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Hello from a cloud


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Thanks for being a part of our community everyone! We become better when more folks take part, ask questions, leave plenty of ❤️ and 🦄.

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Hello Ben, thanks for having us here. It's a great world to share our thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for offering some wonderful advice. It's really appreciated from a new programmer's perspective!

Hi Ben, hope you're doing great! Thank you for having me here.

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie in the world of programming (JavaScript mainly). I joined the network for I want to surround my self with people who are passionate about programming and their craft.

Thank you!

Welcome to the world of programming.

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Did you know that white animal thing is called a moomin?? I sure didn't.

Hello there!

I am Vinay, a Linux Sysadmin with a strong interest in the DevOps mindset (atleast I believe it's a mindset than a role) who's eager to learn from each and everyone of you here, while giving back to the community and therefore I started following this awesome site {now 1 of my permanent bookmarks ;-)}

Looking forward to imbibe as much knowledge and share it as much I can.

PS: When I'm not dabbling with technology, I'm also an avid artist and you can check out my work here [bit.ly/2D1ZPgL]. Any sort of feedback on that will be much appreciated.

1 more PS: For any fellow artists here, please reach out to me to know more on how I've deployed the above, in case you wish to host your own.

3 cheers to the Dev.to community! :)

Hi all, I like your posts very relatable .. one day I wont be considered a jr. No mo hopefully

Hello there, I am William, developer at KissKissBankBank, Paris. Happy to join the community!

An Angular4 developer here. I've been coding in my spare time in Perl for many years. Glad to be here.

Hello! 🙃😊👋🙌 Happy to be a part of the community. Hope I could learn and give back. Looking forward to lots of informations and excitement.

Self-taught web developer working my way into a development position in my current company. I found HTML/CSS easy to understand, but have been working on becoming more confident with my Javascript skills.

I live in Arizona but I am originally from London, England. Die-hard Man United fan.

Hello there!

It's been a year since I started using Java programming language. I was familiar with C++, but the transition still a big change for me, because I jumped in before learning to swim. After taking a step back, and starting from the beginning, I found that it's easy, but I still find myself still making rookie mistakes, so I am hoping to learn a lot from this community. Even get introduced to new programming language!

See you around!

Hello everyone. I found this community via the merch site that popped up on Producthunt recently. I immediately bought 2 sweatshirts before I even realised that the site wasn't just a shop selling cool clothes for devs.

So basically for my first 5 minutes of Dev.to life, I was like one of those hipster girls who wear Led Zeppelin tshirts having never listened to the band.

Thankfully though, I can walk the walk - I've been a full stack developer for about 15 years. The last 10 years I've been 100% Ruby on Rails. I've dabbled a bit in some Node.js frameworks but Ruby/Rails is where my comfort zone is.

I've launched several products, some of which were acquired, more info here:

After 1.5 years of working on my last SaaS product while beach hopping around Asia, I was seduced back into corporate life to a senior product / tech role at a global MNC in the finance industry. I've been doing that now for the last 2 years.

I'm here to keep my skills sharp and to maybe also provide an enterprise tech perspective on discussions, if that'll be useful to people!

Hi guys.. I am new ta dev,.. I am a Linux enthusiast and see myself as a Researcher in Kernel Development and Machine Learning in near future. I love to discuss over emerging technologies and connect to to brilliant and interactive people who find it okay to share their opinions and experiences about latest trends, tools and tech.

Hi everyone, greetings from Singapore! I recently found this amazing place while doing career research and general reading for enrichment and would love to be part of this community.

I've been doing IT in the banking industry for coming 8 years now, dabbled mainly in rdbms, some web dev, some backend, but I've been doing ETL stuff for the last 2-3 years or so (sql server, Informatica, oracle) and absolutely hate it. Looking at my career runway I'm starting to transit into a project manager role which I don't want. At this juncture I'm picking up python trying to transition into a ML career but it's proving tough to self learn while on a full time job.

Hope to learn lots from other people's journeys and get more clarity on my own!

What up. I'm Noah. I live in the Tacoma area (south of Seattle) and work even further south. I work as an Application Developer using mostly ASP.NET (still running web forms [I know I know...]) with a bunch of SQL database stuff and basic JQuery and JavaScript tied in here and there. I've dabbled in MVC (and we're eventually moving towards .NET Core MVC as well as moving to a cloud base), and have some experience in AngularJS (1.6+ but not Angular2), HTML, CSS, other JavaScript functionality, some SUPER basic API stuff and that's all for the code side.

I want to be a better coder. I want to have a better understanding on where and how things started and where things are going in the future and I want to be involved but I am seriously overwhelmed by it all about 94% of the time. And honestly, feel super lost without some guidance on what I really should be doing. So I come here. I read stuff. I hope to get a little bit of this and that on the side while learning-by-doing on-the-job.

I just started snowboarding again after nearly 10 years. I play guitar. I write sometimes, sometimes I play PlayStation, and I have some kids who keep my busy.

Say hi. Be my mentor. Flip me off. Whatever. I'm just really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by talking to people.

Hi everyone! I'm Tanya and a full-stack .NET developer based in Atlanta, GA.

Hello! I’m self-taught LAMP stack developer with >10 years of experience. Currently I’m working on a startup, so this is a wery interesting topic for me. Also I would like to learn JVM platform, Kotlin specifically caught my eye. Thanks for dev.to platform! I was reading content here for some time and decided to join this community :)

Hello everyone!

About me:

I'm a full stack web engineer that has about 8 years of professional experience across mostly JAVA and .NET technologies. I've played around with Python, Ruby, and even Node.js trying to find what suits me.

Recently, I've decided to make the commitment to becoming an expert cloud based web apps with Azure hosting a .NET/.NET Core Stack/Microservice behind Angular (Although, I'm still holding out hope that Ember catches on).

Really enjoying this place so far, and look forward to not only reading, but contributing lots of good content as I learn more.

Hello everyone. I'm graphic designer in soul and engineer in brain. I know python to write very dirty - short fix programs for my daily usage, using org-mode, love dwarf fortress, wish to master emacs (: I've done ML courses from Andrew NG, so I decide to improve my python understanding for better me and easier future.

For Turkish speaking friends I write blog (bparlan.com) about socio-technological things with my 20+ year tech experience and support of my sociologist wife.

Hi everyone. I'm a senior .Net/Sql Developer in NY. I'm new to cloud development in particular Azure so would like to read other dev's experience/paint-points moving from prem to that platform, I'm also interested in career themes such as the article "It's perfectly fine to only code at work..." which brought me to your site.

Hi Everyone,
I am a computer science graduate from India. I was interested in programming since I was in school. I learned web Development during my college and I have just begun my career as a web developer Intern. I have read a lot of good articles over here so I decided to sign up and experience something better.
Thanks for this great community.

Hey everyone, mid stack developer for an international organisation based in the UK. Mostly a .NET developer with a little bit of erlang and golang exposure. Hoping to actually learn things before learning things the hard way :)

Hello everyone,

I am super glad to be part of this very great community. Currently, i am learning Python with Flask framework. The major reason for me joining this network is to learn, teach and share this craft and be good at it by surrounding myself with folks that have the same passion - coding!

Lets have fun :-)

Junior android developer , seeking for perfection !

Continue forth, friend, one step at a time. Good luck! :)

Hello devs!
What a great space is dev.to. I used to be a dev, then moved to the PM world and now training myself to go back to sw development with all the great technologies and opportunities out there!

Hi there!
Greetings from Brazil!

Experienced, old school developer and Development Manager here! \o/

I just love productivity tips and it changes our lives. I also love my work, been able to build trust with customers through good software is amazing!