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Black Friday 50% off sale for Bootstrap 4 Themes @ Themesberg

Zoltán Szőgyényi
CEO at Themesberg. I turn beautiful coffee into delicious websites. He/him.
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Black Friday has arrived at Themesberg! For the next 10 days (until the 5th of December) you can get all products with a one-time 50% off discount!

Let us present you some of our best selling products:

1. Pixel Pro UI Kit

Pixel Pro Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Pixel Pro is one of the most complete, clean and beautiful Bootstrap 4 UI Kits out there. Get started on working on awesome websites with more than 1000 components, 50 sections and 25+ uniquely crafted pages by the best. The product is already at version 2 and we plan on giving it consistent updates in the future. Check out the file structure and technologies in the product page.

2.Spaces - Coworking Office Bootstrap 4 Theme

Spaces Preview

Spaces is one of the most advanced Co-working Listing Web Templates we ever created. It is built on the popular Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework and includes beautiful and practical pages to best showcase co-working spaces for awesome workers.

Spaces comes with 13 advanced pages with a focus on providing high quality content in the field of co-working spaces across the world. Not only that, but this product also comes with a vast collection of custom UI Elements including buttons, alerts, navigation bars, pricing cards, profile cards and many more. All of these components are thoroughly documented and have examples provided for their usage.

3. Leaf - Non profit environmental Bootstrap 4 Theme

Leaf Preview

We created Leaf to provide non profit organisations a platform through which they can efficiently send their message to the world. It's clean and it is the best non profit environmental theme ever created. We put a lot of focus on the scientifical data about climate change. It is based on the most popular CSS framework called Bootstrap 4 and comes with the most advanced web developer toolkit, namely Sass, Gulp & Npm.

The pages from Leaf are logically constructed to provide both scientifical data but also to offer a way to reach out to donors and let the visitors know about the updates and news the organisation may have. Leaf comes with 15 unique and fully featured pages including a donation page, updates page, "our mission" page and the other specialty pages.

PS: for registered users we will give a one time deal during the campaign. So create an account here!

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Zoli, CEO @ Themesberg

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