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First relaxing week - wfh edition

Thanks for reading! I'm writing about my remote work journey thanks to covid-19 forced me to πŸ˜‚ _ I'm writing now for 2 months_

First of all, time is moving fast! It's been 2 months now, since I started to write at as a way to handle this (hopefully) once in a life time experience of living with a global pandemic.

After these 2 months, I can say that some of my Februar decisions seem to be related to Covid-19 but unconscious. πŸ˜…

Nevertheless, I received the 8-week writing strike. I'm happy about me writing down my thoughts and a lot of learnings. Yet I don't feel the need for a daily blog. I'm rather switching now to a weekly one and have to see what cycle works.

This week at work is mainly about creating a new A/B-Test and also starting first architectural steps for some of our applications. After a short alignment with my Lead, we agreed in using the C4-Model.

I never used it before yet heard about it. We agreed that I start creating the first two levels of our architecture and continue with our Frontend chapter.

The biggest change this week was a good one. With my team we started doing weekly "watercooler" hangouts. Randomly chatting, learning each other better. Having a more personal, friendship-like relationship helps.


Mother's day is happening! And my lovely daughter is planning the whole week things. Like what kind of earrings to buy, what to draw, what kind of flowers to buy. It is amazing seeing her grow and doing all these things ❀️.

As the last week was a short work week, we enjoyed the days going outside to playgrounds. They are officially open in Berlin, the weather is great and we are using this opportunity. Also we went to the berlin Zoo 🐘

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And about Covid-19:

As I said, we are getting back to a level of normality. This new situation definitely changed many things. I don't like crowds. I don't understand why people can't keep certain distances. Whenever I want to meet a friend now, I'm hesitating.

Take care!



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