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Money Moves

Rake, and routes, and resources, oh my!

For my Flatiron School Module 3 (Rails) project, I decided to build something that showcased one of my interests - personal finance. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I think it's more important than ever for people to understand their finances and to have the resources to further their financial education.

This app was fun to build, as I was able to highlight influencers in the personal finance space through featuring Twitter accounts, showcasing a couple of books, and by directly featuring blog posts in the app.

This project took me through learning how to use a Bootstrap template, using the incredibly helpful Rails (and Devise) helper methods, and learning more about git and database management. I got the opportunity to revisit my old friends APIs and parsing from Module 1, with more experience, and it was gratifying.

My biggest takeaways from this project, however, were:

  • A more personal understanding more of what the seasoned devs are always talking about: becoming a better dev can be, and will be, done through getting better at Googling
  • Sleeping or taking a break is your best debugging tool
  • You can never do too much planning

As always, I had big ideas for this project, and wanted to incorporate so much more! I look forward to the rest of the curriculum and expanding my knowledge and skill set!

Happy coding!

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