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AI vs ML vs DL vs DS

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Ever felt awkward while discussing in the team,... when you say- Yes! we should put some Machine Learning into that, and someone else says ummm, I guess Deep Learning is what it needs. and you node silently?
So what is it? what is the difference among all in the simplest words?

first AI ie Artificial Intelligence
It's not just a way of doing things, it is the umbrella. Remember, Venn diagram? This is the whole universe, your ultimate aim to make your app smart; ie AI enabled. Any machine that could use intelligence and make its own decision similar to our brain is AI enabled.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI like rest of them, it's more of a tool which gives us way to deal with the data, train it through supervised and unsupervised methods. After your machine learns from this data, it can take decision. The data accuracy is the key to the best decision making in your app. for the for example, we can train our machine to spot the difference between 2 species of a bird. Next time, You'll feed a bird's image to the app, based on what it learned, it'll produce the result.

DL ie Deep Learning is again a subset of both and more complex. Its main aim is to mimic brain. It doesn't use labeled or data training but replicate the data processing and patterns creations like we do. It uses various multi neural network architecture.

So What is Data science?

Data Science is an approach/discipline/field of study that deals with manipulation and transforming of data. Like an equal size umbrella. whenever you are crunching, putting mathematics, trying to make a sense out of the data using probability/algebra anything, you are using data science. Its not new like AI/ML, it's been here since forever.Tada!!

This might not be the most accurate and technical explanation. But it'll give a little sense of permanent understanding.

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