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An AI Generated Paragraph all about Geometry Dash

Note From TCG: This paragraph is mainly generated by AI, with some fill-in from me. I had to give some explanation on what GD is, and then with my help it generated this. (Thanks to DistilGPT-2). Happy Reading!

Geometry dash is a side-scrolling rhythm-based two-dimensional platformer that requires you to jump with the cube, fly with the ship, bounce with the ufo, wave with the wave, switch gravity with the ball and the spider, and boost with the robot. The physics, art, and gameplay make for exciting gameplay and challenging levels, but you can rise to the top of the leaderboards by completing some demon levels like the official levels Clubstep, Theory of Everything II, and Deadlocked. You can also try user-made levels at the top of the demonlist like Acheron, Slaughterhouse and more! The game is also available now on Windows, Mac, and mobile! You can get the full version for PC on Steam for $3.99, and on mobile for $1.99. The original game was developed with the COCOS2D engine. You can also use the free version on mobile, called Geometry Dash Lite. There are also three other games, including World, which features a set of two islands with five 30-second levels each, that you must beat to unlock the next level. This is different from the main game, with 18 of the 21 levels you can play at your leasure, instead of having to unlock them by progression. To unlock the three demon levels, you have to get 10 secret coins for Clubstep, 20 secret coins for Theory of Everything II, and 30 secret coins for Deadlocked. The game was produced by RobTop Games, a Swedish developer that has released multiple games, like Boomlings, Memory Mastermind, Boomlings Matchup, and then, a few months later, Geometry Dash. In 2015, he would release Geometry Dash Meltdown, the first game of the spin-offs, in 2016 would come Geometry Dash World, and then in 2017 came Geometry Dash SubZero, a preview to the next major update, Update 2.2, which is slotted to be released this year. The game's developers said the game was his best game, and from then on has not released another game outside of the Geometry Dash series. The game is still being developed, in a sense, but this game is in constant development, being updated often. 2.2 has been considered a major release for the game. It was originally showcased in Geometry Dash SubZero, the third spin-off game 2017. It holds a very wide range of youtube channels, from creating levels, to showcasing levels (showing the entire level as if it was being played while not actually being played), and playing levels, like extreme demons (the hardest difficulty). Currently a few of the fastest growing Geometry Dash youtubers are EricVanWilderman, and the official RobTop Games Channel, who has now passed Minecraft, Nintendo, and recently Fortnite in subcribers. So we can only hope that Geometry Dash will keep growing and growing, keep entertaining, and of course, hope that 2.2 ever comes out!

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