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Theofanis Despoudis
Theofanis Despoudis

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Task for this New year. Find bugs in website. Make it better.

Today as I was reading an article in I found a UI issue. When I clicked many times quickly on the heart icon on the bottom of each article, lots of times the counter goes nuts. For example, first it was 10 hearts, then after some clicks, it goes 9 then 8, etc.

When I refresh the page the counter starts again to the original value 10. While I don't find it too much concerning I was wondering if it would be a cool idea for people visiting the site to try to find as many bugs as they can and report them. Maybe do a competition or whatever.


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Damien Cosset

Well, I believe the team will open source their code shortly. I imagine we will be able to create issues when the time comes. It would probably be a good idea to report them now and if there are not resolved when the code is open source, you'll surely be able to tackle a few issues yourselves :)

Good hunt :D

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Ben Halpern

The current outlook for open source is that we need to extract a couple bits of behavior into services so they can stay closed. These are mostly anti-spam things and some ranking algos which we wouldn't want to be gamed. This shouldn't take long.

Then we'll start inviting folks into the private repo to scrutinize possible security issues and start contributing as they wish. Once we get through this phase with confidence, we'll release the code publicly.

At that point, @theodesp , the intents of this post can be realized to their full potential. As it stands, the bug reports are helpful, but the exciting future is many eyes on the code helping us create a much more robust platform which will last a long time and improve as time passes.

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Chris Raven

I'm down!

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aurel kurtula • Edited

Thoughts ...

Very unproductive use of your time.

There's reddit, facebook, twitter, youtube and yahoo answers are for, where we can waist our time. Let's keep this space for learning and sharing ideas. @ben wrote a twitter-like post and I really kept hoping that that trend would not stick, and it kind of hasn't.

I have a strong feeling that if we start doing this (meaningless competitions or writing twitter-like posts) even those that thought it be a good idea will soon get fed up. But it be too late to role back.

@damcosset 's idea is better!

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Max Cerrina

I noticed that a few weeks ago! I got some video too and figured out part of it but couldn't fix it. I bet my notes are somewhere on this laptop though....