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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

International Welcome Taco says hello in many languages!

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! ✌️

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. 👋

  3. Or answer this question: What's your preferred way of communicating with your coworkers? Email, chat, in person, or something else?


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Hi everyone!,
Just starting out my programming journey. I enjoy working with JavaScript, but I am up for learning anything. Excited to contribute to this awesome community.


I think the only person who tagged as an attachment


Hello everyone,

I’m Mina, a Java developer turned C# developer. Although I’m a senior at my work, I still feel like there’s so much to learn. I think that’s the beauty of programming — constant learning.

I also blog on my spare time and am learning React natve. I’ve always dreamed of publishing an app but never really got around to it. I now focus more on writing on my blog (craftedserendipity.com) and programming.

My manager sent me an article from dev.to about code reviews. It piqued my interest so much that I decided to join the community.

Excited to learn from passionate, like-minded people, and to contribute my ideas and experiences to the community. :)


Mina Opada
hi ..
how to create oop in Lua-language


Hi Khairi, unfortunately, I have not tried programming in Lua yet. But, object-oriented programming is a type of programming design. It's kind of based on what the language is catered to.

So, in OOP, we can create classes and relate them to real-world entities. That is okay for, say, Java or C#. But in C, we can't do that because C language doesn't have classes.

Maybe you can apply the OOP Concepts in Lua language. These concepts include polymorphism, encapsulation, etc. Click here for more information on OOP. :)


Hi-ya everyone! My name's Spencer and I mostly do [ actually only do, really ] Javascript stuff. I'm currently trying to learn backend stuff as I've really only ever done things with frontend code. My favorite frontend framework has to be Vue.js, and I'm excited to learn GraphQL.

I came to DEV.to after finding it either through Twitter or Product Hunt, I forget which. The design of the website stood out to me though, and the community here seems great! So, yeah... Here I am :)


Excellent to start with GraphQL (for me) it was with Gatsby. Vue is excellent FED i love it, especially Nuxtify ;)

BED always come with Linux administration, so welcome to the club ;)



Hi everyone,
I'm Helen and i'm a junior dev in JS in a french start'up. I'm working on React (I tried vuejs too but I felt in love with react). I finished school in november 2018 so I've got lots of stuff to learn, discover... I'm enjoying my new work (I was a comics bookseller for 5 years) and I discover Dev.to on march 8th for International Women's day with "Nevertheless she coded".
I'm really happy to discover this community :)


Hi everyone, I'm Chris. I've been doing front end development for a long time, focused more on HTML/CSS/jQuery, with a little backend dev, a little UX and a little mobile app development thrown in. I've specialized in creating accessible sites lately, learned a lot about the WCAG 2.X guidelines.

I recently found this site through a couple of developers that I followed on Twitter. My coworkers mostly use Microsoft Teams to communicate.


Hi, Chris! I've been trying to wrangle better accessibility into our 25,000 pages and our content management system. So far, it's been winning, but progress is happening.


Hey, my name is Cedric. I was brought here from Twitter after doing a follow blitz of developers (Ali Spittel, Ire Aderinokun, and Sara Soueidan just to name a few). I wanted another avenue to learn from like-minded individuals beyond my job. I currently acquired a Javascript cert. after only having working experience with it and jQuery for 9 years.

My coworkers mostly communicate in person and on slack. Majority of our conversations involves who's buying the office cookies next and funny gifs.


Haha I was also brought here on a Twitter follow blitz. I'm Wiley. JavaScript nerd currently selling my time to a small company in Colorado.


Hey there! I prefer messaging people, but I always intend for the messages to be asynchronous. We as a team strive for async communication, and no one is expected to respond immediately. It's a great way to stay focused and get things done, while talking with one another when needed.


Hey :)
Am Sara, i came in here after reading a lot of informative articles that was published here and shared on twitter, and decided to make my blog and share my Journey too.
I have just started working Professionally as a Software developer three months ago.
So its overwhelming a lot of times, and one needs such incredible community to keep going :D


Hey I am Suren... a software developer from Sri Lanka. I have worked with Java and PHP in the past but now doing Python and Javascript development mostly. Still learning those, thought I will check out Dev.to after listening to dev.to creator on product hunt podcast. Excited to be here and meet you all.


Hello world! :-)

I'm a Web/iOS developer and up-and-coming data scientist wrapping up my M.S. in Data Science in 7 weeks! I love a cross-section of software from FP in Swift to computer vision work with deep learning. I work often in the web space and love teaching! My friend Jake Dohm said I should join the community so here I am! I have worked at the same company RoleModel Software for over six years while I've been in school.

I am excited to share things I'm learning with others and look forward to learning from you all.


Welcome! Are you related to Anthony DiLorenzo, the composer?


No, sorry. I do play the Piano, Accordion, and Alto Sax though... :-)


Hellooo :)

I've been a software engineer for over 14 years, focusing on javascript for a little over 10 years now. I've also recently become a Pluralsight author. I'm joining Dev.to so that I can get some technical content out there, and hopefully help someone with a problem they're trying to solve, just like so many articles out there have helped me get to where I am today. I'd love to write more articles about things that I'm working on, and I really like reading content on dev.to.


Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie, I'm a UX designer and mobile expert in Luxembourg, I also teach and talk at conferences.
I don't code that much anymore but I still like to keep up with what's going on in JS, HTML and CSS. I read a few articles on this site and decided to create an account :)
I'm currently learning the basics of swift with the apple playground app and I have to say, it's a nice and fun way to learn.



I wanted to take my career into another level after I got inspired from many articles written on this community. And hopefully one day I can also share something that can contribute to others specially on this community.

So yeah hope everyone is doing great and having fun! See yah! :)


Hi, everyone.

I'm Al (that's with an L, as in AL, not an I as in Artificial Intelligence). What brought me here was Opera Developer. I switch browsers monthly so I can experience each one as a heavy user. Opera is using Chromium so it's not all that far from Chrome (or soon, Microsoft Edge). Next month it's Safari's turn.

I'm a web developer with a fairly large local government in the US. In my spare time I teach a front-end class at a college, volunteer with Red Cross Disaster IT, volunteer with Creative Mornings breakfast lectures, and try to keep my son from overthrowing the world.



I am new to programming (2-3 months) and looking for a home. My 12-week code boot camp is nearly over. It gave me a handle on the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Linux, and PHPMyAdmin/MySQL. Currently, I am trying to learn Bootstrap to help me in the front-end (I'm terrible at design). I want to learn a library and a framework. My next programming language is Python, I hope!


GM! Anthony D. Mays here, Software Engineer @ Google and programmer with 18 years of experience specializing in web technologies (formerly Microsoft stack, now Angular, React, blah, blah).

Also, helping to build a more representative and inclusive tech world by by providing technical interview resources and consulting with companies/non-profits. Stop by my website for tips if you need 'em (amays.me/interview-tips).

Fun fact: I am legit straight outta Compton and was featured in a BuzzFeed video last year (amays.me/buzzfeed).


Good morning sir
Thank you for the link on tips 😊


Hi to all the community!
I came here after reading someone post in LinkedIn about this new community. I'm primarily a mobile developer (Flutter, iOs, Android) but also a try-to backend and web developer for need in some project I follow.

I love to communicate in person with people because it gives space to creativity, but chat and email are irreplaceable for fast collaboration.


the awesome book-memes brought me to the dev-community of twitter where I found some great articles. And now I'm working on some projects for the Uni and thinking about sharing my knowledge about netkit and stuff (via an article maybe?) cause I had a hard time figuring out how that works and think that it shouldn't be the standard.


Welcome Luca!

Yes! I'm sure that would be helpful!


Hello, looking to pick up some new practices that can be used for various forms of system development. This is with a goal of towards a move from old school sysadmin to devops by simplifying scripts and configs.

I have done some python and bash which I have running on a day by day basis. Dipped my toes in Docker, Swarm, LXC & Kubernetes and a little bit of Golang.

I need to get proficient at development. I've been following Dev on Twitter for sometime. I thought I'd actually use it as my daily news feed now.

So hello... any pointers or advice would be great.


Hello programmers!.

I am Prashant Yadav javascript enthusiast, Founder, and Writer at learnersbucket.com. I continuously learn about javascript, its frameworks, and libraries and share what I have learned with the community.


Hi everyone,

my name is Georg. I am a career changer and I would call myself a "part time" web-developer. One part of my job is to create websites (mostly in WordPress). But I also work with other CMS like Adobe Experience Manager (I just do the content management, not the programming). I started with HTML, CSS, SCSS...and some JavaScript. I haven't graduated from high school or university and had the first 30 years of my life nothing to do with programming or computer specific topics. Therefore I feel like I sometimes need a little longer to understand certain concepts. :-)

For me, programming is fun and I am always curious about new things. #JavaScript and #NodeJS are my main topics at the moment.

I like a lot of posts here on DEV. That's why I am here. I am more likely a reader/consumer than a writer, maybe it's because english is not my native language (obviously). But I like to share good content and who knows, maybe someday I will write a useful article too. ;-)

Nice to be here...


Hi! everyone,

I'm David from Mexico city. I studied Communication Science and became over the years more interested in Software development. I have worked for 10 years in the e-learning industry.

I enjoy writting things in Python, Javascript and Php, in a more functional way. I like Functional Programming alot.

Currently, i'm trying to learn about reactive programming and the common design ideas that we can find between OO and Functional programming styles. Also i find OO Design Patterns a very interesting topic.

I spend time in self-paced learning things about NodeJs, React, GraphQL and Django.

I'm really happy to join this awesome community.


Hello people!
After working as a crew member on cruise ships for 10 years, i ventured myself into programming since '17, i'm in love with JS mainly (React, Vue) but i also had my summers of love with Django and Php, currently i am struggling with React Native, reason which made like Flutter even more.
I am glad i found this site.


Hey all,

Not much of a programmer, admittedly, but find dev.to to be uber-interesting. I currently serve as Operations manager for Rad Web Hosting.

It's my pleasure to be an official member and I look forward to interacting with you all on dev.to.


Hello everyone!
My name is Emura Daisuke.
I am interested in new technologies and algorithms.
By sharing my ideas with everyone, I want to learn many things from everyone.

The first idea Hayate-Shiki is a sorting algorithm .
If you are interested, please take a look.


Hey everyone
I'm James.
I see myself as a front end web developer in training,
at least for now. I'm currently learning Javascript, and working on some projects (though it hasn't been kind to me). I also have a passion for ui/ux designing. I hope to make some progress in my journey as a developer, and also to have some fun know this awesome and vibrant community


Hi all! I have been developing applications with Python, Django and JavaScript for some time now.I have just started learning ReactJs. I was looking for a great community to learn, share and contribute and I was introduced to dev.to. I'm exited to be here!!


Hallo, my name is Paolo.

I work on the front-end/design part and occasionally as full-stack developer.

Just brought here by twitter, it's really nice to see that there is another place where to share or to learn new, shiny stuff.



Hello everyone 👋🏻,

I'm a 31 yo Italian living in London and I'm new to code.
About 4 months ago I started my journey to become a frontend developer.

Google brought me here as it knows me better than myself so I guess it knew this was a good thing for me. 😜

I'm currently learning and practising with HTML and CSS to build responsive websites and about two weeks ago I started to learn Javascript.
I'm learning one thing at the time, I want to have a good base before moving to learn frameworks for example or other things.

I am full off doubts about many things but I guess (I hope) it's normal in these early stages.

I'm sure I will learn more here with your help! ☺️


Hello , Everyone.
Started my journey about 2 yrs ago unfortunately lost hope and stopped studying , causing a major set back , im back and ready to learn so that i can get out of the food service industry. Any Advice? Specially on Studying, staying motivated and finding Projects.