One of my hackathon projects - using user's browsing history to recognise, their industry , type of business, predicting how close they are into a product purchase journey..
    and lot of exciting stuffs :)


Hello Guyz,

I was looking for a platform where we can share ideas and knowledge about dev and related things. I am a Senior Software Engineer, mostly working as a devops engineer. I have good hands on chef, git and I am trying hands on Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes. I have used Softlayer and now trying to switch for AWS or GCP.
Would like to explore more in the related areas.

I feel a bit low when programming is concerned would like to improve on that too. My goal is to be confident in the areas I am working(also keeping a good health at the same time as I ignore it most of the time due to work) and can contribute to the society for well being.

Any suggestions or comments are most welcome. If someone need any help feel free to reach out with queries. :)


Hi! I'm Xyza. So far am a beginner on most fields. I am ultimately curious of a lot of idea. I was ann IoT Engineer, now a Frontend Developer. I've been reading a lot of articlese in Dev.to that I decided tonight to officially make an account now :D


Hi all,

I was first reluctant to join such a developer blog. Am I too old among those young and fresh coders ? Am I rusted (pun intended ;-)) ?

I started long time ago on OS/2 writing Presentation Manager C code (gosh, back in the late eighties). I'm using Linux since 1995 and never stopped using it since. I'm a software architect in the IT department of some big company dealing with enterprise issues. So I guess I'm not the most common background dev here, but who knows.

I'm not going to enumerate my IT skills, it's not my resume ;-) But I love coding for fun, and I'll soon post my first article on Python lists. Hope it'll be read !

Beyond posting articles, I'm also looking for a welcoming community, talk to other people and improve my English.


hello! I'm both new here and to the dev learning community in general. Utilizing Codecademy, Treehouse, Sitepoint, and anything i can get my hands on really. so' i'll be jumping in here to pick some brains from time to time, if thats ok with everybody?! Thank You!


Hi, there everybody. I'm a newcomer in the dev industry. I'm also an entrepreneur and running a startup (tiaamo.com) and I'm also a e-commerce developer. I'm passionate about vue.js dev and I'm developing a e-commerce site using vue.js in the frontend and fire base as the backend.
Thank you.


Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

I am a University student studying IT.I have experience in android(java) and web dev(ruby and JS), mostly self taught. Currently learning python.
I aspire to be a full stack developer!

I love tech communities and so this was a perfect place for me to come learn with and from the community.
Exicted to be here!