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New course – Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good!

theburningmonk profile image Yan Cui Originally published at on ・2 min read

Hi, I have some exciting news :-)

I’m publishing a new video course “Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good!“. You can preorder the course right now for the special price of £9.99 (~$13) while I’m still working on the content. The first batch of lessons would be available on the 17th Jan and I expect to publish all the lessons by the end of Feb at the latest. Once finished, all my patrons on Patreon would receive a free copy of the course.

You can sign up and preorder the course here.

Q: how does it compare to your Production-Ready Serverless course on Manning?

Great question! It touches on overlapping areas such as observability, but covers newer features, tools and techniques (such as Provisioned Concurrency) that weren’t available when I made Production-Ready Serverless. It also covers additional areas such as cost optimization and multi-region resilience which were outside the scope of Production-Ready Serverless.

At the same time, there are plenty of topics that are covered in Production-Ready Serverless that I will not cover in this course, such as project organization, testing, etc. Whereas Production-Ready Serverless gives you a hands-on project to follow along and build something from scratch, this course gives you many small, independent lessons (a mix of theory and demos).

Q: What would be the final retail price?

I plan to release the final version at £29.99 (~$39).

Hi, my name is Yan Cui. I’m an AWS Serverless Hero and the author of Production-Ready Serverless. I specialise in rapidly transitioning teams to serverless and building production-ready services on AWS.

Are you struggling with serverless or need guidance on best practices? Do you want someone to review your architecture and help you avoid costly mistakes down the line? Whatever the case, I’m here to help.

You can contact me via Email, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Hire me.

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