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CodinGame Clash of Code

preparin' for an interview? want to sharpen your codin' skills? just want to show that you're a codin' beast?CodinGame is the perfect platform with a plethora of different games an' puzzles to help you.

here i'll focus on Clash of Code. in Clash of Code, up to eight players battle in three different modes an' a multitude of languages for victory. in fastest mode, you're given a prompt an' speed is the name of the game. in reverse mode, you're only given the input an' output an' you need to figure out what the algorithm should be. in shortest mode, you have to program the solution in the least number of characters possible.

after playin' Class of Code with some friends, i set out to binge-code 68 clashes over six days an' currently sit at 429th out of 500,000+ coders. an' here i am to give you a few tips to climb the ranks an' emerge victorious over these fierce clashes between the keyboards.

first, i've only been programmin' in JavaScript for 18 months. i'm no expert, but you don't need to be. the clashes test how fast you can assess a problem, develop a solution, articulate that solution, an' then debug.

for fastest mode, use the language you're most comfortable with. get used to every native method, they'll make your life so much easier.

for reverse mode, you'll need to add an extra step. the very first thin' you should do is to create the prompt from the input an' output. sometimes, it's easy to see what the relation is an' other times, you'll need a piece of scratch paper. (yes, ski uses paper to program. sue me an' blame AP Computer Science A)

for shortest mode, you have to use Ruby. there's no way 'round it. you'll need to get used to Ruby's syntax an' methods, but once you do, that's an easy W.

last but certainly not least, don't cheat. don't plagiarize someone else's code or ask ChatGPT, :). use your own noggin an' keep it fun for everyone.

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jd2r profile image

Ah ah ah, it's totally legal to look stuff up. It's a learning experience, not a technical interview.

That being said, cheating is bad and don't do it lol

And don't use ChatGPT, for sure. That's not looking things up, that's getting someone else to solve it for you.

thelegendski profile image

fixed, :).
your feedback is much appreciated, :D!