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ecodev-core: low level helpers around FastAPI and SQLModel

Hi all! 🙂

my collegues and I recently released ecodev-core . As explained in the associated documentation, we make thorough use of Pydantic/FastAPI/SQLModel in our work and we were ending up repeating the same boiler plate code in our 20+ applications. We just decided to factorize this code in a library, that we are happy to share (MIT licence) to everyone that might find it useful. Install it, copy what you need in your projects... Whatever you see fit 😊

This is the first out of 4/5 libraries/cookiecutter that we plan on releasing this year, the end goal being to have a full python equivalent of Tiangolo stack (with the frontend made with dash). Obviously Tiangolo project is 10.000 times better than ours, but if you do not want to learn react/vue... Stick with python and still produce a decent dashboard application with a decent associated infra, you might want to say tune to our future release!

  • Part 1 (what this post is all about! 😆) is essentially a set of helper methods around FastAPI and SQLModel which helps us quicken the setup our web-apps, with authentication, logging, monitoring, and other basic database and API interaction work.
  • Part 2 will focus on an infra in our opinion suitable for a small startup
  • Part 3 (small) on wrappers around dash components
  • Part 4 will be an advanced object storage read/write library aimed at being blob/s3 protocol agnostic.
  • Part 5 will be a cookie cutter app template in the spirit of Tiangolo stack (again, as mentionned, surely 10.000 inferior to Tiangolo work but fully in python), linking all parts together.

Stay tuned!

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