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Mastering AWS: Building a Three-Tier Infrastructure? | Series Overview (1/5)


Welcome to our new 5-part tutorial series, "Mastering AWS: Building Three-Tier Infrastructure?" In this series, we aim to make learning about AWS infrastructure accessible and engaging, especially for learners with ADHD. We understand the challenges that traditional theory-heavy lessons can pose, so we'll focus on blending theory with practical, hands-on exercises to ensure an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience.

Series Overview:

Lesson 1: (2/5)

  • Introduction to Three-Tier Architecture in AWS:
    In this lesson, we'll dive into the fundamentals of three-tier architecture and why it's essential for security and scalability in cloud computing. We'll keep things concise and engaging, breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks.

  • We'll also discuss the dangers of alternative architecture types and highlight the benefits of the three-tier model in a straightforward manner.

Tutorial 1: (3/5)

  • Getting Started with AWS (Shoutout to [Creator's Name])
    This tutorial will guide you through setting up your initial AWS account with step-by-step instructions designed to be easy to follow.

  • For those who prefer visual (video) learning, we recommend checking out TechTobe101's video tutorial for a comprehensive walkthrough. The video should be out by this week Friday, launching our Youtube Channel! 🎉

  • You'll gain practical experience in navigating the AWS Management Console, making the setup process smooth and enjoyable.
    Stay tuned for the first lesson, where we'll kick off our exploration of three-tier architecture in AWS and embark on a journey of practical learning and application!

Lesson 2: (4/5)

  • Understanding Three-Tier Architecture
    Building upon the foundation laid in Lesson 1, we'll delve deeper into the principles of three-tier architecture. We'll use real-world examples and analogies to illustrate concepts, making them easier to grasp.

  • We'll explore the roles of each tier (presentation, application, and data) and how they work together to deliver scalable and fault-tolerant applications in a clear and engaging manner.

Tutorial 2: (5/5)

  • Implementing a Three-Tier Infrastructure in AWS
    In this hands-on tutorial, you'll learn how to design and deploy a three-tier infrastructure in AWS using best practices. We'll provide simple, step-by-step instructions with plenty of visuals to guide you through the process.

  • By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a fully functional three-tier architecture running in your AWS account, giving you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Final Thoughts: Applying Your Knowledge

  • In our final installment, we'll recap the key takeaways from the series and discuss practical ways to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.

  • We'll provide additional resources for further learning and encourage you to share your experiences and projects with the community.


Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration and mastery in AWS infrastructure with our 5-part tutorial series. Whether you're aiming to build scalable web applications or enhance your cloud computing skills, this series will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. Stay tuned for the first lesson, where we'll dive into the fundamentals of three-tier architecture in AWS!

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