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Twitter X Uncovered: Everything You Need to Know

Hello, Nomadev here! Today, I am thrilled to bring you an exciting update from the world of social media. As you may know, I am deeply passionate about AI, Open Source, Remote Jobs, and Web Development. But today, we are diving into a new topic - Twitter's transformation into Twitter X under the leadership of Elon Musk.

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The Dawn of Twitter X

Elon Musk, the renowned tech tycoon, has embarked on a radical rebranding of Twitter. The iconic bird logo has been replaced with an 'X'. This change was announced early on a Sunday, marking a significant shift in Twitter's identity.

By Monday morning, Musk tweeted that now points to The Twitter website now features the new 'X' logo, signifying the departure of the familiar blue bird. This transformation symbolizes the dawn of a new era for Twitter, now known as Twitter X.

Key Changes

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  • New Logo: The iconic Twitter bird has been replaced with an 'X'.
  • New Domain: now redirects to
  • New Name: Twitter is now known as Twitter X.

The Vision Behind the Change

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Elon Musk's vision for Twitter X is to transform it into a 'super app' with many new upcoming features. Musk's first big hit was with, an online bank that was acquired by PayPal. He re-acquired the rights to the website and named the company that would own Twitter ‘X Holdings’.

The billionaire has cryptically hinted at being a potential new social media platform. Musk purchased in 2017 from PayPal, of which he is a former CEO. Musk co-founded back in 1999 as an online bank, before the website was merged with a competitor in 2000. Musk then bought back 17 years later, explaining on Twitter that the domain had “great sentimental value” and that the best use of the domain would be as an umbrella website that would lead users to Musk’s other ventures like Tesla and SpaceX.

What's Next for Twitter X?

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Here are some of the features that Elon Musk's X super app will have:

  • Audio and Video Content: While Twitter is text-heavy, it will transition into audio, video, and photographic content, which are easier to interact with. However, Twitter will continue to support text but will urge creators to supplement textual content with video or images.
  • Integration with Food Ordering and Cab Booking Apps: Inspired by WeChat, some of the most popular features of the Chinese super app will be added to Musk’s X. These features include social messaging, ordering food, and booking train/flight tickets or cabs.
  • E-commerce Platform: Almost every social media app has dabbled with the idea of having its own e-commerce platform, or at least, a marketplace. Twitter’s online shopping platform is set to change because of X.
  • UPI-like Payment and Banking System: Payments and banking will be a cornerstone for X. Musk has indicated several times that Twitter, now X, needs its own payment system and that he hopes to start an online bank within the Twitter ecosystem.
  • A Dating Platform: There is a possibility that Musk and Linda may decide to add a dating feature to the app. Twitter has already announced that it will now allow verified companies to post vacancies they have at their companies, much like LinkedIn.

The Future of X

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Musk's vision for X extends beyond just a super app. He has discussed creating a social media platform built on a blockchain, indicating his love for cryptocurrencies. The billionaire has also expressed his distaste for ads, suggesting alternative revenue models for Twitter, including charging some users to be on the site and fostering payments directly to users.

In conclusion, the transformation of Twitter into Platform X is a significant leap in the social media landscape. With a multitude of functionalities and a vision for a more integrated and user-friendly platform, X is set to redefine our social media experience. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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agiboire profile image

Small correction: Musk did not cofounded He acquired the right to claim so.

thenomadevel profile image

Thanks for your comment! According to multiple sources, including Wikipedia, Elon Musk is indeed listed as a co-founder of
The online bank was co-founded by Elon Musk, Harris Fricker, Christopher Payne, and Ed Ho in 1999 in Palo Alto, California. I appreciate your engagement and it's always good to double-check facts. Let's keep the conversation going!

agiboire profile image

You're right, my bad. I got confused with Tesla.

jon_snow789 profile image
Jon Snow

informative post 👍👍

seungzedd profile image

Interesting topic, Elon Musk has a exceptional insight so that he had acquired the old social platform, Twitter and begin integrate all other tech features into Twitter X.
But here is the point: How it can prevent hate speech provoked by some rude users? Will it employ AI feature to filter promiscuous feeds?

thenomadevel profile image

Hey there! You've brought up a really important point. As we know, managing hate speech and inappropriate content is a significant challenge for any social media platform. While Elon Musk hasn't specifically addressed this issue yet, the use of AI could indeed be a part of the solution.

AI has the potential to identify and filter out harmful content, including hate speech. It's already being used in some platforms to flag inappropriate content for review. Given Musk's interest in AI, it wouldn't be surprising if advanced AI features were implemented in Twitter X to maintain a safe and respectful environment for users.

However, it's also crucial to remember that AI isn't perfect and can sometimes make mistakes. So, a combination of AI and human moderation could be the most effective approach. We'll have to wait and see how Twitter X plans to tackle this issue.

Stay tuned for more updates!