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Welcome Thread - v148

Baby polar bear saying "sup"

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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JenningsF • Edited on

Howdy! 👋

Been poking around on DEV for about a month now, but haven’t formally introduced myself I suppose. I’m US-based with a CS degree but have been working outside tech since graduating (over 5 years). Currently planning a career transition within the next couple years into tech and just here to learn and refine my skills 😄

Edit: currently learning the ins and outs of web dev, but have a healthy knowledge of OOP from college (C++ mainly with some Python) and some networking.

Happy coding y’all!

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Drew Schillinger

Just remember -- so long as you know logic, you're a programmer! (everything else is just vocabulary) 😂

Best of luck on your journey!


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Dr. Daya Shankar


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Zainab A.


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Piyush Kumar

How old are u?

iam_mulamane profile image
Fadamular Great .Web Developer


jenningsf profile image

I’m 28

amitabhlaksh profile image
Amitabh Suman

Hello all,
I am a graduate in arts stream. But I have great inclination towards programming and that brought me here.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Multiple TV and movie characters giving a thumbs up

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Amitabh Suman


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Artak Avetyan

Hi. I'm here to share knowledge and learn new (for me) technologies. Ask me if you are interested to learn more about multithreading, multiprocessing, asynchronous communication and event-driven architecture. At the moment, all in C++
Want to know more: bridging C++ with Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, etc.

immortaljellyfish profile image
Jaime Panaia-Rodi

Hello! 👋

I just finished a few courses on Scrimba and was referred to this site to write about my journey. I'm returning to building things on the web after taking 4 years off to raise a tiny human.

My favorite food is peanut butter.

Happy coding everyone!

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Drew Schillinger • Edited on

Hello! Google's been delivering stories to my feed for about a month now. Glad that I poked around to find the community!

Consider me a zengineer, a human capital investor (meaning coach, mentor, team leader), and an Open Sourcerer (borrowing that from someone else 😂), and a life-long-learner!

To that point, I'm working on my Executive MBA at Georgia Tech (focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship) while also tightening up my coding skills (all the fun stuff: OpenAI/GPT-3/Codex, Go, Rust, Python 3.10, Svelte/Sveltekit)

After a great 15-year run with WarnerMedia (Adult Swim, NBA, HBOMax, CNN), I am onto my next adventure, wherever that may be (focusing primarily in the Atlanta Start-up scene)!

Call it Economics of Empathy or Profit for Purpose, but I'm a little obsessed with mindfulness, behavioral economics/social psychology and business' role in creating equity and making space in technology and the world.

Please feel free to say hi -- I'd appreciate it as I continue my journey!


Drew (DoctorEw)

chenganxu2014 profile image

When I'm learning programming by myself, I found that I'm extremely happy to share my knowledge with others.
And I'm very good at making knowledge easy to understand too.
So I come here to do what I'm destined for and hope to make a living on that.

antoniosun13 profile image

I am a high school graduate, going to join college by the end of November. I've finished one course in, that's my only experience. Trying to improve my knowledge out here. This community is so cool btw, thanks for letting me in 😍

meaganmarkelle profile image

Hey everyone! I am working with a team of developers to bring a new way for people to come together and build Web3 companies: an NFT community. Zombstein Country Club is actively looking for developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to come aboard to work on project proposals or pitch us ideas to fund and grow. All members will receive equity in the form of an ERC-20 token. Paid job opportunities for devs to come in Q1 2022. Let me know what you think :)

wasimghafar profile image

Very nice 👍

krsrk profile image
Chris López

Hi!, I'm Chris Lopez from Mexico, actually work in a Peruan Company called RCP, i'm a Python Backend developer for their star product

Also know PHP, JS, Laravel and Vue. I'm here to contribute to this community, exchange of knowledge and meeting new developers friends.

Happy Coding!!!

canolcer profile image
Can Olcer

Hi all 👋

I've been a long-time lurker, and recently started to write more technical posts on my own blog. I thought it would be great to share them on here, too!

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur, and currently working on two side projects. The first one is called Fugu, and is an open-source and privacy-friendly product analytics tool that I just launched two days ago. The second one is called Mapzy, and is a open-source store finder (not live yet).

As you can tell, I'm interested in software that's simple, open-source and privacy-friendly. Both, as an engineer and customer.

Looking forward to meeting a lot of new folks on here :-)

shuhrat3388 profile image

Hello!My name is Shuhrat. I'm from Uzbekistan. I want to be a senior programmer. I'm interested in making android apps but many devs say it is so difficult) However I never go back and hope that I can learn it with your helps 😁 Truely speaking, I can't speak very well in english lang. Sorry for my errors 😅 Thank you so much for attention!!!

xyluet profile image
Ali Sunjaya

Hi guys,

I'm Ali from Indonesia. I used to be a fullstack (PHP + Vue) because I made web apps. Now I'm focusing to backend. Mainly I use Go and JS. But it's kinda boring to create an API or integration for third parties. So I'm starting to learn React Native for mobile. Hopefully I can build my own mobile app.

paawan9700 profile image
Paawan Singal

hi there,
new to the community, can anybody just elaborate more about this dev community so that i got more familiar and make the most out of this .
btw i am a under graduate in in computer science and engineering and learning MERN stack currently.
happy coding!

website_voice profile image

Hi everyone. Just joined community with interact with developers and share the knowledge. We launched a text to speech tool for websites called WebsiteVoice. Give it a try and share your feedback:

somteacodes profile image
Somto Anunobi • Edited on

Hello Everyone, full stack developer and Instructor from Nigeria, Youtuber @somteacodes.

I barely write blogs or share stories in written format, mainly because I feel I cant (imposter syndrome). So here i am on a quest to overcome that. So i wrote my first post here

bup_legend profile image
Bup Lucas

Hey, guys! I've been working in a company for 5 years, this year I'm training leading the innovation and front end team.

It's been very interesting to pass on the knowledge and understand how each person works and be able to extract the most from their potential

jwalaprasaddub4 profile image
Jwala Prasad Dubey

Hi brothers, I am 23 years of age. Still struggling to learn concepts related to JS and web dev. I have 1 year of working experience in a startup. Its a very tough ride for last few years after graduating.

mrsharm profile image
mrsharm • Edited on


Just recently joined and so far it has been a great experience! I am currently a US-based software performance engineer with a former life in quantitative finance. Recently got a Masters in Data Science and I am enjoying the intersection of .NET optimizations and Machine Learning / AI. My skills include C#, F#, Python and C/C++ along with a tad bit of web dev.

My interests include playing guitar, recording music and have recently taken on a goal of reading 45 books this year: (currently at 37 - Github needs to be updated.). Also, on my way of completing 90 days of meditation.

My goal is to learn as much as I can by reading and contributing! Look forward to prospective interactions!

sa_webmastery profile image
Sasha Akhavi

Hi, I'm Sasha. Nice to be here! I worked in Web software for 20+ years starting in the early webmastering days of Adobe(dot)com, did front-end UI dev and UX design, got into Agile process facilitation (scrum mastering, agile coaching), headed the Product department at a startup for a while, and I'm now back in grad school in Science and Technology Studies, studying... software teams. How're y'all?

___shuvo___ profile image
Aden Zain

Hey Everyone!

I am an undergraduate non-CSE background student who aspires to become an Full-Stack Web Developer as well as a Data Scientist. I am very passionate about these field. Always curious to gain more knowledge about Code,Data,Networking and other fascinating stuff.Open to learn anytime, anywhere!

Wish me luck!

jsjared_ profile image
Jared Medina • Edited on

Hello everyone!

I was introduced to DEV today by a scrimba instructor after finishing up a JS course with them. I decided to check it out and I actually quite like the site.

I went to school for information systems, but only hold a basic understanding of Python and Java. I'm currently working on improving my webdev skills while also holding general curiosity for a plethora of other things.

I look forward to involving myself and contributing to this community.

Hope you all have a good one!

gjorgivarelov profile image

Well hello! I've been involved with IT in general these past few years, been intrigued and curious about all things computers for way before that and have met some really cool people along the way. And I hope that trend, of meeting cool people while gaining even more expertise in all things computers, continues.
I found this community through a Red Hat's newsletter, there was a link to Bobby Iliev's post on Bash scripting, read his post, dug around other posts here and felt that I could enjoy my time being a part of this community.

nuzairnuwais profile image
Nuzair Nuwais

Hi 👋
I'm new to DEV aaaand here we go.

Based in Atlanta, I'm a Systems Analyst. I don't code at work so I really enjoy coding outside of work 😂 Currently working on building side projects and talking about them in public on Twitter (@nuzairnuwais ).
My DMs are open, feel free to drop a message or if you wanna colab on a project.
Looking forward to it.

kgotlelelo profile image

Hello Strangers

I am a student at WeThinkCode, I found out about this place after contributing to open source project during hacktoberfest.. I have some experience in Java, SpringBoot, python, Nodejs ,Docker,reactjs,sql,mongodb and flutter

I love Java

aeiou profile image

Hi all 👋

I have a goal of creating an impressive full-stack application for my portfolio by the end of November 2021. I heard I can learn some React best-practices from this community, so here I am 😊

Some background about me: I have a degree in CS, but lack good projects and experience, so that's my main focus right now. Aside from computers, I love disc golf and piano.

GL & HF,

shahzaib_ali profile image

Hello people! 👋

Hope you are all doing great ♥. I am new to this site hence the intro. Anyways I am a self taught full stack web dev learning and building things almost everyday.

I have about 2 years experience in JS and python. I love working with react native as well.

I am also a CS student in Alevels ( Cambridge ). I am highly interested in how the web and the processor works. Other than that I sometimes ride my bike 😂

Peace out

nkap profile image
Nisarg Kapkar

Hello 👋

Published my first blog couple of weeks ago, but haven't introduced myself yet!

I am Nisarg. I am a Full Stack Developer & Aspiring Product Manager.

I tweet and blog about web development, data structures/algorithms and startups.
Currently writing a series called 'ELI5 JavaScript' where I explain advanced JS concepts in as simple was as possible

Let's connect! My Twitter: @nnkkaapp

Have an awesome day! Happy coding :)

beepbeepimuhsheep profile image

Hey, I'm a newbie to software development; started studying last year in June! I'm interested in finding out more about the developer community, what it's like being a developer, best practices to keep a healthy balanced life as a developer, and just the overall lifestyle really. I'd like to immerse myself in the field more and really dive into the mind-set. I have plans for my career but am still learning the ins and outs and the details of the career itself.

marlonjcloete profile image

Hey guys,

So after much contemplating I decided to join a community of software developers, I'm hoping to learn a lot from you guys. I'm a second year software development student from South Africa, I finish next year in June. I covered a lot in the last year and a half from Python to SQL Server, Java, C#, HTML and CSS with a bit of JavaScript.

To be honest I've never given software development much thought, but in this current day and age I thought it's a smart decision. My dream is to work overseas in Europe or North America and make a life for myself there.

I'm definitely not feeling confident in myself and second guessing things at every turn. What I'm trying to do is make my personal portfolio with some projects to showcase what I can do. I have some big ideas, but maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. Would love to hear about your experiences and how you got started and what you struggled with the most.


itskevinzz profile image
Kevin Nguyen

semi-frequent reader and decided to sign up on a whim. Not a developer by career, though went to school for it and ended up in Product Management. Still enjoy the weekend side projects and looking to just connect and learn from the community.