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Welcome Thread - v19

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Hey there! Welcome to!

Homer Simpson comes out of the hedge smiling

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. πŸ‘‹

  3. Or answer this question: What are you learning about right now?

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Hey people. I'm technically a lawyer but I thought "who needs that in their lives" and somehow found myself learning and loving HTML, CSS and JS. It's only been 7-8 months since I started learning, so everything is a little intimidating still, but I'm hoping to be the best frontend developer anyone has ever seen (lol). Anyway looking forward to chat with you all :3


Love HTML. Gives so much control over the code. Welcome! I am a newbie too.


I'm learning more and more that, while HTML decides the content, CSS exerts a lot of control over how that content is displayed. It's a whole new world!

And isn't amazing that when you write a couple lines of code, it only takes you 2 seconds to refresh the page and see the results of what you did? I absolutely love that about coding :)

Agree. In fact there are websites that allow you to test it LIVE! Real time changes to what the code is doing. Have found these spaces excellent resources for both learning and teaching.


You made the good choice by learning to code. Welcome here !


Hi Ece! I also just left my safe Managing position in a travel agency to pursue my dream and start coding coding coding! Wish you all the luck in the world!


It takes a lot of courage doesn't it? I love success stories about changing careers and chasing dreams :)

It does! but choosing with the heart is the only way to choose! now its the time for hard work and determination! see you along the way!


Hey! I was transport manager and i thought the same :D Welcome!


I registered about a month ago, but I've only really spent time here over the last week or so, and I just published my first article today!

I recently got my first Data Engineering job. I'm busy learning what Data Engineering is and how, if at all, it's distinct from Software Engineering as a discipline. I'm very excited. πŸ€—


I will definitely update you with any useful data engineering insights. Right now I’m just kind of flailing about and my team is being very kind and informative 😜


Welcome welcome welcome.

In addition to commenting here, I recommend finding a post that someone else made and asking a question. It's a great way to get the knowledge flowing from smart folks in the DEV community.

Happy coding!


Hello, I'm a fresher in this community and I want to learn about programming. Please help me.


Hi Badri, welcome to πŸ‘‹

Please help me

We can all help each other as nobody knows everything 😁


Hi everyone!

My name is Ellie, I'm a new frontend web developer.
I live in San Diego, California and work full time as an Admin Assistant, but I'm determined to make the career switch. I practice code after work and try to attend meetups too. Shoutout to Women Who Code San Diego! :D

I've been working with HTML and CSS so far. JavaScript is my next challenge! I'll probably be bumbling through it, but I will do my best and learn!

I'm really glad to be here. Thank you, community for being awesome!


Hello, I'm on for well over a year, and I'm more and more in recent months.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ My name is Thomas, I'm French and I'm 19 yo (writted un french). I love web development, I learn this time Ruby and RoR, I also do my first code under Ruby, I invite you to fly over and tell me what you think. (Nothing crazy I know but I was proud for my first program).

I'm looking for people to follow who will post articles around the web domain #html, #css, #js, #rails

let me know πŸ‘‹


Bonjour et bienvenue, Thomas! Mais je suppose que vous Γͺtes la personne qui devrait dire "bienvenue" Γ  moi

(je vais vous aider avec votre codage si vous m'aidez avec mon français (= )


Yes ! Welcome or if you want : Bienvenue ! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘‹


Hey everyone, I'm currently sharpening my JavaScript skills,I'm also looking at reactjs. I joined this community today because of the amazing content I've been reading, I'm learning a lot just from reading the content posted here.


Welcome πŸ‘‹ Lyndor to

Amount of content can be overwhelming so you can follow/filter by #react tag as you are looking at React πŸ‘Š.



Hi all,

After following on twitter for a few months I've decided to register and hopefully start to contribute.

I live in Scotland and I've been a developer in one form or another for the last decade.

Currently feeling a bit stale and jaded and hoping I can be re-inspired by the DEV community.

Feel free to begin anytime! ;-)


Hi all! I'm just a common guy from Italy.

I always loved computers and wrote my first line of Basic at 4.

After years wasting my time doing other stuff, I'm rebooting my career at 38yo as an amateur dev -- and I'm loving it


Hi all!

Found out about DEV via a Reddit referral (r/webdev, iirc). I started a new job as a senior systems analyst over the summer. Prior to this, my career and education has focused primarily on network and server administration, but my new role is in the web application and web site development space, so I want sharpen my current development skills and acquire new ones as well.

I'm actually working on my Master's (IT Management, though I may take a second one with a security focus), and at the moment I'm taking a bunch of business-related courses. Right now I'm taking a course called Technological Globalization and will be working on advanced networking and project management next.


Hi! I just joined, after seeing several posts on Twitter and getting curious enough to try this platform out. It seems so cozy!
I'm Russian, moved to Finland to get a master's degree in CS (Algorithms and ML) and to stay, which worked well. :) Currently, I'm a javascript developer in a tiny company located in Helsinki. I'm also developing a platform for online diaries, together with a few friends. It has a similar set of values as this community, maybe that's why I feel instantly at home here.
I have lots of ups and downs in my career path and I am still not sure who I want to be and what I want to be doing. Before starting my own project I was considering to quit dev altogether. But now there is a purpose.

I haven't written anything yet and I don't know what I can write about. I never feel confident to talk about technical stuff because I know so little. Maybe I will write about struggles of balancing work, project, life, or about leading development in a small team of amateur enthusiasts under a constant pressure of impatient audience. :D


Hi everyone.

I'm Jean Karlo. I from Ecuador. At the moment I'm studying Computer Science in the University, also I'm learning English jejeje so I have mistakes with grammar. Sorry.
I'm so happy to be here.
Where are you all from?


Hey Jean, welcome to the community! I live in New York City (USA), but we have a very global community with folks from all around the world. Look forward to seeing you around the site!


Hi! I discovered this community thru researcing about ReactJS v17. Currently, I'm researching/studying the effect of the new version of React (16.6.0) to our app at work. Even though, I have experience, I still consider myself as a beginner. Happy to know other dev better! ☺


Hiya! I'm a full stack engineer based in LA. Been a lurker on this site for a while but decided I should actually jump into the community and start writing / participating more! I'm pretty excited to have opened my first PR to! Right now I'm excited to learn more about Crystal and the Amber framework. Cheers! 🎊


I look forward to seeing you post about Crystal! That's something I've been experimenting with too, though not Amber yet.


Hi everyone I am new here, I try to learn coding so I struggled a little with what I learn basically I am learning c++ and reached a point where the learning circle stopped moving for a while since I can't understand some basics, so I will be appreciative if anyone gave me an advice on how to improve.


Hi Saud! When I needed to re-learn C++ in grad school the website was invaluable. I basically just worked all the way through all of the exercises! After that, though, the best practice is always coming up with a project for yourself -- make a data plotting program, build a game, code something that makes your life easier. You'll find that the projects you're most interested in are the ones where you learn the most!


Hello everyone, Tony here. 36 in Chicago and currently enrolled in a part time full stack coding bootcamp at Northwestern University here in Chicago. We are about a third of the way through the program and am having a great time so far. We are just starting to dive in to backend code starting with node.js. Looking forward to learning all I can.


Hey everyone! My name is Neviar. Within the last year, I decided to pursue web development after years of working in customer service and call center jobs. I have been studying on my own using resources such as FreeCodeCamp, CodeCademy and Coursera. As of October 2018, I've been accepted into an immersive full stack web development program known as Lambda School. Lambda School focuses on Computer Science fundamentals including Data Structures and Algorithms, as well as a brief foray into Python, Django, and C. I am looking forward to reading and writing code everyday, as well as working alongside a diverse group of people in a remote setting.
When I'm not coding, I spend my time on a handful of other passions such as gaming, photography and blogging. I'm also working on tweeting my daily progress as a developer on Twitter ( and Medium (

Things I know: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and tinkering with React.
πŸ“š Things I want to learn: More front end web development and computer science fundamentals.

Happy to meet and learn with everyone!


Congrats on Lambda School! Would love to hear your journey through it.

I was just talking to a friend and we were saying how React is a joy to use once you get the basics down.


Hello everyone.

From some strange reason.. Twitter brought me here and I'm so happy that I am finding this community.
I am a WordPress Geek with a lot of passion for design (UI/UX). Front-End Developer. I am get involved to WordPress Community. Ice Tea drinker and Runner.


Ice tea is great. Gotta drink it fast though before it gets too watery... πŸ˜…


Hello, I am Boniface I am getting my grasp on React and Javascript and I am here to interact with fellow devs and learn more.


Android Dev here, name is Ovi Trif, just joined but I was reading for a while already.

My github is ovitrif, same for my twitter. I'm super passionate about Kotlin and clean architecture in general. As for my work professionally I'm doing android development and working towards implementing best practices for development and the whole SDLC process.

Looking forward to connecting with you here!



Hello there! Although I like to call myself a web developer, I love solving problems of any kind. I thought I'd sign up to contribute posts others might (hopefully) find helpful, much in the same way I found quite a few posts here very helpful and fun to read.


Hi all. I recently joined after learning about this place after hearing about it on a podcast. I don't have a lot of time on my hands, but with the time I have I am trying to make the career shift to become a front-end web developer. Right now, most of my focus is in Javascript, but I also feel lost sometimes on what is best to focus on. I hope to make friends with many of you.


Hi everyone, I'm a Filipino web developer who's looking to upgrade my Javascript skills. I joined last month but I only got free time to really browse the site only today. There's a lot of very interesting articles here and I'm itching to read more (and perhaps write one) in the future.

Thanks for having me here. :)


Hey, everyone. My name is Emile Hay. I'm a front-end tech lead at a startup company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here's my little home on the web:

I began my career as a visual designer after my degree. I never did too well at computer science subjects so I didn't think I would end up loving development as much as I do now. One day my boss needed extra devs on a project and knowing my background asked if I'd be up for it and I've been hooked on dev ever since.

I'm still very design-oriented and I generally play the role of a bridge between design and development on most teams. Nowadays, however, my day-to-day work consists mostly of developing web-based applications for insurance companies built on Javascript frameworks like Mithril.js, React and Vue.

I decided to join the community after reading Ali Spittel's A Beginner's Guide to I'm always keen to collaborate with others and to glean new skills from likeminded coders so this looks like the place for me. I'd like to form part of the larger dev community and to learn from others while also sharing my experiences with you.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for having me!


Hello everyone, my name is Baptiste, I live and work in Toulouse, France.

I've been working for two months for a society that created and manages a booking system for campsites in Europe.

I'm still learning this C#, MVC, Microsoft environment (I was used to LAMP), and recently we started adding VueJS and Webpack to this. As a designer, I feel somewhat lost sometimes, but I manage to get what I want most of the time.

I just joined your community, I'm excited to be here ;)


Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad to have found this community! I'm a newbie currently learning Front End Web Development at Treehouse and participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge (today is Day 3).

My goal is to contribute toward making the Web more accessible for people with disabilities, seniors, etc.

I'm really looking forward to being a part of this community!


I am Gautam Chatterjee, a software engineer, and newly joined in this group.
I have keen interest in learning new things and best practices in coding.
Currently I am learning Javascript and React.
I am looking forward to gain knowledge through this community.



Hi all!

I am Javi from Madrid. I have been a silent reader for months and finally I decided to join in. My long-term goal is to be a better developer. However I feel that so many communities like are very focus on web development. I will try to write posts about C, C++, safety-critical...

How about you? Do you feel that almost every corner in the Internet is focus on web dev?


Hey people, am a computer science major and have been coding Javascript for about 12 months now. I hope to be building great pwas for the next billion users and share my knowledge here as I grow, Glad I joined this community.


Hi everyone!

I registered just a few minutes ago, but I wanted to say "hello". I'm an Infrastructure engineer at Kickstarter and I am excited to share some thoughts about the role of design in the cloud and how the cloud is changing the way our careers develop (and how we can get our skills ready for the changes).

I'm also interested in learning how we can increase diversity within infrastructure engineering. It's an exciting field for developers to grow in, but I have found it difficult to build diverse teams. I want to do a lot of listening here to see how we can do better!

h/t to @aspittel for the introduction to - I am happy to be here!


Awesome, welcome! Excited to learn from you and discuss diversity within infrastructure engineering!


Hi everyone!

I'm LoΓ―c, from Paris.

I'm working full-time on FoalTS, a web framework which provides many tools to build ambitious web applications with Node.Js and TypeScript.

Feel free to say hi! And if have any feedbacks on FoalTS or just need help on something, do not hesitate to message me!

See you around!

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