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My First Mobile Game With Flutter

In my life, I've had extensive experience working as a volunteer and leading a volunteer organization. I have organized numerous social activities, including food drives for the homeless, emergency aid for victims of natural disasters, cultural events, and political actions. I have experienced many consequences of this work, from emotional burnout to political oppression and arrests. Thus, the idea emerged in my mind to create a simple mobile clicker game that narrates a volunteer's journey from an activist to a world organization leader. I want to acquaint players with aspects of a volunteer's life, introduce them to tools, prepare them for difficulties, and inspire them to pursue their own dreams of changing the world.

An important aspect of the game is the opportunity to understand the workings of international organizations like the UN, along with the game's communication platform (multiplayer), where players can create their own petitions and collect signatures from other players. This is the point where the game can be translated into reality.

So, I started developing the game with Flutter. It was my first experience as a Flutter developer. I worked on it for several hours a day, beyond my usual working hours, for a month.

This isn't the final version of the game, but it's an engine created by me to make the full game, and I am going to finish it in the near future.

Be that as it may, I've gained good experience in Flutter development and added a new programming language to my knowledge.

I've submitted it to the Global Gamers Challenge, so wish me good luck.

Peace and love to everyone!

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