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It would seem as though today there is a major emphasis on cyber security. For what reason I'm honestly not sure. Let's play devils advocate and say that there are corporations out there that genuinely care about your CPNI for the sole sake of doing good business. One may argue that it's impossible to cover all vulnerabilities and exploits, and to that I say bullshit. While you're right that anything can be exploited with the right amount of time and effort, the other side to this coin is that most people aren't going to take that time and effort unless there a big payout. As much as I would love to blame corporations for the entirety of this BS I can't, having personally witnessed some of the "cautionary" steps that some of our more powerful collectives of people take to ensure their own trade secrets; it blows my mind that they don't take YOUR information as serious when it comes to protection. Willingness to facilitate crimes by placing the responsibility with others is never the way to go. Not to much can be said, but I CAN say this: if you're into cyber security, or even if you aren't, be very very very careful with who you trust with your personal information..... it could be only a well-crafted google search away

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That sounds like a bad experience.

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Tepid Angler Author

Very bad, almost give conspirators a leg to stand on. Lol