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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!


Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! ✌️

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. πŸ‘‹

  3. Or answer this question: would you say you're an introvert or an extrovert?


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Hello! πŸ‘‹

I'm new here to dev.to but have been reading it for a while. I'm a web developer and teacher looking to connect with more developers.

Oh - I also love Disney - ask me anything about it!

John Papa


Welcome, John! Excited to have you here, and to read more of your writing.

Oh - I also love Disney - ask me anything about it!

What's your favorite Disney film of all time?


Original Mary Poppins for live action

Tangled for animated

Star Wars original series - if we are talking all Disney owned :)

Do you know the reason why Communists are obsessed with Tinkerbell and Mushu? :)



I'm using some of my separation pay to take my family to Disney this September. We've booked through a friend who handles everything. All I wanted out of my first experience was to not make decisions. Ha!

We're staying six nights at the Villas in Animal Kingdom, and we are only looking to hit two or three parks instead of rushing around trying to fit it all in. At her recommendation, we're also spending one day just at the resort.

I wasn't immediately excited about the idea. My son will be 2 and a half, so I'm not sure how much of the experiences will be lost on him. My teenager is creeped out by people dressed up as characters. None of us enjoy thrill rides.

Then I decided to take my parents to spend time with their grandkids. Now I'm excited! I've even heard that it's a pretty decent place for beer lovers and foodies in general. Any secrets you want to pass along?


welcome. It is very interesting and well written.
I had a good time.


Hey John πŸ‘‹ Nice to have you here. Look forward to learning from your articles.

Also Did you by any chance see High School Musical? πŸ˜†



I did. My kids loved it back then


So nice to see you here, John! πŸ™Œ
You've always been a great source of information and technique for a lot of developers, I'm looking forward to your articles.


Nice to have you here John! Looking forward to your next post!


nice to meet you. I envy you. I will learn a lot from you as a beginner.


What is your favorite Disney ride?


People and site watching :) I like discovering some fo the interesting nooks at Disney


Hey John! πŸ‘‹

I was on an angular project some time ago and used your styleguide & examples quite a bit!
Thanks for sharing all that, it was very useful!

  • Joe

Hello! Former cast member here I as well share the love for Disney, and code! Nice to meet you John!


Wow, me too.
Am a teacher and web developer (on my way).
Can I ask you about where do you learn web developer?



I am actually a Mom of a 9 yr old who is passionate about coding. (which is a whole nother language to me)He has bad ADHA and Anxiety and Coding and computers are what he loves. He wants to develop a game. As of right now he has just followed tutorials and made games. I am trying to understand how all this works and hope to get some good information as to how I can help my son and direct him in the right way as to what he should do learn first and what Systems he should play with. He knows a lot but needs something easy to follow and learn. Any help is appreciated.


Hi there! Your son surely is an early starter, kudos to him. I have been doing game development as a hobby for a while now, so feel free to message me if you have any questions.


As a software developer with ADHD who has children with ADHD, big ups to you for trying to help where you can. It can sometimes be hard to find the kind of activities that are stimulating for young children.

I don't know how much advice I can offer in gaming, but I know a thing or two about building websites and the systems involved.


Hey Hoidberg! That's super awesome of you to go above and beyond for your kiddo like this and really try to become a part of the community!

I think a lot of us got into development to build games, I'm glad to see gaming has sparked an interest in programming for another young developer.

While I'm not as well versed in game development specifically, I'm happy to talk about programming and algorithms in general and talk through problems if either of you want to!


Hello there! Welcome to dev.to :)

I would say that I'm an introvert. Definitely spend my weekends at home. Lately been doing a lot of cooking, too!


I also really enjoy cooking and I think the weekends are a great time to explore some larger ideas.

Is there anything in particular that you enjoy cooking lately? Types of food, techniques, something else?


Yeah! I've been working on veggie burgers recently. It's been a real uphill battle for me though. The hard part is getting them to shape properly; mine patty just comes out sticky and hard to fry.

Otherwise it's been a lot of practicing basic knife skills like mincing garlic, slicing onions, and also cutting down meal prep times less. I think I've made pancakes for like three weeks straight, pretty much every other day. Definitely have the recipe memorized and can make it really quickly now!

I spent this past weekend making chickpeas, and I oversalted them. It was a good lesson because through the process I figured out how to desalinize them.




My name is James and I was introduced to dev.to by @hamatti and I am looking forward to doing more technical writing and interacting with the community. Recently I have been focused on TypeScript, React, Redux, Functional Programming, a bit of Elm, Electron, Docker and some Python/Flask.

I would consider myself an ambivert. An extravert that needs a fair amount of alone time to site alone, deep in though, processing the world and what has happened, ideally in the middle of the forest in Finland or an island, or wherever I can find some silence from the noise.

Recently I have been interested in early programming languages such as Fortran and Lisp and using modern tools like Docker to use them. Fun fact: my mom taught me to program in Basic in 2nd grade on an Atari 600XL.


Welcome to the community, James!

I, too, began with Basic, and while I rarely gave them a reason, I was always happy to GOTO my room if I was getting in their hair.

Dad jokes for days. Coder dad jokes. I'm sorry.


It seems like a lot of culture can be found and discovered when learning about the founding tech and languages that I might check out. Very neat.


Hello, people!

I'm a brazilian software engineer, focused in frontend web development using JavaScript, React, PWAs and more.

I use React Native and like to talk about open source, communities and career in software development area.

I just published my book about career in software development in last year (pt-br here), I have a YouTube channel for beginners in software development ("O Universo da Programação") and a blog to share my knowledge, what I learn and more.

Follow-me here and in Twitter. <3


Morning all, if your in my timezone, otherwise good afternoon and good evening. I saw the link to Dev.to from a twitter post. I have been working on securing a REST API server with loopback and jwt. Initially really liking the API generation loopback provides. The loopback explorer is very cool. Other then that I am passionate about all thing's webdev. Definitely extrovert. Happy coding! <`)))>{


Hello there!

My name is Robert and I've been looking for a place to share my concepts and ideas.

I'm a software developer for 20+ years but a total newbie in modern social media (no fb account!). Definitely an introvert ...

Thanks :)


Hello, world ^^..
It's Alaa Yacoub from Benghazi/Libya.
I was looking for my passion and I found it in programming.
I went to a few boot camps some of them was online camps ..
I was reading a tweet talking about Kotlin which was linked to Dev so I end up here looking for more articles.
Hmmm... My friends say that I'm extrovert.


Hello fellow programmers,

My name is Roshan and I am a graduate student studying Computer Science in NYC. I am interested in developing mobile and desktop applications, and ensuring they operate optimally. I have noticed this website coming up in my Google feed for the last couple of months and posts are always interesting and exciting. I figured it would be best to become a part of the community. I hope to learn from everyone here and contribute as much as I can.


Hi All,

My name is Brian and I enjoy building tools/utilities that help make things easier to do. I'm a complete noob to dev.to but looking forward to getting more familiar with it and you all. Any resources you recommend or people to follow?

Brian Clark


Welcome brain, Nice to have you here πŸ˜€


Thank you Saurabh πŸ™‚


Hello Everyone! /> I'am Front-End Web Developer Backed with PHP for backed (Self-taught: Just graduated High-School) and my first query is: How big is the Dev.to Community? Does it have local communities?



I am excited to join the dev.to community! I am a Python enthusiast looking to take a hobby and transition towards a new career. I am currently reading Python Crash Course and working on a port of the classic 2D game Galaga. I'm looking to move past the tutorial stage and start building things!


It seems that lately everybody is jumping Medium's ship. Dev.to seems like a good alternative. I have been aware of this website for a while but did not pay much attention to it. Today @dabit3 tweeted that he published a new post on dev.to, so here I'm. Check out his post about Cloud Programming, it's very intersting.



Hey hey!

Long time reader, first time joiner :)

I live in Sydney, Australia. Most my days start with a surf/swim in the pacific ocean! πŸŽ‰

I work at Thinkmill.

Looking forward to reading more great content in here, and hopefully producing some too!


Welcome to the community Simon! πŸ‘‹ Definitely jealous that you get to start the day πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ


Yeah, it's a pretty good life hack.

Being born in landlocked Switzerland, I had to work to make it happen πŸ˜…


Hi, I spend a lot of my work time with clients and business development but am also the main technical resource at the company.
I use Python mostly, and some Javascript (when I get a chance to code) within the GIS space. I also do a lot of SQL, database design, etc. I am always learning, and currently struggling with the question of: do I try to be a programmer, or a project manager first?


I am very new to the field, have taught myself web development and now after becoming a front end developer i am attending a bootcamp to acquire more knowledge and skills in the back end part so i would be able to work as a fullstack.
I have read in this discussion about people working on some interesting projects. I say good luck, and good job.


Hello everyone!

I've discovered DEV not too long ago and I think its time to introduce myself!

I'm really new to programming (I graduated from a web dev bootcamp this past November - MERN stack) and so, I still have a lot to learn!

Other than that, I'm doing a math's degree part-time, I ove reading fantasy & historical books and I'm a huge fan of animation movies and anime :P

Nice to meet you all!


Hie. I'm a computer science student finally learning to actually code stuff in her second year and not just have the ability to pass her exams. Lol. I'm currently trying to figure out how to fit all the different things I learn into an actual program. I couldn't make headway at first because I made almost everything an object and my implementation of class inheritance is one of the craziest things ever πŸ˜‚


Welcome to the community, Mozbie!


Hello world,

Found out about dev.to a couple of days back via Twitter. Love the idea of the free community.

I am a developer and create native cross-platform tools that involve working on android, ios, uwp, linux, & macos.

Looking forward to learn, grow and connect new people in the community.

Feel free to connect via twitter or github.

Open to discuss new ideas.

Hobby: Astrophotography.

Cheers :)



I was looking for a legit kind of technical interview that advanced candidate's possibilities to escape from this experience with their id in tact, and they're having a positive experience with the person chosen to do the technical interview.


Hey everyone! I'm Kerry from Boston and I'm completely new to the field of web development. I'm a career changer and a student at Bloc bootcamp. I am currently learning React and just finished building my first React music player app.

Oh, and I am a total introvert! :) How about everyone else?


Hello, Friends :) I just posted my first post on dev.to, so I figured I'd come by and say hi! I'm Hiro, and I'm a SysAdmin in NYC by day, and a Cloud Computing Technical Instructor by night!

I founded and run awsnewbies.com to help others like me without technical backgrounds (I have degrees in Special Education!) learn about Cloud Computing and AWS. I also just finished working on a video course on Lynda.com that introduced AWS to non-engineers, which published a few days ago.

I'm working to help make tech accessible to all, and can't wait to keep on diving deeper into all of these communities! And I'm a definite introvert who likes small doses of socialization... And then hermit for another few days to "detox." Haha.


Hello Good people,

i am very much happy to be here because i have this believe that it's going to be one of the most interesting thing and and a new learning platform for me. i'm a newbie in React and would love to dive deep in and it and probably extend to full stack programming.

Thank you all


Hi there,

I look forward to getting to learn more on dev.to! I'm an avid reader and love to keep up with the latest and greatest tech and standards. Looking forward to adding my knowledge to the vast pool of the interwebz and hoping to learn even more in the process!

Happy coding!


Hey there, everyone!

I just stumbled upon this site today and found some really interesting reads.
Currently I am a software development trainee in my first training year. In my spare time I'm an avid role player and even run my own LARP group nearby.

I hope to find a place to learn, share and discuss experiences and the occasional odd idea.



Hey everyone! I'm Ian, and I've just found out about dev.to !!

Looking forward to getting to know you all and getting involved in the community!!

I'm currently writing a lot of .net core 2.2 Web APIs and Azure specific code like Functions.


Hello there!

My name is Shahid. I am an Android Developer who happens to have few apps on PlayStore. Lately, I've found myself trying to learn more with respect to web development and all I can say it's very interesting and vast.

I just finished my Node course online and would love you guys to help me out with project ideas that I should start with to practice node.

Hope you having a great day!

Thanks :)


I've joined far too many of these forum-like sites, so my intro post may very well be my outro post. That said, I strive to get out there in the community better so here goes!

I'm Alex. I'm a full-stack software engineer based in London. I've worked across multiple languages and paradigms, but what I'm most interested in right now is how you do the minimum code to get the maximum value. Very much of the philosophy 'Make it work; make it right; make it fast.', after a few years trying to make it right before it works, hah! Clean Code and The Clean Coder are my favourite dev books, though I'm always interested in improving my craft.

I've talked a few times around London and hope to become a world famous functional programmer. Unfortunately, things never change on the functional programming scene.


Hello Everyone, I'm Kells. I'm new here, looking forward to continue reading helpful articles, connecting with amazing Devs and also sharing my little knowledge with the community.
I just got my first Job as a developer so I'm pretty excited about it yayyπŸ˜„!!


Hi, @kellswork . Congratulation on getting your first job. (I also got my first job recently).


Thank you Saurabh ,Congratulations to you too. Hope you're enjoying the new job


Hi All!

I'm brand new to dev.to and also to the tech community. I'm currently a student at Flatiron School in Seattle going through an immersive program to become a Full Stack developer! I hope to use this site as an opportunity to learn from others, but also to document my learnings along my journey! Excited to get started :)