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Special Event: How I Landed My First Remote Job Through An Open-Source Project

"Think you need to live in a tech hub to work in tech? Think again. After my one year stay in my hometown became permanent, I thought my dream to become a developer was lost. In reality, it was just delayed a few years until an open-source project helped me find the confidence and motivation needed to land a remote job."

Join us for a special fireside chat on the topic of finding awesome remote job opportunities, even when you live in a small city instead of a big tech hub. We’ll hear tips and tricks on getting started, building confidence, and standing out from the crowd from Golfo V., one of North’s top members!

Golfo is a frontend engineer with 4 years of experience, 3 of which have been spent working remotely for distributed SaaS companies.

Free Tickets
The event will take place Friday, September 18, 2020, at 01:00 PM EDT. Grab Your Free Tickets While They Last!

We’re hosting this event in tandem with PowerToFly. PowerToFly is a recruiting platform that connects companies to women in tech, sales, marketing, and digital.

Telepat North is a club for outstanding coders, offering members free books, courses, learning resources, swag, and remote work opportunities!

If you’re interested, you can learn more by visiting Telepat North.

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