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Zoltán Szőgyényi for Themesberg

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Show dev: I built an open-source landing page for Tailwind CSS

Hey devs 👋

Together with my friends we have designed and built a totally free and open source landing page for Tailwind CSS based on the Flowbite components.

It features a responsive layout, dark mode, hero section, pricing cards, FAQ accordion and more. You can use it for SaaS or product oriented websites and it is conversion focused.

You can either download it from Themesberg or just clone it from the GitHub repository.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started:

How to get started

Make sure that you have Node.js, Tailwind CSS and Flowbite installed.

  1. Run npm install inside your terminal

  2. Watch for files and compile Tailwind CSS + Flowbite:

npx tailwindcss -i ./input.css -o ./output.css --watch
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To deploy you will only need the index.html file and the output.css styles.

Alternatively you can also just directly copy this code into your own projects, whether you use Laravel, React, Vue.js or other frameworks.

Figma design file 👩‍🎨

If you also use Figma you'll be happy to learn that it's also available on the Figma community page and you can directly duplicate it and use it in your project:

Figma landing page

Credits 🙌🏻

This landing page could not have been done without the awesome open source projects such as Tailwind CSS or Flowbite:

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Calin Baenen • Edited

Now all we need is built-in browser support for <script type="python">.

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really nice 🚀🚀

zoltanszogyenyi profile image
Zoltán Szőgyényi


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Lou Cyx

Did you use just "vanilla" Tailwind CSS or TailwindUI? Mainly asking because in their FAQ they have the following:

Can I use Tailwind UI in open source projects?
Yep! As long as what you're building is some sort of actual website and not a derivative component library, theme builder, or other product where the primary purpose is clearly to repackage and redistribute our components, it's totally okay for that project to be open source.

I looks really nice, just letting you know about this if you used Tailwind UI because if you did you could lose your license, and if you didn't, this looks almost as good as their paid product, so nice job 😄


zoltanszogyenyi profile image
Zoltán Szőgyényi • Edited

We have used zero code from Tailwind UI or any other projects.

The components are all based on the Flowbite Library and our own Flowbite Blocks system.

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Lou Cyx

They look amazing! Great job!

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Zoltán Szőgyényi

Thank you <3