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Discussion on: Tailwind is bad because i don't like it

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This is by far the classiest response to this article that I think could have been made. There are places where, in your original post, you make anecdotal comparisons between Tailwind users and some other kind of (much more obviously) bad idea, and I can understand why Tailwind users would take offense to such comparisons.

But they're comparisons being made to illustrate informatively, whose subjects are unfavorable ones to be compared to; this rebuttal post flat out declares you an idiot for some of the arguments you make and mocks you for trying to build a better CSS utility framework. The rhetoric goes from inflammatory to downright incendiary, and I don't know that I would've had the composure to still say "You make some good points," personally.

If this site had an equivalent of Reddit Gold, I would give it to you now. Or better, if I can buy you a KoFi, you absolutely deserve it

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Mykolas Mankevicius Author • Edited on

Look if you mock people for using a tool, and then go on to write that same kind of tool but "better", i will mock you for it, untill you actually do it, and if you do. i will eat my own words won't i?

Not in a single place i have called Brian an idiot.
Please point any place that does it and i will add an edit to clarify those sentences.

What i've done is call his points strawmen, which they were. And those that we're not are applicable to any other tool dealing with css.

Which in no point attacks Brian personally, it attacks his points/opinions.

I even said that if you have certain circumstances, then his points/opinions are valid.

And I hope Brian saw it that way too. Otherwise i've done a horrible job. I can only add clarifications now.

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Listen, you wrote this He just lost it completely here.

This is not the way to make a constructive article.

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Brian Boyko

I came to programming through a long and winding path including through journalism and political activism. I've long since learned that trying to convince someone opposed to your view that you are right and they are wrong doesn't get anywhere.

It is far more productive - and rewarding - to get your opposite to think more clearly and deeply about their own argument. If there are flaws in my argument, criticism points them out, if there are flaws in their argument, criticism lays them bare.