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15+ Recommended Free Icon Sites For Web Designers 2024

Looking for some best free icon sites that have unique and astonishing icons? If yes, then you are at the correct post.

As Designers, icons play a very crucial role in web design, app design, and many other graphic designs. Icons are everywhere and they are very useful for helping your users to understand your content.

Now, either you can create icons on your own (A time-consuming process we know!) or you should go for the websites that provide free as well as Premium Icons. Moreover, these websites not only save your search time but also offer you a wide range of varieties in icons to choose from the best for your project.

Hence, we have created a list of useful sites that offer Free and Premium (Alternative) that offer high-quality icons covering hundreds of styles, concepts, and uses that will be suitable for your projects.

In addition, before directly jumping to the collection let’s dig deeper into Icons and their uses of it.

What is an Icon?

It is a graphical representation of a program, feature, or file. They are the small elements that are needed to indicate information. It helps to catch the user’s engagement and direct them to perform the targeted action.

Advantages of using Icons.

  • User Attention
  • To Understand the meaning
  • No need to translate for International users*-* Save Visual Space*-* Navigate the Interface and many more...

Types and Formats in Icon.

There are generally three types of icons based on the impact of the user’s experience

Universal Icons: Icons that have universal recognition among the users.

E.g.: Home, Search, Printing, etc.

Animated Universal Icons

Unique Icons: Icons generally do not have strong visual representations but you need to describe their unique object or action.

E.g.: Apple Game Center, Google’s user interface for the desktop.

Unique Icon: Apple game center

Conflicting Icons: Icons that have contradictory looks but the same meanings or vice versa.

Eg: For Favorites, A Heart and Star both are used.

A message Icon can be used for the comment box icon.

Conflicting Icons : Message and Comment Icons

Formats of Icon:

Icons are available in many formats but depending upon the designer’s software, they are available in AI, PNG, EPS, PSD, SVG, JPG, and other file types.

Materio free bootstrap admin template

Best Free Icon Sites

Now, we are starting the list of the best free icon sites. According to us, these are the best sites and in case you have any recommendations kindly let us know in the comment section.


Best Free Icon Site

Icons8 is a library of Free and Premium icons that offer a wider range of variety in their icons. Their main aim is to provide creative elements and tools for the designer community.

Moreover, all of their designs are made in-house and they have a team of 40 that runs the website. They also offer free design software called Lunacy which is vector graphic software for UI, UX, and web design.

Icons8 has more than 35+ Design styles in their Free Icons section. You can also search for any icons in the search bar from 1,061,200 icons.

Furthermore, they offer a request icon page in which you can submit a request for your icon. Submit the idea of the icon and the designers will draw out the top requests each day.

Number of Icons: 1,061,000+

Available Formats: SVG, PNG, PDF, EPS, & JPS



Icon Scout best free Icon site

IconScout from Lottieflies is a design resource marketplace that has more than 4.5 million design Assets on its website. Moreover, icons have more than 3.9 Million Free and Premium Icons.

IconScout comes with integrated Plugins, conversion Tools, and simple, powerful Editors that will help you to improve your workflow. You can select your favorite icon and then quickly change the colors, and backgrounds easily by using their SVG and Lottie editors.

Furthermore, you can also choose your required icon according to the styles that match your requirements. There are many styles like Colored outline, Doodle, Dual-tone, Flat, Gradient, Rounded, and many more.

Number of Icons: 3.9+ million

Available Formats: SVG, PNG, PDF, EPS, ICO, & ICNS


Streamline HQ

Streamline best premium and free icon site

Streamline is one of the best free icon sites which has the largest sets of consistent icons and illustrations. In addition, it has more than 1,40,000+ icons, illustrators, and elements, which you can customize as per your needs and requirements.

All of the resources found on Streamline are built from scratch by the Streamline team. You can search their resource easily from their app or plugin for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.

Furthermore, when you select your icons you can easily customize the color of the icon pack before downloading it and getting the preview. This will help you get clarity while selecting the correct icon pack.

Number of Icons: 1,40,000+

Available Formats: PNG, SVG, & PDF


Muzli Inspiration

Muzli Inspiration Design Icons Site

I would also like to recommend here a powerful new-tab browser plugin Muzli. It is also available in the mobile app. Moreover, it instantly delivers the latest and cutting-edge designs and news each time you open a new tab.

Here you can discover the best web design inspiration, best websites, best logos, web trends, best mobile sites and applications, minimalist websites, brutalist websites, innovative illustrations, design features, unique websites, photography projects, and visual art, as well as opinions and articles from design experts across the world.


Iconoir Free Icon site open source

Iconoir is one of the best free icon site libraries which is packed with lots of unique icons. It does not require any email sign-up, just one click away by copying the SVG Code. Moreover, You can access all the icon packs directly from their GitHub page.

In addition, all the icons are available in SVG format, React and React Native libraries, Figma, and Framer. If you are looking for a simple one-line design type of icons for your project then you can consider using Iconoir.

Iconoir has more than 2.7k+ stars on Github and 101 Forks.

Number of Icons: 1151+

Available Formats: SVG


  • MIT Licensed


Iconfinder best free icon site

Iconfinder is one of the most popular icons and illustrator resources on the internet. As the name suggests it's a search engine for icons. Moreover, it offers 6M+ Icons with a wide range of styles and categories.

As I said, Iconfinder is a search engine in which you can find icons by their keyword & Designers. After selecting the icon or icon pack you can easily customize the colors and shapes with an online editor before you download them.

In addition, using this pre-edit option you can easily select the best option for yourself.

Number of Icons: 6 Million+ Icons

Available Formats: PNG & SVG



Flaticon best free icon site

Flaticon is one of the largest libraries of free icons on the web. It is a subsidiary of Freepik which offers a large variety of Icons, Stickers, Interface icons, Animated icons, and Logos.

Moreover, from all over the world hundreds of creators craft icons and cover many different styles and concepts. Flaticon also offers more than 2,000 UI icons for the web, iOS, and Android.

Furthermore, it has also a built-in editor in which you can customize the color of your icons and download them in a suitable format.

This makes Flaticon the most popular and free icon site among developers and designers.

Number of Icons:

  • 6 Million+ Icons

Available Formats:




Open source icon library Boxicon

Boxicon is an open-source free icon site that provides high-quality web icons for developers and designers. It has more than 1500+ icons which are very carefully designed to give a premium experience to the website/app experience.

Boxicons offers a wide range of categories in the icon like Brands, buildings, businesses, code, communication, etc. You can search from these categories and choose your required Icon.

Furthermore, when you select an icon it gives you many customizing options like animate, solid, rotate, and change the color. Hence, after customizing you can easily download the icon in sizy and can copy the HTML code also.

You can also access the icons of Boxicons from their GitHub page very easily. It has more than 1.9k stars on GitHub. For more information, you can check the Sneat Bootstrap 5 Admin Template in which Boxicons is used. It is the best bootstrap dashboard you can use for your upcoming projects

Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Tempalate

Also available in React Admin Template Version:
Sneat MUI React NextJs admin Template

The Noun Project

The Noun project best free icon site

The Noun Project has the most comprehensive Icon collection with over 3 million icons on its site. Moreover, all of the icons are built by designers from all over the world.

They not only offer a wide range of icons and photos but with their add-ons available for Mac, Adobe, Microsoft, and Google you can easily drag and drop their icons.

Icons available on Noun Project are available in SVG and PNG formats, and most of the icons are in black and white styles. In addition, you can easily customize the icon by changing the color, and background and rotating it with its pro version.

Furthermore, it’s a site where as a designer you can also submit your icons and collaborate by selling your creatives.

Number of Icons: 3 Million+

Available Formats: PNG & SVG



Iconshock free icons

IconShock from Creative Toolkit is one of the most popular icon libraries on the web. It has about 2 million icons with 400+ icon sets in more than 30 styles like Flat, Material, iOS, Glyph, Colorful, Window 10, Revamped Office, 3D Realistic, 3D trendy, Isometric, and many more.

All of the basic icons are available for free in low resolution and you must provide attribution while using these icons.

In addition, they have collected all the Free Icons which are free and open-source in which you can customize the icon as per your need.

Number of Icons

  • 3 Million+

Available Formats:

  • PNG, SVG, & EPS


Sneat MUI React NextJS Admin Template


FreeIcon best free Icon site

FreeIcons provides a wide range of variety of high-quality icons of different styles and sizes with SVG, PNG, AI, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.

It has the largest database of vector icons on the web. All of their icons can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Moreover, you can also browse the icons by the styles and categories which can help you to see the variety in the icons. You can browse Styles like 3D, Badge, Blue Line Cartoon, Duo-Tone, and many more.

FreeIcons helps the user discover exclusive illustrations and graphic resources that are designed perfectly by their designers.

Number of Icons: 1 Million+

Available Formats: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.

Free Icon:

  • Free for commercial use(Include a link to the author's website)


Fontawesome free icon site

Fontawesome is an icon library and toolkit that comes with lots of varieties of both free and premium icons. They have a total of 6 versions of the icon library and the first four versions are open source and available on GitHub.

Font Awesome 5 comes with 4 unique styles — solid, regular, light, and duotone and more than 70 categories. It comes with both free and premium icons and handy documentation to learn how to use these icons in your projects.

The Latest Font Awesome 6 has more than 5 new icon styles and 68 categories. You can download both free and pro versions for the web and access the icons easily in Web Fonts + SVG-based Frameworks.

Number of Icons: 16000+

Available Formats: SVG and PNG


SVG Repo

SVG Repo vector

If you are looking for the best-fitting icons or vectors for your projects then you can find a wide variety of vector libraries on SVG Repo. Moreover, you can use these free vectors and icons for commercial use.

You can get the right icon through their ML-powered search engine on the website. After selecting the icon you can easily make basic changes to it without using design software.

Furthermore, all of the icons are optimized with an SVGO-based compressor. There are about 433 pages with icon collections with many different types of styles like support line, survey duo tone, Audio and Media Filled Icons, etc.

Number of Icons: 300,000+

Available Formats: SVG and PNG



iconmnstr free icons

Iconmonstr provides a good amount of free resources for simple icons. There are about 316 collections of icons that are clean and precise in icon design on a 24-pixel grid.

All the icons are lightweight and are best optimized for web use. It also comes with a search bar, so search for your favorite icon. After selecting the icon you can customize the icon by changing its size, color, and background shape in PNG format.

In addition, icons are available in PNG and SVG formats. You can also embed the icon easily by HTML Snippets in SVG as inline or Base64.

Number of Icons: 4665+

Available Formats: SVG and PNG



Dribble icon

Dribbble is the heart of the designer community where you will find millions of designers around the world showcasing their work. You will find graphics, animation, UI, Web, illustrations, and icons with a wide range of varieties.

It provides high-quality icons and icon sets with a variety of styles and themes. In addition, it includes both free and paid sources of icons that you can search within the website.

Although, Each icon's information is listed on each icon’s detail page. If you want more details about the icon pack you can visit their official page.

Number of Icons: 10,000+

Available Formats: Changes according to the Icon Pack

License and Pricing: Depends on Icon Pack


Uxwing free icon site

UxWing provides handcrafted vector icons created by their experienced icon designers. With Uxwing icons, you can create a great-looking mobile app, website design, web app design, and product design for clear visibility on high-resolution devices.

Furthermore, all the icons are free and can be used for commercial use without any attribution. In addition, they are available in SVG, PNG, and web font icon formats.

There have three main categories of icons i.e. solid, line, color, and 150+ subcategories which help find instant icons.

You can also create your icon from their online SVG-Icon editor in which you can also customize the icon and use it in your project.

Number of Icons: 5000+

Available Formats: PNG and SVG



Licon open source icon library

If you are looking for simple and light icons then Licons is the best choice for you. It has 224 icons which are simple and clean in design and you can choose your size directly from the site.

In addition, it comes with 1px,1.5px, and 2px sizes. Also, you can download the SVG and copy the SVG code with a single click.

Licons is one the best Open Source icon library that will help you to provide the best simple and clean icon designs for your web apps.

Number of Icons: 224

Available Formats: SVG

License: Free and Open Source.

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icon is also an open-source icon library with different types of categories like Action, alert, Audio & Video, Communication, content, and many more icons.

Moreover, you can download the individual icons and customize the size and color(Black and White) as per your need and download it in PNG and SVG format. There is also an option for using the icon in Android, Ios, Web, and Flutter.

Hence, you can use Material Design Icon for any kind of project you need. You can also access the icon file directly from GitHub. In addition, it has 46k start and 9.3k forks.

Number of Icons: 26k+ Icons

Available Formats: Webfont, SVG, PNG, XAML

License: Apache 2.0 Licensed and Free

Wrap up!

Now, while looking up these best free site icons where you’ll find millions of icons. While selecting these sites quality of the icons is always given a top priority. Hence, you’ll find the best resources of icons on these websites with a wide range of styles and categories.

We have given both Free and premium sites that offer high-quality icons. Besides, some of them provide premium icons for free but you need to provide an attribute with a backlink. Icon sites like Icons8, and Iconfinder will need an attribute for using their premium icons.

There are also many Open-Source icon libraries like UxWing, Icnoir, BoxIcons, and Material Design Icon which can be used for any kind of project without any credit.

In the end, we would like to recommend that you must select those icons that best suit your project theme. It will help you make your web apps more interactive and engaging.

We hope you find this list of the best free icon sites helpful. Please do appreciate it by sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

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