Doubts related to Django and Django Rest Framework

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hi all,

This is my first question and here it is, i want to learn Django and i have started to build a web page.

First question : why it is not considered as Front-end language ? It is considered as back-end language while we can a build a web page where users can interact.

Second question: Now i came across Django Rest framework Which is quite popular. Why do i need to learn DRF ? what are the advantages ?

third : Now i am thinking that it is possible to build a frontend and backend mixed web-app using Django, Right? Then why do we need Angular/React/Vue ??

Thanks in advance :)

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1) Django is like a backend-framework with some frontend-framework capabilities. Just calling it a backend-framework would not be right in my optinion.

2) The Django REST frameworks makes it easy to serialize your django models and make them available in an API, e.g. in JSON format. It comes with a lot of other useful features, though.

3) You are right. The frontend-frameworks all have their own strenghts. Just one example: If you building a Single Page Application which consumes API(s) from your DRF the pages content can change dynamically and allows for much nicer user experience.

BTW: I am on the same track. At the moment I try to really improve my skills in Django. To focus on one thing at a time, I use the Django templating engine for now. After that I plan to improve my React skills. (I am open to any doubts or tips)

EDIT: I am on that path, because I already know Python for a while and love it. If Python would be a totally new language to me, I probably would take a closer look at NodeJS since it is written in JavaScript and the frontend-frameworks are also written in JS (or TS).


hi Jannik, Thanks for the answer. i am interested to be in touch with you. Let me know how should i connect with you . :)


Also why should i learn Django Rest framework if i am mastering Django? Please elaborate those extra features .

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