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How do people perceive me as a developer/programmer?

Well, I am glad I am way out of the early stages or perhaps the incubation state of being a dev. It was a form of hell sometimes, and it kept me thinking again and again, whether was i on the right path or not merely because man has evolved to adapt to its surroundings which it calls survival instinct.

Therefore, In my opinion, here is a few things i conclude what people thought about me;

  • I was a laid back personality
  • I was careless, did not give a damn about anything
  • I used to just sit on the computer all the time and do nothing
  • I didn't used to make sense, like what are your talking about or lolx yeah your right.
  • Yeah keep up the good work, and you could see inside the eye, the person is thinking, what a joke, he is utter crap.
  • Do what you are told to, this is all crap
  • You should first complete your studies this will not help you.
  • Good Idea, but there are smarter people in the world that are way better than you
  • You cant do it because its not practical

I wonder what other things I have forgotten, I am glad I did, so what about you, I would really like to know, I am not the only one in the world who heard all this,

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