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Making a Script for Keypad Activated Door

theoriginalbpc profile image Sarah Bartley ・Updated on ・1 min read

How difficult would it be to make a script for a keypad activated door? A friend of mine wants to make a door that sounds like it's depressurizing as it slides open. Would this need Raspberry Pi or Arduino? My friend just wants to see if this sounds difficult it could be. Any feedback or advice is appreciated.

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Ben Halpern

What hardware do they currently have? Is this an existing keypad door and you want to add the sound effects?

Just want to fully understand the problem at hand.

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Sarah Bartley Author

My friend doesn't have the hardware yet. My friend isn't exactly sure when he'll get started on that project right now. They are just trying to figure out if the idea they have is something they could do or if they need to hire someone. They are also wondering just in something new will appear that makes tackling this project easier/better.

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