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Abhay Prajapati
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I Got access to the Dall-E 2 and here what i created first

it was Thu, Apr 7, 10:52 PM when i joined the waitlist for the Dall-E 2.
waitlist for dalle

comeback to today I got access to for using it, big thanks to the Dall-E 2 team for giving me access to it.


I x Dalle

actually i has been interacting with ai model / tool like Github Copilot, and i was impressived by the way it worked.
So i was super excited to try dalle out

Here, are few results of my first try with dalle

live 🔴 Abhay x Dall•E

Abhay X Dalle

“Nikola tesla working on a Gadget, pixel art”

this is my favourite one, i am super impressed by the way it

share your comment that i should try with dalle out

twitter : @abhayprajapati_

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I've joined the waitlist, I'm very curious about what I also could achieve with this service.

Thanks for having made discover it !

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Abhay Prajapati

that's cool