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Welcome Thread - v160

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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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martin krause

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the!

I'm Martin, I was a Senior Front End Architect / Manager at one of the world's largest interactive agencies, leading Front End Teams for international accounts. In 2018 I quit and now I'm traveling the world as a professional scuba diver and fully remote Senior Front End Architect / Front End Tech Lead for various international clients.

On I write mostly about modern Front End Development with react.js and next.js, other topics are design and pure code. I love handcrafted CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. However, a proper framework or library is essential for modern Front End Development.

Currently, I'm publishing the weekly "WebDevDigest: A curated list of the top five web development must-reads from last week" and a library of JavaScript functions in 1 line of code which you can also find on npmjs: onelinecode and GitHub: onelinecode.

If I have enough time, I write more in-depth articles about next.js + TypeScript, for example how to create multi-language pages with next export which is on GitHub:next-export-i18n and npmjs: next-export-i18n

I recommend following the general tags webdev, vscode , career and productivity and javascript, react, CSS. Head over to your Dashboard and adjust the tag weight for to personalize your home feed.

Here's a list of articles to start your journey as an successful developer and a great writer:

If you are looking for your next job, I highly recommend to buy the Book De-Coding the Technical Interview Process by Emma Bostian. It is hands down the best preparation for every technical interview.

If you're interested in my articles, follow me on or

In case you have questions or want to get in touch, feel free to contact me on

And don't forget to start posting today!


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Ismaël zinsou

Hello Martin thanks for everything

ismaelzinsou profile image
Ismaël zinsou

I am Ismael
I am here to improve my programming skills
And I will post everything I learn as new

Thread Thread
ismaelzinsou profile image
Ismaël zinsou

My English is poor but I will do my best

Thread Thread
martinkr profile image
martin krause


isaacblundstone profile image
Isaac Blundstone

Bonjour Martine Merci beaucoup

rithi_ikg profile image
Rithik Gandhi

Hey Martin, thanks for the tips

rafeek01 profile image
Rafeek01 • Edited on

I am Rafeek mechanical graduate. Passionate about technology.
I will be posting here what I learn day by day about technology.

vishakhviswan profile image
Vishakh V


sorooshmsarvari profile image
Soroosh Mirzasarvari

That's awesome thanks Martin!

h3551 profile image
Daniel Heslop
Hello Martin, thanks for the great contribution.
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ajston profile image
Anicet Tadonkemwa

thanks Sir.

mwise92 profile image
Mitchell Wise

Hey Martin! Thanks!

andreirobadev profile image
Andrei Roba

thanks for the effort, keep it up Martin!

practical_coder123 profile image
Alan K


hnphat profile image

Thanks you, Martin

kane_jason profile image
Kane Jason

Hello everyone, Glad to be here! This is Kane, Member of Agile Developers of Ace Infoway who is passionate to work on every technologies.

I am here to gather out of the box knowledge and to share my own thoughts with the community. Thank you !

markojagetic15 profile image
Marko Jagetić

Hi everyone!

Marko here. I have been a web developer for 2 years now and decided to join since I have found a lot of answer that bugged me in recent years in this place.

Would like to learn more and help whenever I can

sorooshmsarvari profile image
Soroosh Mirzasarvari

I'm Soroosh but everyone call me Siri. I am 21 and work as a junior software developer. I build web apps with Django and ReactJS. Also, I design computer systems and provide somewhat of a solution for problems :)
I LOVE to be involved in volunteer work and I always look for ways to expand both my knowledge and network of peaple.

ahmedwadod profile image
Ahmed A. Elkhalifa

Hello, there!

I'm Ahmed Elkhalifa, a CTO & DevOps Engineer. Glad to be joining DEV Community!

I found myself into DEV through the various articles that show up on Google search when I'm looking for news and articles on tech.

I'm looking forward to share with you guys a few articles on #docker #kubernetes and #devops in general. I'm really excited to join this community 🔥

You can checkout My Github Account to get a peak at what I do 👨‍💻

mnakoneszen profile image
Margarete Nakoneszen

Boa Tarde a todos sou novata aqui e preciso de toda a ajuda possível. Estou cursando Gestão da Tecnologia da Informação e estou buscando conhecimento e dicas de como conseguir um estágio. Obrigada por me aceitarem.

uferekalu profile image

Hi all! Glad to be here. My name is Ufere Kalu and I am a Full Stack JavaScript Developer with progressive years of experience in using technologies such as React Js, Node Js, Express Js, Next js etc., in building web solutions that are mobile friendly, user-oriented among other client requirements. I have keen interest in collaborating and contributing to development team. Some of the stuffs I have built can be found in

bisayangmarino profile image
Nikko Orillaneda

Hi everyone!

I'm Nikko, I am a seafarer and will now be starting a career as a web developer. I want to surround myself with fellow enthusiasts and practitioners on this field in order to learn and in future, contribute as well.

Glad to be here, and be seeing you all. Thank you!

callmeashwin profile image
Ashwin V Kumar

Hello Everyone! Glad to be here.

I'm Ashwin. Just a friendly neighbourhood geek, currently learning about #Flutter and bit about of #CyberSecurity.

I'm here to share my thoughts and ideas with you guys. Will catch you soon!

Thank you :)

marynarzswiata profile image

Hello everyone!

I'm Patrick. I'm an maritime officer on LNG vessels, looking for new opportunity to learn new skills especially for Front End Development. Is nice to meet all of you. Have a nice day.

domyprogramminghomework profile image

Hi there
I am Jenna William. I am a coder and writer at
I am here to learn and educate others.

Check out my post.

tintujoseph profile image

Hi All,
I'm Tintu Joseph, I'm starting out my flutter developer career. I was looking for someplace where I could share my ideas and doubt i flutter and I heard about this platform from youtube, so, here I am

shman profile image
Kamil Kwiecien

Hello everybody!

I'm Kamil, a Full Stack Developer currently working for Mitsubishi in Japan. I've joined more than a year ago, so this is a late welcome post ;).
Currently I'm working on remote job board where you can find plenty of fresh Ruby or JavaScript jobs. Please follow my posts for my journey updates.

If you would like to connect feel free to contact me on Twitter.

Have a nice day!

rubedog profile image


I am here and I don't remember how, I feel like I'm lost but this place is awesome.
I am here mainly to learn more about how to code and I hope to make some articles sometime for others too!

See you around

techthumb1 profile image
Jason Robinson

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jason. I have been studying Data Science for over a couple years now, and want to learn more about software development to enhance my skills. I have worked with React, Django, and Flask, so I have some basic knowledge, but will appreciate any advice or direction anyone can offer, and as well I hope to be able to provide answers to your questions. Glad to be here! Thank you!

harleendev profile image
Harleen 🏳️‍🌈

Hi everyone! My name is Harleen and I'm from NYC. I decided to learn programming as a New years resolution. Hope to find support here! Thanks for welcoming me!
You can also find me on Twitter:

tkxel_software_outsourcing profile image
Arslan Ijaz

Hi! I'm Arslan Ijaz. I am a Web deign & digital marketing executive working at Tkxel as a digital marketing strategist, who is also an avid blogger, a speaker and writer-at-large. Here on, you will find my thoughts on UI/UX design, Web development, among others.

mukesh2085 profile image

Hello Everyone,

I am Mukesh, currently working in Microsoft O365 space. I love working with NodeJS and reactJS, SPFx (SharePoint Framework), Typescript and JavaScript in general for developing reusable parts in platform like SharePoint and MS Teams.

I have recently joined Dev community for sharing my ideas and insights relevant to my interest areas. Looking forward to sharing and hearing ideas on :)

My Twitter Handle:

trilochansahoo profile image

Hello Everyone,
I am Trilochan Sahoo, a Full-stack Developer in beginner level. I'm using programming language Javascript, ReactJS, Python, SQL etc.
I know there is a long way to go and learn so many things, so I am here to learn new things. And explore the world of technology.

f10 profile image
F10 Global

Hey Dev members! Am new to the community and would like to share an exciting opportunity. Klaytn, the blockchain arm of Kakao is running an incubation program and are looking for startups especially in Gamefi, Metaverse, Creator Economy and Defi. Kakao is South Korea's largest internet company and they are very big into gaming. Klaytn's chain is similar to ETH so building on Klaytn is easy and seamless. There is also a grant of $50K SGD worth of Klay tokens to be given to startups in the program. Here's the program info link.

pedroignacio13 profile image
Pedro Ignácio

Hello everybody, my name is Pedro, I'm a 20 years old Brazilian IT Architect on my way to becoming a cloud engineer.

Overall I will post cloud and system's architecture related things and I'll try to make it very simple for everyone to understand.

I would appreciate any pieces of advice from more experienced people (and from those who aren't at all) and I'll always be open to talk about cloud and other stuff.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn on this link:

I'll be writing here in the next couple of days. I'm preparing to take the AZ-104 exam on February's 19th and I would really like to share with you my experiences.

I just started reading the Cloud Architecture Patterns (O'Reilly's book) and I'll be sharing chapter by chapter the thing I've learned.

Stay safe everyone. I'll see you soon!

ryanralphs profile image
Ryan Ralphs

Hello all!

PHP Developer in Test and 5 year long member of the tech industry, documenting and sharing his journey into learning #javascript (with a focus on #node and #react) and reading about everyone else as I go :)

Here's a link to my newly created Github for JavaScript projects if anyone's interested!

Looking forward to seeing what you're all up to.


floraaviss profile image
Flora Yedidya AVISSOUDO

Bonjour à tous!
Je m'apelle Flora et je suis un élève ingénieur DevOps. Je suis ici pour apprendre beaucoup sur la culture DevOps. si vous avez des tutoriels à me recommanderou tout autre chose relatif au DevOps , je suis prenante.
Merci d'avance

jessmorr profile image
Jess M

Hello! My name is Jess and I'm happy I stumbled across this page! (Was searching for Helper Function examples) I am currently refining my Python skills (mostly used it for data analytics) and I'm currently learning Javascript, HTML-CSS ,all the things, in hopes of becoming a Full Stack Developer.

sobin profile image

             <h1>I am new to this and to the field of .............. <h1>

             <p> can you teach me somthing that help me to improve my zero% 
              coding knowledge </p>

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manas789 profile image

Hi everyone, I am Manas .

I work as a unity indie game developer
and a blenderer.
Exploring Linux and AWS simultaneously.
I am new to dev community, I have recently found it and it's very helpful.

mithlajkn profile image
Mohammed Mithlaj

Hi everyone!
Iam here after watching an interview of @liyasthomas ...... Day0with

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

Glad you're here. May you find and produce some quality tech / dev content here.

mithlajkn profile image
Mohammed Mithlaj


practical_coder123 profile image
Alan K

Hi, i am Alan. I am coding ethustiast. I am teaching myself different programming languages. My favorite programming languages are python, javascript,C#,C++. I am not a pro till i am writing this comment. But i will sincerely use the tips and codes in

varbsan profile image

Hello everyone!

I'm Bakary, a french front-end developer :) . I'm based in Berlin and work in the solar energy industry 🚀☀️

I'm self-taught, so it goes without saying learning on my own has always been a passion!
That's why I was thinking why not give a shot to the "learn in public" concept! And moreover, why not do it here! On, where are usually get the best developer insights!

So here I am ready to contribute, ready to continue to learn, and just happy to be part of the community!!! 👨‍💻👨‍🎓🥳


andymcbee profile image

Hi all, just joined up to document my journey! I've been involved in the freelance space since 2016, but with en emphasis on online marketing.

Documenting my journey on becoming a fullstack JS dev now!

Just posted my first post :)