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Globalization: A Comparative Perspective

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Growth in humans and societies is eminent and a phenomenon which cannot be reversed. As more and more humans preoccupy earth so does the creation and addition to the societies increase. This increase creates mega societies and in turn these mega societies become cities and eventually countries. When societies communicate, a trade occurs, from words to goods and services which when repeated creates a process known as Globalization. This process creates influence amongst all and through the advancement of technology as a communication tool, these mega societies are scaled internationally. This rapid growth in a very small amount of time has created systems upon systems through which Globalization is governed. Due to lack of understanding of how one system affects another, certain theoretical analysis takes place to better understand the dynamics of a system, therefore making it more predictable for favoring results, then the system falling apart and our world losing its economy and sustenance. The two theories that we will highlight are the World System Theory and the World Culture Theory.

World System Theory

The approach to analyze the problem as a whole rather than individual unit parts is way of the World System Theory. It takes a more macro-scale approach towards the change in history and society. It divides the classification of countries into core, semi and periphery which can be assessed as today's first world, second world and third world countries. The first world countries focus on higher skill sets and large production sets whereas the rest of the world countries focus on lower skill sets and labor intensive tasks for production. The first world countries remain first world due to the dominance of this system.

World Culture Theory

The approach to analyze the problem on a singular basis rather than a whole is way of the World Culture Theory. It takes a more microscale approach towards the change of history and society. To become conscious is to be aware, it interprets that participants with the course of time when put under the process of change in world eventually become conscious and start defining the standards of living in a single place. These standards lead to a global market comprising of multiple cultures. These cultures are driven by logic as the basis and a mythological approach towards a new future.

The cultural approach in understanding the change in the world seems very uncertain, in assessing a predictable future. Due to the fact, so many cultures and societies intertwine, they do create more conflict. The resolution of the conflict through a cultural approach would mean to impose cultural imperialism which creates resistance. Man is never ready to discard his history and so are societies not ready. I think understanding the world through this approach makes the future very uncertain. On the other hand, taking systems into consideration, it makes a more logical stance as the world fueled by technological advancements can be streamlined to the ability of first world countries to sustain higher capitals and the increased demand in higher skilled work sets. It does provided a future analysis of where things could be seen in the next 20-30 years. It can also act as a tool for the third world countries to upgrade themselves to a higher status. This approach has a more systematic and calculable which makes a future certain.

Globalization is a school of thought which can be observed as a platform for a higher level of communication in between the planet itself. It is the way to the future but the future that it holds has requirements which I think the world is not ready. People verdict but as all things have good and bad with them which makes them whole. It is a fact that the rich have a higher tendency of becoming richer through it but at the same time due to advancements in technology, education for the poor can make sure the scale of difference can be cut down, as technology does require skills. There is uncertainty but that uncertainty is what has led to strange people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and others. This strange behavior by these people is called success which can be seen as an example that anyone can now achieve it through globalization.

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