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1 Common Mistake Junior Developers Make

You are working on too many different things at once.

As a new developer, you want to look competent.

And you want people to think that you are very efficient.

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That you just happen to be this coding prodigy that came out of nowhere.

But take a look at senior to mid level devs.

They reject the extra work because they are in the middle of something.

They are in the middle of, one thing.

They have a really good grasp of that one thing, and the requirements for that one thing.

And they get it done well.

You, on the other hand, have 3 things going on.

Of which you don't fully understand.

And your brain has to jump back and forth between them.

As a new dev, don't be embarrassed to say,

"I'm currently in the middle of something. Let me get this done first, then I will jump on that."

Stop volunteering for everything.

Get your one assignment, understand the requirements well, and then knock out the park.

Be a dev that always delivers over one that is always in the middle of 10 different things.

And always has to give updates and excuses for all the things that you are doing.

Take one task assignment at a time, and complete it.

And commit to a new task only when the previous task is delivered as requested.

In fact, building software is a slower process than you think. Especially if you want to do it right.

Rooting for you,

Karl ⛹️

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