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Hack The Box

I recently stumbled upon what I now call a gem, Hack The Box. In short it's a series of servers on a vpn that you can hack with the ultimate goal of rooting the box. They have varying difficulties the easiest I've completed (which is 1/2 lol) was 'Jerry', it didn't take much knowledge of anything except maybe enumeration. 'Poison' however was very difficult in the sense that sometimes when starting my testing I have a tendency to get brute-force happy on everything while sometimes overlooking much easier vulnerabilities. Anyway the goal of most of these boxes are to get a user hash and and root hash, you earn points for it which translates to rank and I would assume eventually leads to job offers or something like that. But it's the best 'hacker game' I've seen since Pull the Plug. If you enjoy these kinds of things or are at least interested you should probably check it out. Now be forewarned you have to 'hack' your way through the invitation process, but it's not something that you should find too difficult.

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