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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

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  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

  3. Or answer this question: what's your favorite weekend activity?

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My name is Shawn Reisner and I'm a full-stack JavaScript expert. When I was learning JavaScript a number of years ago I read an article, maybe posted by @thepracticaldev or @bendhalpern, on how they made dev.to so fast. I've stopped by a few times since and decided to create an account a few weeks ago and start writing some tidbits of what I know to give back to my community.

My favorite weekend activity is my Saturday work sesh at Horizon Line Coffee in Des Moines, IA, my hometown! It's the most productive 8 hours of my entire week.

You, reading this, yes, you, check out my article titled A Quick, Practical Use Case for ES6 Generators, and if you like it, give me a follow! Or at least a heart. You can spare one measly heart, right?


Hey Shawn! Here's a question for you. What inspired you to become a full stack JavaScript developer? Why not some other language?


I'm not sure if I have a good answer for this. I use JavaScript because it's the language of the web, and I have the most fun building things for the web. Sorry for a lackluster response!


hi, I am Winnie Akello from Uganda, Africa.I am in college studying a non-tech related course but i love to code. i am currently teaching myself how to program in python.what brought me here is,i want to learn everything code and interact with the community.I believe i will find this here.


Hello Winnie, I've similar background with you,still in college but really love to code. I'm Nigerian and studying a pure science course. I started coding this year picking up javascript in bits for use in browser env and nodejs.
I hope you enjoy your time here.


Most definitely...thank you so much for reviewing my thread and am so glad that we identify on the same. i am looking forward to getting the best out of this!

awn!me too.
Are you into any beginner project yet? or you are just getting a hold of the language...?
"\ /"
_/ _...................................salam.

yessss,yes! There's this project that i am currently working on. Its my first ever and super interesting already. Begun this week!


Welcome! Awesome, Python is a solid choice, stick with it and have fun.


No need to worry; I guess you ended up at the right place <3<3<3


Hi, I am Sung 😁

a software developer from NYC 🍎.

βœ’οΈ I signed up last year but not sure what brought me here due to lack of 1/2 year activity πŸ˜…πŸ˜

πŸ“š Currently learning GatsbyJS & Styled Components.
But planning to learn Docker, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) & Elixir.
(I've been a .NET developer and want to focus more on front-end)

πŸ˜‚ Fun fact? (more like hobbies)
I like manga, anime (<-- I will list if anyone's interested), Japanese light novels (translated in Korean) & online Korean fantasy novels (Munpia).
I used to collect figures but stopped for financial reasons.

During weekends, I read, write a blog & code and catch up with Korean variety TV πŸ“Ί shows (Running Man, 2 days 1 night, I live Alone, etc).


Elixir developer here. In fact I just dived into it few months ago and fell in love with the language. I'm currently developing my first project.
If there's a way I could be helpful to you, let me know.


Thank you Juan.

Are there any communities (slack, forum, etc) that might help?

and I'd love to check out should you were to write about Elixir and you experience with it so far πŸ˜‰

You should look at the ElixirForum (elixirforum.com). Also, I'd suggest you join the ElixirLang channel on slack (elixir-slackin.herokuapp.com/). In there you'll find topics both for begginers and advanced coders. Also, you could follow me on twitter (@JPYamamoto9), I usually post interesting articles every one or two days from the elixir community.
Spanish is my first language, but I'm looking forward writing my first article in english about elixir one of these days, I'll let you know as soon as I do.
Any help you need understanding Elixir concepts don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much, Juan for the resources mentioned πŸ™‡

I've recently purchased Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas and hope to get started with it soon.

And I will keep monitoring your twitter for the update & looking forward to your articles :)

That's an excellent book. Great purchase. Also, you should read Metaprogramming Elixir once you finish.


I had a quick look at your blog and I found it quite interesting !!
What are some Korean TV shows that you'd recommend ??


Thanks @karenbvh for the interest 🀑.
I've been trying to blog once a week for few years 😎.

Korean πŸ“Ί shows?
Here are some I watch weekly (preference in ⬇️ order)

  1. I Live Alone (λ‚˜ 혼자 μ‚°λ‹€) - Airs on Friday Night.
  2. Knowing Bros (μ•„λŠ” ν˜•λ‹˜) - Airs on Saturday Night.
  3. 2 Days & 1 Night (1λ°• 2일) - Airs on Sunday Night.
  4. Running Man (λŸ°λ‹λ§¨) - Airs on Sunday Night.
  5. My Little Old Boy (미운 우리 μƒˆλΌ) - Airs on Sunday Night.

There used to be a show called, Infinite Challenge, which aired for 10+ years but ended a few months ago (To whet your appetite, check out some Jack Black eps) <- this will always be my favorite TV show ever.

For now, my current fave β™₯️ is "I Live Alone", which is a show about people living alone. It's the chemistry between each participants that's really enjoyable (not to mention their daily lives).


Hello! I have a friend who has been working with elixir for few months now and he has said nothing but good things about it!

ps. Your blog looks great!


Hi there, Tuomo.

That makes me want to ditch learning Docker and dive into Elixir
Any problem your friend ran into while working with it by chance?
AFAIK, Functional Programming requires a brain-rewire for OOP programmers

And thank you for checking out the blog, mate 🀑

Nothing specific problems AFAIK but you are right, he said the same thing that it requires a brain-rewire :P And also that at first it might be a bit hard (especially if you are coming from OOP world) but once you "get" how things are done in Elixir, it's just gets so much better!

Ah, it sounds challenging (but I wouldn't run away from one).

lol you don't really need a complete brain rewire. started learning elixir a month ago and coming from oop (python) it has been great. the syntax ain't that bad and you can always get help from the elixir forum whenever you stuck

I was reading a chapter on List & Recursion (Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas).

Implementing map wasn't so bad but reduce required some change in thinking. (And mapsum doubly so πŸ˜›)

But it's been a fun experience.


I am also an Anime fan! Please post a few favorites :)


Hi @robotjulia .

Here are my favorite animes.

  1. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - The very fave ❀️
  2. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - DNot a fan of Gundam series but this was great.
  3. Darker than Black - Mysteries & Actions
  4. To Aru Majutsu no Index - Story is great with this one
  5. Uchuu no Stellvia (the main protagonist, She can write code overnight without a single bug! Wow! 😲)

I didn't mention other classics like GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Cowboy Bebop, and Evangelion as they are liked by all in general

If you want to know more (such as my first anime/manga) I will list as well

I've been tracking my list on MAL since 2009
(MyAnimList) but it's been locked out after a week long shutdown (been trying to recover).

I've also written a .NET Frame library, MyAnimListSharp to call MAL library but can't update it as I have no access to it any more.

And here is the YouTube playlist of my fave anime songs.

Now, it's my turn to ask YOU πŸ˜›.

What are your favorite animes/mangas?

My favorite series has to be Ghost in the Shell. I also enjoyed Darker than Black :) To tell the truth I haven't really tracked all the anime I have watched... I used to watch a ton. Let's see, I also liked Attack on Titan but it does get tiring chain watching too mank episodes. Lucky Star is best comedy but not every guy thinks so.

Thank you for posting your anime list! I started watching Uchuu no Stellvia ;)

All animes mentioned are great.
It's just that we don't have enough time to watch'em all πŸ˜‰.

Stellvia might be old (15 yo) but I hope you enjoy it 😎⭐️


Hi, I am Vignesh :-)

I am a Software developer and currently working for Logistics Company.

I am primarily a backend JAVA developer working in Spring Boot, Docker. I am currently learning React and I would like to spend time with it.

My favorite activities are drink coffee, code and ride my motorcycle.


Hey Vighneshwar, I am also Backend Java Developer. Could you suggest me some good place to start learning Docker?


Hi, guys!

I'm appreciated you cut me in!

I'm a front-end developer from Ukraine. In general, I have a knowledge and experience in the maintainable CSS and OOP JavaScript.

Now I am working on the project by using Angular. So, that's why I interested in this framework. Also, I want to improve my skills in the animations by using SVG or Canvas.

In my free time, I write the songs and play the guitar. But the most beautiful time I spend with my girlfriend by playing the table games or walking through the downtown or sea. I have a cat. She is very clever and scheming ... as my girlfriend =)

What is the best place in your city that you can recommend to take inspiration from?


Hello name is Devon I would like to call myself Automation Engineer/Cloud Architect vs DevOps Engineer as I think the term is over used. I have a background in Java Development but I would not call myself a Java Developer but my focus is to become better at Node.js and Golang ..


Hey Devon,Could you tell me what path you folloed to become Cloud Architect?


Hi everyone, my name is Harish , from India, and I am a full stack developer with 3.5 years experience in building web applications using Node, React, Loopback and J2EE .

I have seen a lot of dev.to posts via Twitter and found the community very kind and helpful.Guess, it's time for me to jump in and learn from you all and whenever possible to contribute to the community.

Having done projects in data analysis and modelling during my college days using MatLab, I have been exploring python and R ecosystem for data science for the last 6 months. I am also a prospective masters student in data science at Northeastern starting this fall. I hope to share the analysis and the models that I create,here forth, with you all.

Hobbies include singing and playing football ( or soccer for US folks).

P.S - sorry for the long post .


I am Sameer .
Primarily, I make machines.
I switched to fossil[1] since acquisition of Github, but scripts I use to organize and process my code are still there. Some cut and dry , some original, some buggy.


I use a shell account, to telnet to my c64 (sdf.org/~sameers/) and at times to write random stuff, since I am no longer active on Quora.

[1] I am also experimenting with p2p and shifting most content from server client model . If you are in to that, checkout
and a test repo :
git clone localhost:43110/1HzjtGpGskdCz492xH...


Hey all!

My name is George Offley and I am a software developer currently working for a manufacturing company. A while ago I came across dev.to and followed Ben on twitter and decided I really liked his platform. So now any blog posts I write are written on here first.

For work I'm learning C#. In my off time I am learning CG art and animation, C and advanced principles of Python and software development. I'm also pursuing a degree in Comp Sci while I work as a software developer. I also like playing guitar.

My favorite activity for the weekend could be anything. I suppose spending time with the family is my favorite though.


Hi ! I am Nitin.

I am currently working as a Security Analyst (Python Developer) in a service based MNC.

I have keen interest in Cloud Computing and Information Security. I usually tweak around Python and Linux.

My hobbies include jogging, fitness exercises, blogging(@4hathacker.in).

I am actively learning about DevOps Principles and Strategies.


Hi, I am Mafuyu.
I am back-end developer from Japan and developing web services using Golang and Node.js.

I like anime and I am watching it while coding my hobby after work.
My recommendation is The Familiar of Zero!



I too am a backend engineer and I mostly use golang. cheers!


My Name is Cameron, I am a dev who has wondered in the wind. I have done qa and dev work. I want to be around other people doing cool things possibly share and grow. Fun fact about myself, I taught myself french with anki cards and forgot it (nobody to talk to) I also knew Spanish as a child.

My favorite weekend activity is brunch.


Bonjour Cameron,

je parle le Frençais ,on peut parler un jour.


Hey folks! I'm Dexter. I write software using the Microsoft stack (.NET/.NET Core) and anything extra tools that get the job done. Also very interested and active in cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, economics and philosophy.


Hi! I'm Rachel! I'm from New Jersey, USA. I am currently a Grow With Google Scholarship student at Udacity in the Front End Nanodegree program. I hope to meet people, learn stuff, and teach stuff while I'm here :)

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Hi Rachel! Front End Nanodegree sounds cool! I was recommended to do Front end work because of my creativity.

What made you interested in front end development?

-Renee :)


I'm actually interested in web dev in general- front and back end. The opportunity in Front End came to me, so I decided to stick with it. I do really like being able to see (and show off, lol), what you are doing and making, which is much harder with back end.

Also- all the courses for the Nanodegree are actually available for free (minus support and such), if you are interested in learning more at Udacity :)

That's great advice! I'll look into Udacity. I take courses on Pluralsight. If you are looking for in-depth, easy to follow tutorials with complete explanations of a specific subject, it's a great site for that! They offer courses on many different subjects as well.

Good luck with your Dev journey! :)



Hi all,My name is Atul Sunder and I am Java Developer,I have developed applications using core java ,CDI, REST services using Swagger. I love reading tech blogs ,that's how I landed here. I go to know about Dev.to through Facebook.I read and love the discussion going out here.
Someday I will try my understanding and knowledge about java.



Hello Devs !!
My name is Karen and I am student pursuing education in UX/UI design.
I would like to increase my perceptions by interacting in a virtual tech community and as I grow some expertise I would like to share new things for others.

My hobbies cozy evening nights studying with yummy drinks, I love to read non-fiction, travelling and sketching !!

Nice to meet you all :)


Hey Karen! I also came here seeking a community of developers who I could relate and connect with. I am in school earning a certificate in Web Development and another programming related degree.

How long have you been studying UX/UI Design?

I also love yummy drinks and reading! Currently I am reading some Ray Bradbury, though he is definitely fiction! I like non-fiction too.

-Renee :)


Hello Renee !! Thank you for your reply !!
I been studying design for almost 2 years but I guess I been in school longer than that hehe

I wish you the best on your path to obtaining your certificates and building on experience b we should definitely follow each other's growth :)


Hello everybody, I'm Tycho.

I'm a second year application development (mainly web things like PHP, Databases and HTML/CSS/JS) student from The Netherlands.

I learned about this website when someone sent me the link to one of the articles on this site. And after reading some more articles on this site, I decided to create a account.

My favorite weekend activities are playing video games, watching YouTube, coding for main projects or side projects I came up with and tinkering with electronics.


I am Alexis, I am working daily on autonomous multi-robot solutions using both UAVs and UGVs such as Parcel sorting, Parcel delivery, Security, Surveillance, ...
My current languages: C++; Python; Node. I am willing to improve my skills in Golang. During weekends, I mainly code/learn new things.


Hi all. I'm a developer trying to improve my skills in CSS, JS, and looking to follow some skilled and passionate people.

I'm interested in Linux and open source technologies but have a passion for all new technologies and ideas within this space.

Looking forwards to interacting with all of you!


Using Wordpress to blog, with integration into an existing website, and the use of React API is what brought me here. Love the info in this post: dev.to/jchiatt/headless-wordpress-...


Hi I'm Kei!
iOS developer from Tokyo Japan!

Now I'm working on the app named GRAFFITY - AR Video Chat and focusing on ARKit.

I started to learn English recently, so I'll check code's information in the world.

Thank you.


Hello devs,

"You may not be great to start, but start to become great!"

My name is Manukarthik. I'm from Columbus Ohio. I have masters in computer science from university of Illinois. Currently working in a software firm here in Columbus as UI Developer. I am a Javascript geek. Learning a lot more everyday by building and reading. I'm very intrigued by angular. Spending most of my time Learning and building apps in angular as well as building MEAN stack apps and PWA's. Glad i found this community.

I am a south Indian classical violinist and have performed at several concerts!. Music keeps me sane.

Let's geek out! ;)


Hey all. My name is Dhaval Vyas and I am Front end developer. I have been reading a lot on Dev.to since last month. Mostly, I was coming here to read about #productivity posts for few minutes and ending up here more than I planned πŸ˜„. I really love coming back here again and again. πŸ™‚

Currently, I am redeveloping my own website (dhavalvyas.me) with new front end tools and technologies and hoping to learn something new along the way.πŸ€“

I have created my Todo list for 2018 and being part of a community is one of them. I also want to start writing blog post in near future.

My all time Fav weekend activity is hanging out with friends. Place doesn't matter. 🍻


Oh that's great to hear. Would love you to meet you in person if you visit Halifax. :)


Hi, my name is Jake and I'm a web designer & front end developer. I really love vue.js and it has changed the way I make websites. I mostly work with Javascript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. I mostly work on ecommerce websites, listen to podcasts & KCRW 89.9, and hang out with my family. Visit my website at jake101.com and add me on here :)


Hi! My name is Kelsey Huse. I'm originally from Oklahoma but just moved to New York City for the summer to teach a program for Girls Who Code. I've been a freelance developer for the past year, and prior to that worked as a healthcare IT consultant for 5 years. I learned to code a bit in college and am glad to have finally made a career of it!

In my professional work I have used Cordova with Angular 1, Firebase, Node.js, React, and Gatsby (love). I am currently building an AR project in React Native and learning Three.js so that I can do 3D modeling in Javascript. I'm also interested in Machine Learning, Flutter, and TDD.

On the weekends, you can find me exploring in NYC: biking and listening to music, running in Central Park, reading at a bar with a nice beer, or at a museum. I love meeting new people and I love code!


Hi Kelsey! I would love to get to know more about "Girls Who Code" ... I'm very happy for all the girls that are starting to join school here in Costa Rica in our beloved area of study... I remember when I started school there was hardly like 1 girl per class, but now, 7 and a half years later, there's a lot more girls every year working hard to become engineers, and that makes me very happy! :)


Thanks for commenting :) That's great progress!! Feel free to follow me and DM me if you want more info on Girls Who Code.


Hey everyone! My name is Tae'lur Alexis and I'm a self-taught Front-End Developer. I've been learning to code for almost a year. For me the best part of building an application is executing a beautiful user experience. I am in love with gradients and fonts lol.

At the moment, I am building an app centered around selling a beauty monthly subscription with React, Node, MongoDB and have been learning Google OAuth. My comfort zone is front-end and I am definitely am seeking more opportunities to dive in the backend. I think that's why I've stuck with coding more than anything. I'm always tweeting my daily progress as a developer on Twitter (@taeluralexis ). If you want to check out my portfolio site, it's taeluralexis.com <3

Things I know: JavaScript, React, WordPress, Vue, AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, a bit of PHP

πŸ“š Things I want to learn: NextJS & Styled Components, GraphQL, some application security (I have a deep interest in fintech and am curious about cybersecurity)

A fun fact about me is that I'm a night owl. My creativity is fueled at night and so I sleep with my laptop basically next to me lol. I came across dev.to just an hour ago from posting this (4 a.m.)


My name is Matias, I'm a software developer from Paraguay (South America). I've been writing software for around 15 years now (got involved very early, as a kid).
I currently work on Tyk, an open source API gateway that's written in Golang.

I'm also learning Rust and TypeScript to collaborate with the Deno project. As a side project I've ported some of the Deno code to Rust.
My other side project is go-dotnet, a binding generator that makes interoperability between Go and .NET easier. It's still pretty much a prototype, currently targeting .NET Core.

I'm trying to improve my writing/speaking skills, for this reason I'm planning to write technical articles in the next months and also speak at more conferences (last year was pretty active, I spoke in four different countries!).

Would love to be in touch with other developers, if you ever come to South America, feel free to ping me, you will find my details on GitHub :)


Welcome aboard! Looking forward to reading your articles!


Hey y'all! On weekends, you'll probably find me asleep. πŸ™ƒ

Well, I also try to get some exercise in and spend time with people I care about. But also taking care of myself :)


My name is Shaun Collins and I have been coding for the last three years. My other interests are chess, rugby union and rock climbing. For the last few months, I have been getting into React building several apps with it, I think it is a great JS library but I have run into a snag on my latest project, I am finding it difficult to find a way to incorporate PayPal, if anyone has any suggestions it would make my day!


Hello, I am Bogdan from Romania. I just finished University and working as a System Test Engineer, and wanting to change to a development job.

The need to learn and read all kind of dev news brought me here.

My favorite weekend activity would be going out for beer with my friends :).


Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions about becoming a developer.

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